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#1314904 High-Def Dragon Nest Icons (+Random Vectors): Machina

Posted faustius on 19 October 2012 - 02:52 AM

These icons are free to use. They have been since, and will always be. Use them for your avatars, signatures, T-Shirts, etc.

Seems no one has made any... So, here.
Also, these images don't represent the exact or accurate shapes of all the icons made by the game designer/s of Dragon Nest or artists of the game itself. These are vectored as how the artist interpreted.

NOTE: There are album links below to view every class icon I've vectored.


Posted Image Machina
Posted Image Patrona
Posted Image Ruina
Posted Image Defensio

Skill Icons (WA, CL, SO, AR only)

PS: I will not make the batch for the others: Academic, Kali, Assassin, and 8th class. I'm tired and about to have quit this game... One last thing I promise though, I'll still vector and upload Bringer, Lightfury and Abysswalker icons in the future. And the future's here...
PSS: Also, if you'll notice I included some skills that are not in-game. Yeah... I didn't bother excluding those. You go bother yourself which are the current skills of your favorite class by looking at a simulator.

Album Links:
Original: http://imgur.com/a/4YSYn
Glowless: http://imgur.com/a/rWIOZ
Classic: http://imgur.com/a/K3Xem (has unreleased classes: Hunter, Summoner, Avenger, Monk)

Some bonus thingy:
Posted Image
Random vectors, just click the relic for more images.

Thanks for appreciating my work.


#1995041 Insane Incantations

Posted Altaure on 20 August 2013 - 09:46 PM

I'm sure we all love Dragon Nest for its fanciful animations, but for some, the sound effects seal the deal. A lot of effort has gone into producing the skill voice-overs, and some of you might be wondering what on earth your character is saying while he or she casts a skill. Some of you want to say those along with your character too. Some of you just think they're really cool.

Here are some of my favourite incantations. Nevermind I'll just do everything. I'll be using this format for clear reading:

Skill Name

<Japanese voice-over>

<Korean voice-over>

Feel free to correct my mistakes and add onto this list if you know some! (:])


Elemental Lord

Force User










Kali (The Korean ones are really tough owing to the heavy s3xy accent)



#1612273 [Web Comic] Dragon Nest Random Scribbles

Posted Azarael on 23 February 2013 - 08:48 PM

Posted Image

Hi there! aza here~
I'm currently working on translation for a korean web comic FFFF1, original creator is Amoraim
I like her amazing artwork and her sense of humor (hat)
Hope this will let more people know about her!

will (most likely) be a weekly release project (:&gt;)

current releases:
(23 Feb 2013) Issue #1: Be careful what you eat
(15 Feb 2013) Issue #2: I need a cure
(01 Mar 2013) Issue #3: Christmas special
(10 Mar 2013) Issue #4: Memories of Our Beginnings pt 1
(17 Mar 2013) Issue #5: Memories of Our Beginnings pt 2
(06 Apr 2013) Issue #6: Don't forget to sort your bag!
(27 Apr 2013) Issue #7: Organise your storage space!
(11 May 2013) Issue #8: Do you delay your quests?
(15 Feb 2013) Issue #9: Be kind to your party members
(19 May 2013) Issue #10: My name is Jump00120772
(01 Jul 2013) Issue #11: Superstitions in DN
(09 Jul 2013) Issue #12: I am your master, you are my apprentice!
(18 Jul 2013) Issue #13: Difficulties forming a party
(30 Jul 2013) Issue #14: Memories of my first Nest
(08 Sep 2013) Issue #15: The spirit of sharing and giving
(29 Sep 2013) Issue #16: So can I join this party please?
(15 Oct 2013) Issue #17: Enjoying the 2nd Anniversary?
(17 Oct 2013) Issue #18: I'm starting a farmer's life tomorrow
(05 Nov 2013) Issue #19: What name should I give my pet?
(14 Dec 2013) Issue #20: I'm a unique fashionista
(15 Dec 2013) Issue #21: I also have friends...a lot...really...
(16 Dec 2013) Issue #22: Double the people, double the fun!
(17 Dec 2013) Issue #23: Mother's Love, Father's Trust
(18 Dec 2013) Issue #24: The sound of money is music to the ears
(19 Dec 2013) Issue #25: Let's play in the colosseum
(20 Dec 2013) Issue #26: That's not what I meant...
(21 Dec 2013) Issue #27: Ah, disconnected again...
(22 Dec 2013) Issue #28: Rise of the Typhoon King pt 1
(23 Dec 2013) Issue #29: Opening Altea Gacha Boxes
(24 Dec 2013) Issue #30: My name is DNJump020022
(25 Dec 2013) Issue #31: I want that skill of yours!
(30 Dec 2013) Issue #32: Rise of the Typhoon King pt 2
(06 Jan 2014) Issue #33: Collecting tears...with tearful faces
(10 Jan 2014) Issue #34: Trading House Time~
(17 Jan 2014) Issue #35: Summoning Pet
(19 Jan 2014) Issue #36: SUMMER event is here!
(25 Jan 2014) Issue #37: Someone's dice roll is always higher
(30 Jan 2014) Issue #38: NyaNyaWoofWoofArffArffWooWoo
(02 Mar 2014) Issue #39: Someday I'll be lucky
(12 May 2014) Issue #40: Humans are evil, gulu!
(13 May 2014) Issue #41: Take care of your teammates too!
(14 May 2014) Issue #42: Where...have I seen these before...
(16 May 2014) Issue #43: Congrats to lvl 60! And now...
(20 May 2014) Issue #44: You better watch out, kid!
(21 May 2014) Issue #45: My master is weird meow
(10 Jun 2014) Issue #46: Knowledge is power!
Side Story - <Back! DN Memoir>
(07 Feb 2014) Issue #1
(14 May 2014) Issue #2

Other translations
The Uncontrollable Powers by ZiyoLing
Forever by ZiyoLing
Mini Paper Drama 1 by Flatfish

#1733021 Online Stats Simulator (Beta) Released!

Posted simsim on 16 April 2013 - 04:17 PM

Ever wanted to change your gear but was unsure how will that affect your overall stats? Ever bought an expensive item only to find out later there are better and/or cheaper options available? Tired of tedious punching stat numbers into spreadsheets?

Well fret no more, you've come to the right place!

Posted Image


Video presentation of main features: http://youtu.be/LQri_t9a1Lo

Special thanks to my guildmates (Domain <3) for beta testing, and to Nathan/AikawaKazu for his help in clarifying some open issues, and his support in general. You guys are the best!

The application is based on Microsoft Silverlight platform, so all you need is a plugin for your favorite browser (just follow the on-screen instructions if you don't yet have it). It utilizes an anonymous session-based system, so no username/password is required. That's why it's important that you keep your session ID private at all times!

The application is still at beta stage, and is being developed by one person only. So please be patient in case you got problems, questions or issues, and use a dedicated FB page to report them: http://www.facebook.com/dnsimulator

Have fun!

#2203812 [Event] A Valentine Story

Posted Legocup on 14 February 2014 - 12:19 AM

Posted Image

Win great in-game rewards this Valentine’s Day! Post a screenshot of YOU & SOMEONE SPECIAL(either a friend or lover) and tell us your story with this special person in not more than 150 words. The Cherry Credits team will pick the best 3 submissions.

Event period
14 Feb – 20 Feb 2014

Where to participate
This forum thread

Dark Weapon Exchange Coupon (2 each)
Light Weapon Exchange Coupon (2 each)
Note: Each character gets to choose 2 dark or 2 light

Submission Format
Posted Image

Judges’ Criteria:
  • Quality of background settings, positioning and angle of the submitted screenshot.
  • Clear and high quality image.
  • Impression of story (It can be funny, comical or beautiful)
  • A submission that adheres to our Terms and Conditions.
Terms & Conditions
  • Screenshots must consist of one with User Interface(UI) and one without. (2 screenshots required)
  • Names in the screenshot with UI must be clearfor verification purposes.
  • Screenshots must not consist of other players in the background.
  • Screenshots must not be edited in any form.
  • Both characters can be of the same gender.  
  • Forum thread will be closed for submissions on 20 Feb 2014 at 2359hrs (GMT+8).
  • Winners will be notified via their Cherry Credits registered email that is linked to the characters.
  • Each winning character may only receive 2 exchange coupons.
  • An account is eligible to submit only 1 entry.
  • An account is entitled to win once. Irregardless of the characters used for the submission.
  • We allow any characters to participate in this contest but do take note that in a situation where a character win in an entry, other entries with this character will not be eligible to win.
  • Submissions that do not have proper image shown will not be eligible to win in this contest. They will be removed when event end.

#1485660 [Tool] Stat Calculator (Version 20130422)

Posted Jonn on 28 December 2012 - 05:47 PM

Ever wondered what gears you need to craft for your build but not sure on which is better? Ever planned on reaching the Critical Cap but ended up having too much or too less? Then worry not! For now I bring to all of you, the Stat Calculator!

Q: But sir, we already have a Stat Calculator! Why make another one?

A: Well, simply put, this is way more accurate than SgTotoro's Stat Calculator. This is how accurate it can get:
Note: For the following images, the stats were based on an ideal build which is why the stats are not matching.

Q: Okay, now that we've seen its accuracy, how do we use it?

A: I'm glad you asked. Just like SgTotoro's version, you simple start off with getting your "Naked" stats. This is found below the Stats Info in your Character Window. Simply highlight the Stat that you want to get and you should see a White Number followed by a Green Number. Only get the White Number.

Next, fill up all the other necessary information by putting the Stats of your (Current/Planned) Equipment in the Green Cells.

And there you have it! Simple as that.

Q: But sir, what if we don't have the equipment we want yet?

A: That's when you consult the Crafting NPCs! Simply highlight over the desired equipment, and you should see the Stats that you will get from it.

So there we go. A short, quick guide on how to use the Stat Calculator.

I will be updating it often to get the most accurate results possible so please, if you find any errors in yours, feel free to tell me.

And now, for the moment you've all been scrolling for!

Download: Version 20130422 Please, before you click this link, at least leave a "Thank You" reply, not just a like. Maybe even a 5-Star Vote while you're at it.

Good luck, and have fun planning your future gears. Cheers.

-Jonn / En

#1220141 [Guild Video] Promotional Vid For Athens Guild + Anti-Discrimination

Posted Nhikxter on 16 September 2012 - 10:24 PM

"We've been in this community for so long now, and as we all noticed, nothing much has changed. People are still hating and discriminating each other, whether it was from mere job classes escalating to racism. Have you ever wondered what goes on in their minds? Why do they harbor such hatred towards people they haven't even met? Have you ever asked yourself why these people continue to outcast entire populations for the mistake of one person? Do you think that hating them back will solve the issue, or will it satisfy anyone at all?

I haven't experienced being discriminated, but since I myself am a very sympathetic person, I cannot help but feel sorry for the innocent people affected by this selfish exchange of hate. No matter how much I tried to ease both sides, some people simply want to see the world burn.

It took a while, but I managed to create this video to promote my guild and family to the rest of the DN SEA community, to show others that we do not tolerate this endless cycle of racism and discrimination. I want to show our community that no matter how harsh people can be, there are those who are still willing to stand by you no matter what your flaws are, or what others think of you. People should not be hated for choosing a path they like, nor should they be hated for things others have done.

I ask all of you, do not let these people bring you down. Do not give them the satisfaction of knowing that they can throw you out like garbage just like that. You are not insignificant. You are not useless. We in Athens Guild can support you and give you reasons to continue to fight for the things you love about this game. We are one community, let's not portray an image of a society of racists and haters. Let's take the 1st step against this issue."

- Nhikx, Athens Guild member

#1858937 [Event] By the Power Of Four! Get Rewards for Leveling 4 Characters!

Posted Argentum on 07 June 2013 - 11:08 PM

Posted Image

This June, start leveling four of your favourite characters on the same account and get rewarded if you hit these key milestones by 30 June 2013:

Posted Image

*All reward items are non-tradable.

Terms & Conditions

•    Event ends on 30 June 2013 2359 HRS (GMT +8)
•    Only Combined Levels of the Highest Four Characters within the SAME account will be considered. (Having 4 Level 60 Characters from 4 Different accounts will not be considered for the event)
•     Characters can be from any servers. (Eg. 1x level 60 from Westwood, 2x level 30 from Greenwood and 1x lv10 from Holywood)
•    Rewards ARE NOT accumulative for each tier, you are only eligible for rewards from the highest  achieved tier. (Eg. A player with combined level of 240 will only receive rewards from Tier 3, and none from Tier 1 and 2)
•    Rewards will be credited to all eligible characters on 2nd July 2013 before 2359HRS.
•    Rewards will be credited to the Server Special Storage where eligible players can select the character to receive the rewards. (Rewards for each tier are not bundled together, you can select specific reward(s) to receive for the selected character in your account)
•    Disputes 30 days after reward accreditation (2nd July) will not be entertained.

#1209471 Choco's Academic Fanart Gallery :3 [Updated!]

Posted Chocokara on 12 September 2012 - 02:25 PM

Hello everyone~

Chocokara from Holywood here. Not that I'm well-known, but an introduction is a must, so~ *shot*

This is my first thread, and I think I will show you all some of my crappy doodles.

I'd be happy if you give me some comments/advice/critics :3

Firstly, let's meet my main character in Dragon Nest. Shooting Star Chocokara :

Posted Image

I drew this when I just started to play DN and I like this class so much (star)

Posted Image

Met some friends who are still around and still in touch with me until now (:])

Posted Image

Inspired by that one cutscene with Gerraint at DOTC. It was epic, imo.  br=

Posted Image

It's in color (;])

Posted Image

I like to see them together, Warrior looks like a big bro, while little Academic looks like a cute little sister br=

Posted Image

Drew this when I finally reached the level 40 cap.

Posted Image

Random doodle (:])

Posted Image

The first time to Minotaur's Nest (shame) We ended up dead.

13/09/2012 Update : Here
14/09/2012 Update : Here
15/09/2012 Update : Here
16/09/2012 Update : Here
18/09/2012 Update : Here
20/09/2012 Update : Here
23/09/2012 Update : Here
25/09/2012 Update : Here
28/09/2012 Update : Here
01/10/2012 Update : Here
03/10/2012 Update : Here
06/10/2012 Update : Here
07/10/2012 Update : Here
09/10/2012 Update : Here
13/10/2012 Update : Here
17/10/2012 Update : Here
20/10/2012 Update : Here

Please browse through the thread for another updates since I'm no longer linking it in the first post. Thank you (star)

(gift)Maybe that's it for now, will post more later (gift)

Deviantart | Tumblr

#2464154 Dragon Nest In A Nutshell - *updated* Paladin Added.

Posted Jason_H on 22 August 2014 - 03:47 PM

Choose your class !

*updated 28 November 2014*
Paladin added.

Click here to watch the paladin video

*Updated* 11 October 2014
Sorceress added

#2625580 [Event] My Secret Valentine Love Story! 10 Most Impressionable Submission...

Posted Sherie on 17 February 2015 - 12:32 PM

Posted Image

“How can you love someone you cannot see?”, someone asked me.
I took a breathe first before answering this person.

“You do not have to see a person to be able to love them,
what matters the most is the feelings you have.
I ask you, do you need eyes to feel something emotional like love?”

He didn’t answer me. So I left that person and went to the
hill near the Airship. Sometimes, even I ask myself if I
truly love this person. But I can never deny these feelings I have.

I went to the crates beside the tent and whispered
“Are you there?”
, he replied
“I bought you something”, I took an album from my bag

He gasped when he saw what I was holding
It was a Harori Album Limited Edition

“Are you happy?”, I asked him.
“Yes! Thank you, Cierra”

I smiled

Yes, I can truly say that these feelings are true.
Even though I cannot see him, this happiness
I feel is more than enough.

“I love you, Invisible Thief

-By Cierrafyie (Springwood/Holywood)

Secret Valentine: Invisible Thief

(Word count – 177)

#1598021 [Mini Guide] Fake Pro X Good Player

Posted NekoKun on 17 February 2013 - 02:03 PM

NOTE: This "guide" is not only mine, it belongs to EVERYONE, by that i mean that i didnt maked the guide myself, but with the help of a lot of ppl, both in-game and on forums~

View PostMecHaLoLix, on 06 March 2013 - 06:34 PM, said:

The list is made up of collection of characteristics of wew from many people and TS just write it there. Don't assume or make that its TS alone creates the list. (oo;)

The list have flaws because not all people have similar point of view.
and TS is just listing them.

Just point out what's wrong in the list. Don't bash the TS. Ok? (:])


So.. everyone knows that sometimes when you're looking for a dgn, someone shouts " PRO person here", but do you really know what is the diference between a real one and a fake one? well,after gathering enough information, i'm gonna post here everything that ppl says about a fake pro aka "w3w" and a real PRO (shame) (do remember that the "fake pro" section ONLY aplies to ppl who call themselfs "PRO", there are some newbies that will have a similar problem, but dont be mad at them because, after all, everyone was a newbie before ) (:])

Fake Pro [AKA Adventurer-David-in-training]:

1- Calling himself PRO in public and rejecting decent or over geared players in his party
2- First to die
3- Heal macro spammer
4- Love to critic,complain,badmouth
5- Won't resu when died.
6- Blame others when died.
7- Kick people who have eq +7, or someone that have equips higher than his
8- 1/2 hour searching for Healer to enter easy nest.
9- Don't know that skills of other class have CD.
10-Quits when he doesn't get what he wants
11- just loots everything and rolls the dice even if someone is asking for that loot and everyone in the party agreed
12- Always says NOOB and do a trash talk
13- Keeps on blaming others while he was just standing and doin nothing
14- Will insist that he/she open the chest because he got the FA (regardless if he/she really did the FA)
15- Will badmouth or kick you out of the party for not believing on their superstitions
16- Will prefer famous dps class (e.g Assassin, Gear Master) over well-equipped underrated classes ( e.g saleana, sniper ).
17- Thinks that by doing PvP 1-on-1 will prove that what they say is correct
18- AFK in party
19- Don't know role in party
20- Teach people who already master their class
21- Teach how to run dungeon or nest,but died after that
22- Ask for heal even only got damage about 5%.
23- Ask for re-buff after 30 sec being buffed (the buff hold for 3 minutes)
24- they're re tard ed. they have an upside down thought process.
25- (PvP-Capt.Mode) Rush into enemy base as a captain and act like a PRO hero, died afterward, aw u all bobo no save me.
26- (PvP-Capt.Mode) Keep asking for heal when one is not the captain.
27- (PvP-Capt.Mode) Thinks that Defensive play is a n00b act
28- (PvP-Team) When one is melee type, play range instead, totally did nothing beneficial to the team.
29- (PvP-Team/1v1) Bragging about how awesome they are when using OP classes, insulting others. When lose to some class that shouldn't supposed to lose, they blame the server or the one who defeated them for being so LOG.
30- softban matches: they ban skills for other ppl that isnt even supposed to be banned, and when they're about to die they just dont follow sb anymore (tense)
31- pvp match with items: Even though they are "so pro" every single round, when they are about to die, they just run arounds looking for a healing item, making the pvp a game of catch-the-mouse (this applies only to 1vs1/2vs2/capt mode)
32- leveling: dont want pt with cleric classes
33- sell items: nego like no-brainer (they think super ultra hard to get item just grow freely in your backyard)
34- think you as a girl in real life just because you're using a female char, ask for facebook account, say vulgar things and also alien language
35- think that non-cc players noob
36- discriminate newly join players
37- They prefer Op class than OP eq
38- They assume that no costume = noob
39- Create party for nest, but don't have keys.
40- FDC in nest......when re-join, they said "Sorry, DC" (there is differences between FDC and DC)
41- All party members must have FTG,if not bad loot.
42- waste 30 mins or 1 hr looking for a booster instead of joining pub parties or lvling solo during that time
43- doesn't know the difference between GMs, producer and devs
44- Farm Medal&Exp on Colosseum (18:8 rooms)
45-  When losing an argument, he then begins to brag about his/her +10 victor eqs.
46- Keep on begging you to res him if he dies, even though he can res themselves
47- Advertises normal nests when looking for party, but upon entering the fields, sees his party has good eqs, suddenly chooses hell.
48- wont listen to the instructions of the leader and laugh about it then say nonesense about they know what to do and that they dont need to be instructed (not assuming, other member needs it).
49- he/she challenges you Comp x pvp when he/she loses an argument
50- They have their pick-up line: wew (They always say that at times when they themselves fail or when their partymates did something wrong )
51- Fake pro players call their opponents weak/noob after they defeat them, or the same thing when they die
52- Makes death threats in-game or sometimes in the forums
54- Always use blue bird for his / her personal problem
55- Some of then even uses hacks and thinks that they are awesome by using it
56- (PvP) they trashtalk in any circumstances (Charge the enemy head-on ==> result? success : brag, and trashtalk his enemies (in PvP). failure : die, and trashtalk his allies )
57- Fake pros seem to feel that they are the best, the most true of all, the most knowledgeable of all.
58- Fake pro ask a pala to use healing relic.
59- Some fake pros even scam someone to get everything they want, be it gold, costume, or even account
60- Join a guild , then leveling until max and then left the guild without any reason
61- Blame others when the party/team fails nest/GvG
62- Keeps rolling dice what item he/she already had one/ not share
63- Enter Guild , ask to challenge Guildmaster/Guildmember that pro in pvp , if he/she the game won-he trashtalked ABC etc guild , if he/she lost the game - left the guild
64- "Showoff" his gold to newbies, then trashtalk them for being poor
65- I'm the only one can be sided with her because i'm pro than others , just ask me (found a women in party or guild)
66- Leave pvp game at round 4 of 5 round game
67- Came from another server and yell that server had a lot of noobs player ( shout )
68- Join a Top Rated guild that won a guildwar events and go he/she previous guild , spam Guildwar Gesture and laugh on people
69- Some people don't care about winning/losing in PVP. They only care about their K/D ratios, going after kills instead of helping others, and when they die, incoming trashtalk..
70- They usually go full r e t a r d e d (IN A BAD WAY)
71- fake pros normally needs a heal like, every 5seconds or so
72- Automatically presses 'F12 - Stage Entrance' when he has opened his bunny even though his party mates haven't opened theirs.
73- Always use blue bird for his / her personal problem ( usually to blame others.. )
74- Trashtalk in another language.. aka "Comi sua mãe, aquela puta" " vão tomar no cu gringos"  - some examples of brazilian thrashtalk - i'm a brazilian myself so.. yeah i dont like having to read this (no)  - and "ako weak bobo w3w aw" - i dont even remember what that means anymore so.. just think of a filipino thrashtalking, i dunno (shame)  -
75- "op class bandwagon" - only play the most  op class in the game. If it gets nerfed, they jump to another op class and so on

Real PRO [AKA Geraint former apprentice]:

Professionals are titles/labels like a medal or something so we can view them what we want to while most of them won't really care about the title. Being a pro is you being yourself, put that pro-ness in the head and all hell goes loose ending up on a drama.
Examples are mostly those who blame others since they don't want to be blamed and ruin the title they already have. Pros won't blame anyone and neither the average players won't criticize a person they labeled a pro. Some people just like the quotation "Failure is not an option." thus, leading into the drama. Everyone makes mistakes, we're not a perfect or superior being to put others below us. There is always room for improvements ~ Efraym

A pro is a skilled player. Sometimes with uber upgraded items + really good dodging/playing skills.
or Decent items + really good dodging/playing skills


a skillful player who fight like a man and accept all challenges, without running around when they're about to die (doesnt aply to group PVP) [by that i mean running around every single round without fighting back when they're dying, making the match a game of catch-the-mouse]

PVE- a decent skill knowledgeable player with decent equips

someone who can manage to survive and damage a certain dungeons or nest or even pvp despite of the equips, items or characters he is using.. It is not neccessary over rated equips to be pro.. It really relies on the pilot itself...

Player who knows their job, and knows to respect others.

A real PRO is someone who respects everyone and and treats everyone nice no matter what class they are.

Pro are humble players that just play and people will notice how good they are through their actions. Actions speak louder then words after all.

Professionals means they know what they are doing

REAL pro people dont say that they are "pro"

a real pro won't judge others and act like Mr Know it all before they know what other ppl capable of

a real pro know the following worlds:RESPECT AND PATIENCE

always listen (don't talk much of nonsense) to the party leader because they know that good leader will give good instruction not only for him but for all members of the party. Sometimes they suggest if they think the leader's instruction is not that good but not to the extent of escalating bad arguments.

A true professional player never stat in anyway that he is the best and blame no one at his lose at a match
a true "pro" doesn't trash talk everyone in game even in forum, they are sometimes like being quite ingame but when others need help if ever they are not busy or something they dont even think twice to help others.


be a good player without saying you are good yourselfs
be considerate to other people even if they are nota nice person
if you happen to be correct and other people is wrong, dont just talk sheet, prove it instead, they will recognize their own mistakes
if you happen to be wrong and other people is correct, say sorry and humbly ask for critics/improvement

its simple, yes, but even not all people can do this "simple" things


be nice to the players, we are neither noobs nor pros, we are al DN SEA gamers some with experience, more than others, and newbies.

If someone ever calls you a noob, ask him this: "well then, define the word "noob" to me" and if he says any bad word, keep doing the same question changing the "badword",  let see what he will reply when he gets tired [ or he might not even answer the first question] (:&gt;)



Pro Players are relatively different from Geared Players.
just an exmaple:
Pro Players maximizes everything he has.(ex. Dodging skills ^^)
Geared Players are tougher coz of the High Defense of the Armor he/she is wearing.

"if you can be humble to yourself, why no be humble to others?"

being a geared character doesn't mean that you're so strong, yes, in terms of equipment, but do you use it in the good way? instead of being boastful on your gears, why not be an example to others on how to get well-equipped? or help them get their crafting items? instead of running away from them, why not reach their arms and help them to their feet?

"die like a hero, or live and be a villain yourself"

being a high ranked character doesn't mean that you're confident with your skills, yes, in terms of piloting skills, but do you use it in the good way? instead of praising yourself for being a self-proclaimed "PRO", why not be competitive and help others on how to wield their weapons? just because you got many kills, you got more victories than defeats, you call yourself "PRO?" a true professional player doesn't speak highly, but rather than, proving that they are worthy of their ranks.

simple things yet complicated problems...we can overcome this if we're humble and patient to others.

and that's it for now, hope this can help players in the future when creating parties/doing pvp, and when a self-claimed "PRO" person appears you can recognise if he really can benefit your party or not, or if your doing pvp, you can stress a little less (shame)  anything i can add? just post on here and i will put on the list =)


CREDITS: NekoKun, FrancoisLeBlanc, soyoeternity, Eggssy, inchik, lazerhand, FinalLax, MJKT, altraize,  Efraym, Strela, Archileus, insidious0192, ReiShikiii, PH_TapaCake, iDreamy, Kanluran, tomoe723, Leonhart, MecHaLoLix, Rafaellee, ezequieltz, MJKT, rallan, harokira, Jaesidd, aqueon, SHARDZ86, Valhadow, AceWiz, queenlisa, Sp3llArr0w, Seiji, Veritas, Vargomochi, aztex95, HarvestBee, Kyonchii, UnshelleD

#258684 Wars Of Our Time (Dn Sea Forum History)

Posted Lemon on 15 October 2011 - 08:12 PM

Well, it's about time somebody recorded these wars the DN SEA forum had experienced. Though this probably won't be seen by many due to it's placement in the Cafeteria, it should shed some light on the history of these sacred forum battlegrounds.

Please remember that some of these are is based off my memory, so some information may not be 100% accurate, but for the most part, should be on par with the actual event happenings.

The History of the Dragon Nest SEA Forum Wars.

1. The Racism War + The Legendary Lion of Lagendia (Mid-September 2011)

In the early days of OBT, there was some tension between some of the forum community and the wide influx of Filipinos joining the game. This tension grew as certain hate threads started popping up from certain members of the community such as 'Collute'. He was basically complaining about the Filipinos in the game and how they were lagging up the game. The war started more or so over time. Many threads started popping up in General Discussion about hating pinoys and chaos ensued. Forumerers were raging and arguing with one another on those threads, and soon some people couldn't take it and they also created other race-hating threads like the Singaporean hate thread, and the EU hate thread. Racism remarks flew left and right and it was a heated battle between the entire forum community.

CC eventually stepped in and took the necessary action of shutting down all racism threads.

This racism war also made The Legendary Lion of Lagendia known, as he was one of the forumers who couldn't take anymore of Collute's Filipino hatin'. He created a thread named something around the lines of 'F*** You Collute The Racist A-hole' and it drew attention. The forum community was somewhat amused by this thread, and people soon started thinking he looked like a lion due to his avatar (originally, the TS described Collute as a fat keyboard warrior...but was flamed for looking just like one). The topic eventually shifted from the big F U to Collute to the TS looking like a lion thread,  and the trend of using the ' (lol)', quoting the person who said it, and replying with another ' (lol)' stemmed from this thread. Thus, The Legendary Lion of Lagendia was born, and this was his legacy:
Collute was eventually banned for his race hating threads even though he tried defending himself by saying it wasn't 'directly' pointed at Filipinos but everyone knew it was.

This sums up the very start of the DN SEA Forum wars IIRC.

2. The Embed War (Late September 2011)

There was a frequent forumer known as 'Alchie', who was also known to post ponies in almost every thread. There was some division between the forum community. Either you liked the ponies or you hated it. Alchie sooned gained popularity among the forum community for being a person who just, well...liked ponies. One time a thread opened up named 'Chatbox' and the idea of the thread was basically what it said, to chat about random things or off-topic disucssions.

The thread soon became popular to about 10+ pages, then the strange sounds started happening. At first people thought it was some weird bug happening within the forums but it came to be that Alchie had hidden a embed code in her post, making it autoplay music the moment somebody entered the thread. Another forumer discovered the source of this, spread the code, and soon everyone in the chatbox thread was playing music.

The chatbox turned into somewhat that of a music thread with people posting their favorite songs or deciding what to play next. This thread also spawned the Pedo Faction, with early members like EakEak; the Pony Faction, with Alchie; the Lolcat Faction, with some people I don't recall, and the  Dance Team, with members such as Vartue, LauraBodewig, and Lemon who had dancing/dancers in their signatures. These Factions had different goals and figures to look up to, but they all shared the common goal of bringing fun to the forums. They are still allies with one another to this day. Due to its high popularity, more people starting coming to see what the thread was all about, eventually leading to the leak of the embed code. The embedding was supposed to stay in the chatbox but due to the leak, people started hiding autoplayed music in their posts, making threads a trap that could cause ear damage or psychological scarring.

The original inhabitants of the chatbox were afraid this would go out of control, and by my thinking, the person who started it (Alchie) and her ponies were probably too much for our next war starter to handle.

3. The meatspin War (Late-End of September 2011)

Soon after the embed war was in full swing, a random forumer decided he/she (I shall call 'he') had enough of Alchie and her pony shenanigans. He proceeded to start spamming multiple threads with the taboo-ed 'meatspin' gif. If you don't already know what that is, I strongly suggest you do NOT look it up, it will scar you and unless you want to see men's 'meat' spinning, don't look for it.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden appearance of this extreme gif that tricked many people long long ago, but it eventually turned into an unspoken taboo. The forumer not only spammed the gifs, but the gif also came with it's trademark 'You Spin Me Right Round' soundtrack. The gif was spammed countless times on multiple threads causing chaos and confusion among the forum community. These eventually hit the 'Chatbox' thread and caused people in that thread to retaliate by spamming pages with spam if the person posted that gif in order to skip to the next page and keep some 'order' within that thread. It was a unified attempt by the members of that thread but the war was tough. His reasoning was that he hated Alchie posting ponies and wouldn't stop in order to get back at her. Alchie was taken aback at how far this person went to get back at her and said she would stop, but he continued his assault on the forums.

CC eventually stepped in to remove all of the explicit content and threads, but that wasn't enough for that person to be satisfied.

Side Story: GoreFag

Around the time between/during the meatspin and Tentacle War, there was a forumer who appeared out of nowhere posting pictures of gore all over random threads. This unknown person was only known by his mind-scarring pictures and the forum username 'GoreFag'. The pictures were more of a surprise trap to innocent people already trying to be catious of the meatspin and tentacles, but now they also had to be wary of the gory traps that awaited them. His pictures ranged from deformed pictures of faces to the extreme...which I shall not describe for the sake of trigger happy googlers.

CC eventually removed GoreFag's pictures but I believe him and his account remained on the forums. I did remember seeing him posting again, just without the gore.

4. The Tentacle War (Late September 2011)

After the meatspin war was over, there was temporary peace in the threads and forum and most of the community breathed a sigh of relief that the ordeal was over. Though a few people still posted some autoplaying music in threads, everyone knew it was better than seeing the explicit gif.

That same forumer who was banned for his explicit content created a new account under the name 'Tentacles', and I believe it was either after a few hours or a day, he came back and started posting tentacle porn in threads and using it as his signature. His same tactics resulted in the Chatbox community going into full alert and armed themselves for the incoming storm. The pictures were posted and the spamming for the next pages ensued.

CC had learned their lesson from the previous war so they probably decided to take action sooner than later, thus making the Tentacle War more of a secondary aftershock of the 2nd forum war. The threads and user were removed from the forums and after that there was peace among the community.

Intermission Side Story: CC Generator

Right after the Tentacle War, the problems the DN SEA forums had faced seemed to have finally cooled down. People were starting to come back to threads being actual threads, and not places where there were hidden music traps or gore pictures awaiting them. During that time, a certain spammer decided to be an annoying prick, decided to plague the forums with his spam threads of CC Generators. They were more of annoyance to everyone due to their spamming being in almost every section of the forums.

Most of the community knew of the obvious scam the prick was trying to make but they knew not much could be done until CC stepped in, which they did.

CC eventually came in once again to clean up the mess and I believe the forumer was banned for false advertising but...that wasn't enough as I believe the person came back again with a new name to spam a few more times before being removed, then the spamming stopped.

5. OPERATION FREEDOM (Late September 2011)

Once The Tentacle War ended, the Chatbox was deleted, most likely due to CC's paranoia that another war could take place again. All 68 pages of the off-topic thread were erased from the forum, not accessible to anyone. The surviving members of the chatbox decided to start anew and created a new chatbox under the name 'Calderock Village Family Pub' in the General Discussion area but it was soon moved to the Cafeteria, where we are now. Alchie led the team in the pub to start a protest in the forums, deciding that the Dragon Nest forum General Discussion should have an off-topic thread. Many people in the pub agreed to this idea, and the preperations started.

The template for the protest was meant to be a peaceful one, just wanting to state the point from the community that there should be an off-topic section within the General Discussion or Dragon Nest area, not in some dead cafeteria which nobody visisted. Alchie soon came up with the protest template...something I didn't really approve of but nonetheless supported because I really did want an off-topic section for the DN area:
Posted Image

The pub group then decided we would strike at a certain time and create multiple threads with this picture in it for us to prove our point and pressure for CC to approve for this simple request. The time struck and the pub team went into action. Mutiple threads named 'OPERATION FREEDOM' were created in the General Discussion, with many in the community being somewhat confused to this action. I think it was the 'shopped pictures that didn't make a good impression.

CC, not willing to approve of this request, came down with their mouses, locking and deleting most of the freedom threads.

Alchie was later banned, most likely due to causing disruption for the CC team and them having enough of her. Soon after, Alchie came back with a second forum account, and notified the Calderock Pub that she would be leaving for a holiday trip to Russia, but would be on the forums. Not to my surprise, Alchie did come back only to post a few things, stating that she was waiting for DN EU, whenever it came out, and later disappeared. She made an appearance recently to state the same ideas of waiting but has once again gone off the radar.

6. The War for AikawaKazu (Early-Mid January 2012)

Raexius (w/ some minor adjustments), on 2012-01-15 13:44:03, said:

It all started when some guy named 'icenold04' wrote AikawaKazu's name in a scammer list thread.

This, along with accumulated burden and pressure from the community, caused AikawaKazu to get sick of it and declared that he would not post and write guides anymore in the forum; specifically in General Discussion section.

His statement caused a pretty big uproar and 2 factions spawned from this, namely the defenders and haters (there's no specific names for these factions).

People from both sides started making lots of topics either defending or defaming AikawaKazu.

The fights were mostly haters bashing AikawaKazu with defenders saying how much he helped them while some also accused haters for being jealous and unreasonable.

There were some neutral forumers who tried to stop the war but most of them ended up being labelled as defenders if they were to participate.

In the end, when everything calmed down a little, icenold04 created a topic titled 'Public Apology' and apologized, saying that he intended his accusation as a joke.

AikawaKazu accepted his apology but still refuses to write anymore guides in the forum.

This is a really brief summary of the war based on my very limited memory so it would be very helpful if anyone would add more or correct any mistakes if any.

7. The Fairytail Declaration (June 10th, 2012)

On June 10th, 2012. The Guild Master of the very well known Fairytail guild posted a delcaration in regards to the SDN (Sea Dragon Nest) challenge, where the fastest team to complete the dungeon would win $10,000 SGD.

Fairytail Guild Master, xJuviax said:


FairyTail (Westwood) was founded since CBT with the initial purpose of gathering players with a common passion for Dragon Nest.
Although our members have experience in the DN services of other countries, we are proud to call DN SEA our home, the community where we truly belong.
Born from our burning passion, a single goal was forged for the greater purpose of being the best DN Community. To this end, we strive to show the best of DN by sharing our experience in gameplay and teamwork with the community.

Our belief is that to honor this ideal, we shall abstain from accepting monetary gains from taking part in in-game events.
Any guild members of FairyTail may take part in any events but shall not be eligible for any monetary rewards.

Should other guild or team accept any existing FairyTail members, that team will be equally ineligible to receive prizes. Future FairyTail Guild Masters are not allowed to change our founding goal.
In the event that they do, We seek CherryCredits to disqualify the participating team, or if necessary, disband the guild without prejudice.

We also hope that CherryCredits and the DNSEA Community can recognize us as a part of the DNSEA Community, as one of the few pioneers to explore the Sea Dragon Nest, and hopefully one day, defeat it.
We seek CherryCredits personnel to reply on this matter.

IGN xJuviax

This declaration slammed into the General Discussion section like a bucket of cold water on everybody's faces. Nobody expected the well respected guild to release something like this and it sparked a 6 page long debate on the validity and contradictions of the post, with some agreeing with certain points, and some flaming it for its overzealous remarks in terms of guild honor.

Taking the declaration apart, it basically stated that the guild did not want the money if they won the event, and would go so far as to disqualify/disband their own members/guild if need be. They also requested CC's intervention on this issue to bring down their hammers of doom, as if to say the authority was always on their side.

Apparently, it was.

One of the lead producers in DN SEA, also known as Mr. Addison Kang, replied with a post that boosted the confidence of Fairytail while generating a storm of hate due to (obvious) bias towards the guild.

Addison Kang said:

I was told by my staff to visit this thread.

Let alone the declaration, FairyTail have display exceptional skills and dedication to DN Sea Community. I'm sure many players agree that this is already an honorary Guild. Good job on this part (up)

It is an important task to upkeep values of it's founding members. The lack of a constitution or a formal registration of this body make it hard to formalize or maintain the guild's order. I was astonished by the guild members for being able to make such swift and bold decision. Taking a small step anchoring such principle is a giant leap towards a noble self-help community.

This is a special case, a Guild's commitment that uniquely benefits the entire community. Therefore, I'm please to task the Chief Marshal to undertake the task to assist FairyTail mission, in up-keeping their values. We should learn from FairyTail's benevolent institution; "intended for benefits rather than for profits".

I believe FairyTail is so far the closest to bring down SDN and have the highest chance of making the achievement. You can almost call them a Saint Guild for rejecting those rewards. Join me in cheering them to bringing down the SDN and for their future contribution towards the DN Sea community.

What this basically meant for the rest of the DN SEA community was that Fairytail would have exclusive rights to uphold their "honor" and have the assistance of the CC staff to bring down doom on all that opposed them.

Not only that, but if the declaration were true, it would also be true to say that any team attempting to clear the SDN dungeon would have to make sure there were no Fairytail members in their party or it would result in disqualification. This "fact" enraged many of the forum community, and it was understandable as to why some lost respect for this guild and its members who supported this idea.

Some forum members also took pity on those within the Fairytail guild that would have to comply with this declaration, as it basically gave them no choice but to follow it to the letter or face leaving the guild. The hints of arrogance from the declaration were also debated among the forumers, shedding new light on Fairytail that will either stain their reputation or honor. Defenders of justice such as Sakasen deserve a spotlight for their efforts to debate the declaration logically, and without needless trolling.

Ignorant posts from some of Fairytail's members included statements that basically said they posted it within the General Discussion and shouted it in-game for all to see and hear because they hoped it would spread the word (okay sure) among the DN SEA community that they had this special thing going on with CC.

A CC moderator stepped in soon after to close the thread for the love of justice (JUSTICE INDEED).

As a long time resident of the DN SEA forums, I can say that this is not the first time i've seen CC show bias towards guilds/members. It's an ugly reality that appears once or so in a awhile but it sickens me to see it when it happens. However, since Addison Kang is never seen on the forums (and claimed that he was asked by his staff to read it), it is very surprising to see the amount of bias that comes out from the top heads so openly and direct rather than the usual CC forum staff who know how to control their words.

Just saying, this isn't something to be proud of, CC.

As much as you want to respect the honor and values of certain guilds/members, please do think about the rest of the DN SEA community, and understand what they have to say before saying something stup- that will spark conflict while intervening with all your might and glory like nobody else matters.

8. A Jackal's Demise (November 2013, Suggested by mudo & desofire)

Back in September of 2013, CC brought the Desert Dragon Nest event to the shores of DN SEA. Being part of the competitive spirit, the event offered various rewards and titles for clearing the dungeon as well as an exclusive 1-time-only "Jakard's Demise" title that would be bestowed to the first team that cleared the dungeon.

Posted Image

Guilds and teams alike went at the event in full force and the first 8-man team to secure the dungeon came from Ikebukuro, a guild from Westwood. Being the ones to clear the dungeon and secure the title would have given them an outstanding reputation within the Westwood community.

However, the victory was short lived when ZawZaw, a guild member from Ikebukuro, decided to come clean and exposed a chatlog between guild members that revealed the way they managed to win the titles - they bought it.

Simply put, the team was outsourced to a group of skilled players from cDN (Dragon Nest China), which piloted the DN SEA characters to secure the dungeon. The "team" consisted of a 7-man pilot team from cDN and 1 original guild member, equating to a cost of $700 SGD (7 pilots, $100 each) for their services. After some internal conflicts within the chat, ZawZaw decided he had enough with one of the guild members' attitudes (and perhaps the guild attitude in general) and decided to post the conversation that went down, in the forums.

Chat by ZawZaw, 21st November 2013 (Wall of Text):


The thread was soon locked by Moderators to shut down speculation but a day later ZawZaw received and posted a new message from the staff themselves.

Posted Image

With this screenshot, it sparked a sense of controversy among players. Some speculated Ikebukuro being a guild with many high CC spenders (Cash Shop Buyers) thus resulting in the leniency of their "sentence". A moderator named Mikasa came in to try and clear the air with a definition of policies and rules regarding their penalties as well as the argument that the guild was just trying to attain a prestigious title, rather than something that would affect the game itself (eg. gold selling) so only their titles were taken back.

A third thread was created as the final one by ZawZaw, which "notified" CC of under-the-table deals being made once again for a different "memorial event". It was locked soon after.

A few days after the whole fiasco had gone down, a forum member by the name of Arrogance_ decided to call out CC (and Mikasa) on their lenient decision towards Ikebukuro and tell them that they should have enough respect for themselves to maintain strict rules on their own game. Forum users discussed the issue among themselves - and argued a bit for conflicting views for about 14 pages of text before Mikasa came back in to try and clarify questions forum users had.

She explained it that too many accounts would be banned if they were based solely on account sharing and the statement it had within the Game Abuse Policy only really served as a warning to people attempting to do so. Getting down to the main point, she couldn't give a good answer to the community due to confidentiality issues.

Quote by Mikasa:

"Please bear in mind the constraints moderators have when addressing issues. Everyone demands for a reply but when one is given under the said constraints, it is not appreciated but used as a counter-argument to blast CC/reply instead. I've tried to give a reply which will satisfy the community to the best that I can."

With that, the thread was locked and though some remnants of other threads remain around in regards to the issue, this brings us to the demise of a famous title and infamous guild that will probably never be seen the same way again.

Intermission Side Story: Jasmine's 2 Day Last Stand (4th December 2013, Suggested by mudo)
Posted Image

A scheduled maintenance set to complete with 15 hours? Turned out to be 44 hours and 35 minutes of life without DN SEA by your side.

Players took to the forum to vent their frustration without the game for an extended period of time and hoped CC would give them an expected completion time and some compensation such as a free reset scroll or cosmetic items.

Comical threads about being bored and having a life outside of DN popped up but were close shortly after.

9. Leniency Package (December 2013, Suggested by YondaimeHokage & mudo)

Shortly after the Ikebukuro scandal, our friends in GD discovered a thread that was deleted soon after its creation. The contents contained a fake advertisement for the availability of a "Leniency Package" for purchase. By its statements, one would technically be immune to CC's rules and be free to do as they wish within the game; scamming, cheating, item duplication - all of it would be fair game as well as the CC team being on the purchaser's side to shut down any accusations players had against them.

Picture by Esquevella
Posted Image
Of course one would only need to top up a minimum of 2,000,000 CC Credits to qualify for the package and would receive it depending on how fast they verified their purchase of credits. The satirical piece might have been spawned from the previous instance of leniency shown towards Ikebukuro when they came forward to announce their scandal of piloting players for titles (see 8.).

Some players claimed that although it was a fake article, it truly reflected how they felt about CC's control over the community and how cash shop items were destroying the game as well as the experience for players (eg. spending loads of CC for cosmetics as well as high level gears). Several other satirical threads about being lenient spawned over the period but were all locked down by CC.

If there's one thing we can learn from this, it's probably along the lines of what one user had to say...


10. Project SaveDN (October 2014, Article by truedistance)

View Posttruedistance, on 16 November 2014 - 08:59 PM, said:

Anyway, I have enough free time to work on this thread, so allow me. (lol)

Project SaveDN (October 2014)

In light of the deteriorating sentiments towards DNSEA and Cherry Credits, AikawaKazu wrote a blog article about the current problems of the SEA server and several suggestions that aim to remedy those issues. (Original blog post link here: http://www.dneternit.../projectsavedn/) The article cited class-related issues like discrimination and skill balancing and the effects of RNG in gear progress as major issues that need to be addressed, and it suggested the creation of a means for players to send out feedback to developers about the game.

The article was met with optimism during the day after the publishing of the article. Many players, both retirees and active players, discussed additional aspects that need focus like latency issues affecting gameplay, the bugs that remain unresolved and the slowly weakening PVP scene. However, there were also players who questioned the necessity of the article. Some mentioned the futility of such a movement at the current stage of the game, comparing it to other games that slowly decline after a few years of activity, and some mentioned the current stand of Cherry Credits and Eyedentity towards player feedback in the SEA server. Regardless, many experienced players have expressed support towards AikawaKazu's proposals, and the blog post was later linked to the NA and EU servers by SaitoHikari, a noted player from DNNA. The related discussions revealed EU's issues with lack of new content and NA's concerns about class discrimination. EternaLLight also opened a discussion in DNTH, although no details of the response were reported.

Eventually, the discussion showed signs of breaking down as posts about "CC paying the players to save the game" and that the suggestions are slowly becoming too selfish. The "Pay to Win" argument was also a short tangent to the discussion, but was later dropped as the thread's tone becomes more pessimistic towards the current issues in the server and the tendencies of other players to post content that does not contribute to the topic at hand. The negative sentiments, towards the game, the developers, and the players, only worsened as the thread continues without a response from anyone from Eyedentity and Cherry Credits, with AikawaKazu questioned for being partial towards Cherry Credits.

In a nutshell:

"OT: I still do have faith with the community but as I've read in the past few pages; the community tends to debate on ideas and then eventually going on personal attacks. I don't think it's healthy but there is not much we can do about it (sorry)"

— Joluuzz, 06 November 2014 - 09:37 AM

Update as of 21st May 2015, Credits to Luxtroll:

AikawaKazu made a statement saying that he would be leaving DN SEA PvE, essentially quitting for good other than casual PvP and casting for those games. To sum up his reason:

"Dragon Nest overall is heading towards an unfortunate direction given its immense potential (I'm very sure people who love this game will agree) and I've decided that I'll also leave DN PVE entirely, and for PVP I'll still be playing casually and aiding in the hosting/shoutcasting of Tournaments." - AK

Though he is just one player leaving, it does shed some light on how even the most hardcore fans of the original DN SEA are eventually leaving the game because of the path it's headed for. It's an unknown future for the community in DN SEA but hopefully some things will change for the better.

Semi-Significant Figures:

TrollQueen + Longcat:

I never knew that person was named 'TrollQueen', but i'm guessing he/she is the person who started using that huge longcat signature, forcing people to scroll down an endless picture of probably the longest cat known to all of the internet. The cartooned cat started with it's head at the tops of space all the way down to it's feet in the fiery depths of hell.

Longcat was first decided as a nuisance, and was first spotted...I believe during the Racism war. The user stopped posting them due to the moderators taking action, manually removing the signature. Surprisingly, longcat was used during the meatspin war as an alert poster when the disaster hit, notifying all that they should spam to the next page in order to skip the disgusting gif.

Longcat has yet to be seen again, most likely due to the new signature size limits CC has and the obvious removal of the picture if it were seen in a post.

FutebolBR (I think that's how it was spelled anyway):

This person was spotted as a wannabe troll after all of the wars had died down (around the end of September). It was during that time this person came in and started embedding his posts with autplaying youtube videos of soccer matches containting the dreaded 'vuvuzela' horn. At first he started off by 'hiding' the videos, making them 1px by 1px autoplayed youtube videos but I guess after some warning or something, he decided to have the actual sized videos play in his posts, which may have allowed some people to pause them but he further infuriated the community by embedding multiple videos at once, so forumers either had to leave the thread or pause all of his videos.
Later on he adapated pictures and a signature of the famed term, 'Haters Gonna Hate', obviously provoking the rest of the community that they couldn't do anything about his spamming unless CC stepped in. I don't remember if CC took any action but this person's presence finally died away in the forums and has never been seen or heard of again.

enzo80 / PinoyHater / Collute

Shortly after the Saint Haven update, there was a person on the forums who decided to follow in the footsteps of our old friend Collute, hating on the race now known as the 'magic word' - pinoys. Not much is known about this person's mysterious past but his recent actions have been significant enough to cause a period of remembrance for this poor soul.

Enzo80, as he was called, first embarked on his ban-worth journey by starting up a few Filipino hatin' threads, which eventually lead his 'safe' thread regarding ordinary agate locations to be filled with trolls. Nobody really knows what reaction sparked within him, but it was a definite fire starter to his outrage on the forum community.

Around the late night hours on the 28th of October, Enzo first started showcasing some hacking websites which he found and immediately received flaming for his actions. Little did the community know, it was just fuel for the fire. His next barrage of threads started pouring out all over the General Discussion area, with the titles of hacks and cheats that should be looked at immediately before CC caught him.

Posted Image

These threads about hacking soon alerted the late-night moderators and they stepped in to assist, deleting all traces of his hack threads. Most of the forum community silenty thanked the Goddess that most of the SEA community was not around to see the carnage due to the late hours and predicted he would be gone by the time most of the forumers woke up.

Enzo, with his original forum account most likely banned, was frustrated with his failed attempts, and decided to take the 'magic word' route from the path he once started on: to create the wall of Pinoy hatin'. He created a new account with the alias 'PinoyHater' and proceeded to spam the next few pages with threads of his request for Pinoys to S his (black) D, but were quickly deleted by the now alert moderators. Shortly thereafter, he was assumed to be banned (again), and the community crossed  their fingers, hoping that this mini-war starter would stop his rage-induced threads.

Unfortunately, enzo did come back for one last attempt with an unnamed alias, probably thinking that it would allow his attacks to be seen and heard by all at 1-3AM, GMT +8 in the morning. The new threads were named as the old titles of asking pinoys to perform the certain action. At this point, most of the community knew he was fighting a losing battle and would eventually give up all attempts to wage a full-scale war since the moderators were watching his every move. Near the end of his attacks, I did receive some direct spam messages in threads addressed to me from enzo, being called a shemale that liked D but they were soon removed, along with his unnamed account.

Nobody really knows if he will return with a new alias, but the DN SEA forum community has once again, recovered from this attack, and has returned to their 'peaceful' state of flaming, trolling, and some nice answers on the side.

It is now belived that enzo is in fact, Collute. No surprise there but nonetheless, he has not changed.

Later it was confirmed that enzo was indeed Collute and he made a comeback using his old name. Most of the community weren't surprised by his racial words but his change in attack pattern took the forums by storm. Nobody expected a direct and obvious onslaught of racist threads from the passively known Collute.

Spambots (Reminded by Misty_Blue)

Quite awhile back, around the time when the community of DN SEA was starting to get established, a person...or group decided to launch a full scale barrage of advertisements that still go on in the forums today. Though it seems to be the work of many users, one can probably conclude that they all originate from an isolated group, purposely targetting the DN SEA forums. These advert attacks usually contain the promises of free TV shows or access and while they may seem to be typical spam to the average forum user, they are nonetheless a very large nuisance among the entire community.

The CC staff have been alert around the clock, making sure to shut down or move these threads to the Cafeteria (I have no idea why) in order to keep a sense of tidyness in the DN forum categories.

Though the rising infections of advertisements have been steadily rising in the forums, the crackdown on these syndicates have also been stepped up, but it is hard to say or see if CC will take further action against these attacks. CC can continue to quarantine these spambots but the war between staff and spambots may soon reach a climax that will shake the entire forum community if not stopped in the near future.


A snapshot in time by Levan

A reminder to all those entering the company of the forums, this was once a battleground:

Levan said:

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This concludes my current knowledge of the wars and figures that the DN SEA forum community has experienced, and I apologize if there are some mistakes in my statements as they are based off my memory.

As everyone could kind of tell I left DN quite awhile ago and i've moved on from the game but I do take a visit once a while back to the forums just to see who's still alive. Even if we may never return to the game, at least we'll have this to remember the times spent together. Good luck and have fun guys!

I am sure there will be more history to be recorded in the DN SEA forums. With more wars, and significant figures to reach these sacred grounds, the DN SEA forum community must once again, stand strong and ready for all that may be against them.

May the Goddess watch over you all. Patience and Faith, for the Goddess.

#1051054 Rng: It's Importance And It's Connection

Posted theorgil on 04 July 2012 - 09:17 PM

A word from me
First of all I would just like to say that while what I am going to talk about is within the realms of computer science, I am only a to-be computer science student. All the things I am about to say are things which I have personally collected with my own research. Thus perhaps (and probably will), some of the things here seem to be incredulous for you. It doesn’t matter though to me. I am making this article because in around a month due time I might not be able to play DN SEA anymore due to going to university in Canada and because of that I want to leave behind something which can be of use to the community. Aside of course, satiating my own curiosity. Before you read on ahead, I warn you that this is an approximately 3000 word article and there would be no TL;DR, you will probably get bored so it is advisable to chew this down bit by bit. That is all from me

Table of Content
  • RNG: It’s connection with DN
  • How is PRNG applied in DN?
  • How does PRNG work?
  • PRNG and Looting
  • PRNG and Enhancing
  • General tip regarding PRNG with potentials and disassembling
  • Reminders and words of caution when dealing with PRNG
  • Questions?
  • Technical and mathematical parts
  • Fixes, additions, ammendments
  • Additional information from you peeps
  • Thanks and credits to
RNG: It’s connection with DN
RNG? What is it you say? RNG is the system used in computer systems to produce random results through the help of producing random numbers. But there’s a catch. True randomness is not achievable in computer systems (as of currently) and can only be done through real-live actions (e.g roulette, dice rolling, coin flipping). The reason behind this is that computer system in the end is based on logic. Certain rules and conditions must be followed in order for a request to be executed. In computer systems, the derivative of RNG is used that is Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG). Dragon Nest is a computer system by itself so PRNG is also applied in DN.

How is PRNG applied in DN?
Fairly simple. More than likely any activities in the game, governed by the concept of ‘luck’ are governed by PRNG in DN. These activities include disassembling, opening Gacha, enhancing, potential and rolling for loots. In this article I’d primarily talk about enhancing and rolling for loots as the prime example. To reduce the load on the back-end servers, the system is most likely applied throughout a single server. This means all channels and all towns and every user in every town are affected by the same system. A likely exception is when you go outside of the city, effectively creating a sub-server and hence presumably creating a new system independent of the server-wide PRNG system. When this happens, only people who are within that sub-server (a maximum of 8 people with raid parties) are affected. I’ll explain a bit more on later paragraphs.

How does PRNG work?
Every time the PRNG starts a ‘seed’ is selected. A seed is an initial outcome in which the system starts with. In terms of enhancing, the system may choose a number from presumably 1-100 (exactly 100 numbers) and for rolling loots 0-100 (exactly 101). The system then keeps on producing results within a certain periodicity. Periodicity is the amount of results that must come out before the system repeats itself, and by that the system repeats the exact sequence of results.  While the numbers may be limited, the periodicity can be surprisingly big (which it should be to seemingly give a sense of randomness). These two concepts are the basics though the next two would be of more importance to DN. It must be noted that when a PRNG creates a result the next few results would likely to have the some correlation with the previous result. For example, when the result is 15, the next 3 results is likely to be something like 20,17,11 since those numbers hover around 15. I don’t know exactly the ‘range’ of the correlation; it can be 10 numbers, 15 numbers or 20 numbers. It may also change over time but just keep this information closely to your head since it is crucial to know. I termed this trait ‘proximity’. The next is a concept called ‘movement’. While not an actual term of PRNG systems, through my observation I found out that the results ‘move’. ‘Movement’ refers to the time taken for the PRNG system to obtain a result that does not correlate with the previous result as like the above example. Without ‘movement’ the results would infinitely be fixed on a certain set of results. I am certain that ‘movement’ varies on different occasions and changes. ‘Movement’ is also divided to two types, one-way (ascending OR descending) and two-way (ascending AND descending).

PRNG and Looting
Movement: One-way
Possible seeds: 0-100
Movement: Fast-Extremely Fast

Looting is the easiest activity in DN where you can easily observe PRNG since the results are shown. Being a one-way ‘movement’ activity, the PRNG will move either in an increasing or decreasing manner. For example an increasing movement would cause results that hover around 20 to results that hover around 60. Ultimately the looting PRNG would make a cycle from 0-100 over and over.

To make use of knowledge of PRNG during looting, it’s fairly easy. Observe your other party members first before rolling. See what results they get and how do those results change over time, whether it is an increasing/decreasing ‘movement’. The only problem here is that often the movement of PRNG in dungeon runs is quite fast. Even a split difference of 0.5 seconds can mean that the results have moved. This would mean that even if the previous roller got an 80, you might get 5 even with a very tiny delay. Of course you can also observe how fast the ‘movements’ are. I am not sure whether the ‘rules’ of a PRNG system in a single dungeon run changes during the course of the run, but every time you create a new dungeon instance, the PRNG system would have changed compared to the previous.

PRNG and Enhancing
Movement: Two-way
Possible seeds: 1-100
Movement: Slow-Fast, changes inconsistently
First of all see the table of success from here http://www.dragonnes...i.com/Enhancing

I know it’s only an estimation, that it is from a wiki and that no players can really prove it but I’ll be using this as a simple visual representative. This information can be understood much better if we put into practice our knowledge of PRNG. We can read it as:

0->1 PNRG # 1-100 will lead to success
1->2 PNRG # 1-100 will lead to success
2->3 PNRG # 1-100 will lead to success
3->4 PNRG # 1-80 will lead to success
4->5 PNRG # 1-60 will lead to success
5->6 PNRG # 1-50 will lead to success
6->7 PNRG # 1-45 will lead to success
7->8 PNRG # 1-40 will lead to success
8->9 PNRG # 1-35 will lead to success
9->10   PNRG # 1-30 will lead to success
10->11 PNRG # 1-25 will lead to success
11->12 PNRG # 1-20 will lead to success
12->13 PNRG # 1-15 will lead to success
13->14 PNRG # 1-5 will lead to success
14->15 PNRG # 1 will lead to success

By using the table above, we can interpret in words that a success to of +6->+7 means that the PNRG number that came out is in the range of 1-45. By understanding that, the next enhancement that is +7->+8 so long as the next PNRG result is in the range of 1-40. Take into consideration however a scenario where the PNRG result was 43 for +6->+7 enhancement. Knowing that the next value would likely be a ‘proximity’ of 43, the next result would hover around 43. This means that you have a chance to both fail and succeed for +7->+8 enhancement but may not necessarily have a chance of success at all for higher enhancements (+9,+10 etc.) since their values might be outside of the ‘proximity’ range.

There is a couple more information that you need to know to fully take advantage of PRNG in enhancing. The first is that the PRNG system is the same for all equipment, regardless of its type, its rarity and its level. Secondly, when you enhance the result has actually been determined at the moment you click the ‘Enhance’ button. Next, the loading bar system is not actually to determine the result of your enhancement but simply to lessen the chance of you getting ‘proximity’ results (or results that are closely the same). For different equipment rarity, there is different loading bar time. This is the main reason why Epic rarity equipment seems harder to be enhanced than Magic rarity equipment, especially consecutively. Below are the loading bar time up to Epic rarity:

Normal/Magic-Approximately 2 seconds
Rare- Approximately 5 seconds
Epic- Approximately 7 seconds

Lastly is the two-way ‘movement’. This type of ‘movement’ can cause the next few results to be rather unpredictable. Consider results that hover around 25. When it’s time for the ‘movement’, the system can appoint whether the next few results hover around 60 (increased) or 5 (decreased). Determining enhancing results is then not going to be a linear process. If you succeed enhancing an item to +9 you may still fail to enhance to +4 if the movement occurs. Of course the movement may cause the results to hover around 10, which means you can succeed enhancing a +12. You must also take note that if an ascending movement occurs, the next movement can be descending. There is no fix pattern to the movement of PRNG systems for enhancing and certainly no fix pattern as to when the movement happens.

As PRNG results will eventually ‘move’ after some time, it becomes harder to enhance +7 Magic equipment rather than +7 Epic equipment consecutively. The best way to make use of your PRNG knowledge in enhancing is by enhancing unneeded equipment (Normal/Magic equipment). This is because these two rarity equipment have a relatively fast loading bar time. This means that the next enhancement has a higher chance to be a ‘proximity’ of the previous result. An example:
  • You want to enhance a Manti Quiver to +8 from +7
  • Get a Normal/Magic equipment and enhance it until +8
  • Once you reach +8, immediately enhance the Manti Quiver to +8
  • The Manti Quiver would likely have successfully been enhanced to +8
While this sounds perfectly neat, there’s still a problem you can encounter. Take this example:
  • You want to enhance a Manti Quiver to +8 from +7
  • Get a Normal/Magic equipment and enhance it until +8 successfully, the back-end system rolled 36 when you enhanced +7->+8
  • Immediately enhance the Manti Quiver to +8 then after, but the back-end system rolled 41 (which still hovers around 36)
  • The Manti Quiver failed to +8, since 41>40
Hence, even if you succeed to a certain enhancement, the next enhancement to the same enhancement level might not actually succeed. The loading bar time is also another concern since during that loading time the ‘movement’ might have occurred, thus rendering your predictions to be false. Nevertheless, this method gives some feeling of certainty and helps you to predict possible results of the next enhancement. Using Jellies do not affect the PRNG results at all.

There is another method, one that is easier and cheaper to do. You can simply wait for an announcement of a person getting a +12/+13 and then enhance your own item. Of course since the announcement is made after the loading bar finished, some time would have gone by from when that person clicked ‘enhance’ and got the PRNG result until the announcement is made, which varies as you remember depending on the rarity of the equipment. Even so, during ‘good systems’, ‘movement’ doesn’t occur that frequently and so you have a good enough chance to get a result nearing 1-20. This means that any enhancement level previous from +12/+13 would likely succeed. Of course a ‘movement’ might have occurred by the time of your enhancement but this is still an easy method to apply, or the ‘proximity’ range takes you to a result that is around 20 but above it, like 30. The major disadvantage of this method is that you cannot observe the PRNG system. With the previous method, you can easily identify whether the system is currently ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Identifying when it is a ‘bad system’ and a ‘good system’ is crucial if you want to minimize your expenditure as much as possible and not be dismayed with enhancing.

General tip regarding PRNG with potentials and disassembling
Remember the fact that when you go out of towns you make a sub-server and hence create a new PRNG system, specifically for those people within that sub-server? Well there’s a use of that for giving potentials and disassembling. If you ever find yourself on a bad luck spree or even getting a single horrid potential on your equipment, then go out of town and try to potent your equipment there. If you still get a horrid potential, go back inside the town and then go out again. Rinse and repeat until you get a favorable potential. This method works wonders for giving potential to Armors, even Epic rarity ones, since the amount of potentials for Armors are less than for Weapons. While this method might not work too well with Weapons, however it helps you break out of a chain of ‘bad luck’. Remember that ‘proximity’ still applies in giving potentials. You may have also noticed that if you get a potential such as Agi, Int, LightAttack%, your next attempt in giving potential might give you Agi, Int, DarkAttack%. Generally speaking, you can find some connection in-between your attempts to put potentials in your equipment.

For disassembling, you are most likely aiming to get Comet Dusts/Sun Sparks. Once you get a code, whether it is Spiral/Vortex, go inside the town and then go out again. The system should refresh. An alternative to this is waiting for a couple of seconds, around 30 seconds-1 minute. This is to ensure that you are not within the ‘proximity’ range of getting codes.

Reminders and words of caution when dealing with PRNG
Every now and then, the PRNG system (the server-wide one) will be refreshed and a new set of PRNG system with a different periodicity would be created. In such instances you may start finding yourself facing an incomprehensible PRNG system. PRNG systems are meant for statistical uses and its results, when stretched for an indefinite amount would make create statistical patterns that are well defined. It is however not always the case when the system is refreshed. These moments can be referred to as the ‘bad systems’ since they fail to create proper statistical patterns. In such moments, the PRNG system would be extremely hard to predict. It can last for quite some time, even up to weeks (in most cases this is what happens). During such moments then you’d be relying more on luck than your ability to predict the system. Unless you like to put yourself at high stakes and the feeling of suspense, I’d advise you to suspend and ideas of enhancing or opening Gacha boxes. Activities that require PRNG but can be done outside of town are not affected as long as you do it outside of towns.

One last reminder. While you can try to predict the PRNG system, in the end luck would still have a big play in your decisions. Luck will determine when a ‘movement’ might occur and whether you can seize that opportunity fast enough. Hence, the tips that I have written down here so far isn’t infallible in anyway at all. I just hope that my words could have helped you in understanding how you can ‘improve’ your luck in DN.


1. How did you know of all of this?
Personal tests my dear Watson. Of course it’s probably not perfect, but I’ve gotten a good grasp on it. If you have anything new to share, please do.

2. Does the server-wide PRNG system affect every activity (Incomplete stamp sealing, Gacha, enhancing, making a 3rd stat heraldry etc.) that is based on PRNG?
I have tried opening Gacha and sealing items using Incomplete Seal Stamps when somebody got a +12/+13. I did not do this intensively due to limited resources but so far I’ve seen a connection between enhancement and opening Gacha and sealing. For now I’d say the PRNG system is shared between enhancing, opening Gacha and Incomplete Sealing. Of course this is merely a speculation for the time being and needs further insight. If anybody have any thoughts, feel free to tell me

3. Does the amount of people doing an activity based on PRNG affect the results?
It could very well affect your result. Let’s say you want to enhance an item to +12 (1-20 range) and there are 5 other people throughout the server that wants to enhance an item too (not particularly to +12). 1st person got a 50, 2nd person got a 35 and ‘movement’ occurs, 3rd person got an 18, 4th person got a 15 and ‘movement’ occurs, 5th person got a 44. If you had managed to slip in between 2nd and 3rd person, making you essentially the 3rd enhancer, you’d have succeeded your enhancement to +12. If you became the 5th you would have failed. Notice also that each of the subsequent enhancer is affected by ‘proximity’. Things get more complicated if the server-wide PRNG system affects multiple activities at once as mentioned in Question 2.

4. When you say server-wide system, do you mean all Channels within a single server?
Yes I mean ALL channels within a single server are affected by the same system (except those currently outside of towns)

Technical and mathematical parts

If you want to keep things simple for your own sake, then please do not read this part and stay sane. To those who are going to read this part...well first of all I would like to say sorry. What you've read above are simply simplified technical parts which causes some fact to be distorted (quite drastically too). The most affected is perhaps the notion that PRNG is a time-based system. I kept saying things like 'fast', 'slow', 'after some time' etc. which insinuates that it is...but it is not. It's a poor execution I know but I find it hard not to go to the technical side without being technical and without making this article perhaps twice as it is now. That's the only personal things I want to say for this.

This is an explanation of a single type of PRNG, known as the linear congruential generator (LCG). It is fairly simple and is quite commonly used in many systems. I'm not saying that it is the PRNG used in DN but I'm just using it as an example of how usual PRNG systems work.

The formula of LCG is Xn+1=aXn+C (mod M)

C is a constant. Xn+1 is the result we want and Xn starts with X0 and thus become the seed. a is known as the coefficient of Xn. M denotes the number that shall divide the result by M and the remainder of that division will be the final result of the PRNG. So the final form is Xn+1(Remainder of result)=(aXn+C)/M

For a demonstration of the formula, take these values: a=2451, X0=69, C=1022, mod 100
Simulating this we'd get starting from X1 until X20
X1=2451*69+1022=170141 (mod 100)=41
X2=2451*41+1022=101513 (mod 100)=13
X3=2451*13+1022=32885 (mod 100)=85
X4=2451*85+1022=209357 (mod 100)=57
X5=2451*57+1022=140729 (mod 100)=29
X6=2451*29+1022=72101 (mod 100)= 1
X7=2451*1+1022=3473 (mod 100)= 73
X8=2451*73+1022=179945 (mod 100)=45
X9=2451*45+1022=111317 (mod 100)= 17
X10=2451*17+1022=42689 (mod 100)=89
X11=2451*89+1022=219161 (mod 100)=61
X12=2451*61+1022=150533 (mod 100)=33
X13=2451*33+1022=81905 (mod 100)= 5
X14=2451*5+1022=13277 (mod 100)=77
X15=2451*77+1022=189749 (mod 100)=49
X16=2451*49+1022=121121 (mod 100)=21
X17=2451*21+1022=52493 (mod 100)=93
X18=2451*93+1022=228965 (mod 100)=65
X19=2451*65+1022=160337 (mod 100)=37
X20=2451*20+1022=50042 (mod 100)=42

The results will go on until there's a '69' as the result. When that happens that marks the periodicity and the amount of results made before the periodicity happens will be the size of the periodicity. Lookie there, by accident I made descending 'movement'. I can't say for sure with 20 results whether this is a good PRNG simulation or not. If I had to guess by looking at the result, something like this would be for the looting system but not enhancing/Gacha/Seal Stamp since the results vary too much. Anyway, I stated that PRNG isn't a time-based system. Consider enhancing in DN using this PRNG simulation. Let's say you are X0 and you get 69. Then you want to enhance again but somebody did it faster than you making him/her X1, rolling  a 41. You become X2, getting a 13. What if then, there's 100 people enhancing? Of course if that happens you might as well be nominated as the X100 the next time you enhance. You'd have skipped so many PRNG results. If you enhance when somebody got a +12 and there's 50 people enhancing at that moment. It's hard to say whether you'd actually get a +12 too, since somebody else might roll a '5' but only enhance a +4. It sucks yea, but that's how PRNG goes. The speed of how fast it moves is determined not by time per se, but more by how many people are doing a PRNG based activity. The more people doing PRNG based activity, the 'faster' it 'moves'. Things gets way more complicated if the PRNG system is indeed clustered together for different kinds of activities. Different numerical parameters would decide the PRNG system by itself

Well this is it for the technical side. Not too hard right? (:]) . Though of course, Dragon Nest might employ more sophisticated systems, such as the lagged fibonacci generator which I don't understand myself yet.

Fixes, additions, ammendments

Change notes on 22/7/2012- http://forum.cherryc...n/page__st__120 (scroll down a bit to see it)

Additional information from you peeps
  • rolldawg stated that the file logs for Saint Haven and Calderock could possibly be different as you cannot invite a person from Saint Haven when you're in Calderock and vice versa to your party. It will say 'Character Does Not Exist'. This is an interesting fact as then the PRNG system might be split (or in other words be different) to different towns through out all channels within the server. This is a POSSIBILITY and I haven't really looked into it myself. Since I don't really have a company to do this, perhaps some of you can try to clarify this one with the help of several people
Thanks and credits to
  • AikawaKazu for being a good friend and reminding me to be careful when making this article
  • CherryCredits for being the host of DN SEA

#2047015 [Submission] Design Your Dream Dragon Nest Costume!

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#54955 Forgot your Dragon Nest 2nd Password?

Posted Purin on 20 August 2011 - 08:09 AM

From the Dragon Nest SEA FAQ:


I have forgotten the secondary password which I have set in-game. How can I reset or retrieve it?

If you have forgotten your secondary password created in-game, you can only reset it by contacting Cherry Messenger. Please provide your Login User ID, email address and one of your character’s nickname. The Cherry Admins will take 2-3 business working days to respond.

Do not share your account. The Cherry Admins will not ask for your password!

#2044045 [Submission] Design Your Dream Dragon Nest Costume!

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there are changes in my Bandit Queen thank you for comment reaction Doc Warp.

check out my designs at page 31-34-38 and 42

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Hi To All DN SEA Players. If your character encountered no damage dealt to mobs or in pvp, kindly post your IGN & World here. Our DN team shall look into it. (cool)

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