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What will you be?



The nimble Archer takes down enemies with her powerful ranged attacks. Nothing escapes her wide vision and her bullseye accuracy spells instant death for all who oppose her.

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The Cleric, with his strong defense, makes a fearsome opponent. Calmly holding his ground with shields and lightning spells, he is unfazed even when faced with mobs 10,000 strong!

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A competent enchantress in any party, the sorceress shows no mercy in the battlefield as she bends the elements to her will, bringing ‘em bad guys swiftly to their knees.

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The Warrior is quick on his feet and spear-heads the battle with up-close melee combat. Courageous and fuelled by a strong sense of justice, they were the first to rise to arms when the land of Lagendia was invaded by dragons.

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Her mission – to go back in time to present-day Lagendia, save Prophet Rose and activate Goddess Altea’s monolith in order to create a new world and save the land from the evil Red Dragon.

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Long ago, it was prophesized that a great protector would be born under the Prophet’s Shadow Star. The fate of that girl is to aid and guide The Prophet of Lagendia. She shall be known as ‘The Watcher’… She is Kali.

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As the light of hope wavers, a new hero appears from the shadows. He calls himself the Assassin, and he is as mad as he is deadly!

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Lancea is a burst of sunshine, all smiles and cheer for everyone. But don’t mistake her for a wallflower, because this sassy lass is always ready to punish evil with her mighty spear!

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A true survivor, Machina fought the face of death many times. She may have lost her family, her home and her right arm but her spirit and determination remains unbroken. Never one to give up easily without a fight, this spunky lady will stop at nothing to seek treatment for her arm… even if it means joining the dark side or even taking on the legendary dragons!

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