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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Hey there! Thanks for joining us in the Cherry Credits Forum. To make the Forum fun, enjoyable and informative for all, please abide to these simple rules and regulations.

Users who fail to comply will risk their Forum Accounts, Cherry Credits services, and game accounts to be suspended indefinitely.

05 warning points: 2 days account suspension
07 warning points: Posts will be in moderation queue temporarily
10 warning points: Permanent account suspension

1. Profanities and Explicit Content

Our international community comes from all walks of life. To protect our younger audience, we ask of you to contribute appropriately. This includes forum nicknames, threads, posts, signatures and persona profiles.

As a guideline, post contents should be PG-13 safe.

Up to three warning points per offence. Inappropriate forum nicknames will be changed without notice.

2. Flamebaits, Trolling, Racist and Sensitive Remarks

Deliberate flaming and rude behavior are not tolerated in the forum. The objective of the Forum is to provide a conducive environment for people to discuss, contribute, seek assistance, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

For example, we encourage the community to give proper and helpful advice to a newcomer instead of trolling the thread with nonsensical remarks of little value.

Example said:

It takes realization, self awareness, honesty of oneself to understand how incompetent Sword Masters (SM) are.Which is the reason that most SM users still can't see that SM are useless

Example said:

w3w u guys heared of the new w3w attack that does more then finishing atack? it caled Moong@yDance it's the new w3w, the dmg doesn't even show up in numbrers it only say w3w w3w w3w tree times!

Example said:

I would surely like to see how you will justify and insist that you are right in Trashtalking somebody. BTW, why don't you party with your guild mates instead of doing it with Pubs? Oh, I forgot......NO GUILD WILL ACCEPT YOU.

If you’re looking for trouble, do so elsewhere.

Up to two warning points per offence.

3. Thread Necromancy

Inactive threads with responses older than two months old should not be bumped or replied to as the information may be outdated. Such threads will be locked or removed without notice.

One warning point per offence.

4. Spamming

Repeated content from a single or group of users will be removed without notice. +1 posts fall under this category.

Up to ten warning points per offence.

5. Illegal Discussions, Hacks, Exploits and Private Game Servers

Discussion and distribution of the abovementioned is strictly prohibited. This also includes tutorials, guides or assistance to access other IP-blocked game services.

We strongly advise users not to click on any suspicious links to avoid the risk of viruses, spyware and keyloggers. Please report them immediately if you see one.

Up to five warning points per offence.

6. Third-Party Advertising

Advertising is only allowed for Cherry Credits authorized partners with permission granted by the company beforehand.

Up to three warning points per offence.

7. Phishing Website Advertising

We do not tolerate forum members attempting to phish account information from others.

Be wary of websites that claim to give out free CC or in-game items just by filling in your passwords and PINs. To understand more about phishing, read up the Anti-Phishing 101 Guide.

Up to five warning points per offence.

8. Staff Impersonation

Forum members attempting to impersonate a Cherry Credits or Shanda Games employee will be banned without notice.

Forum Moderators do not have access to your Cherry Credits and game accounts information. We will never ask for your passwords.
If you require assistance, use the Cherry Messenger (login required).

Up to ten warning points per offence. Inappropriate forum nicknames will be changed without notice.

9. Cash and Account Trading

Such activities include: gold farming, trading game currencies for CC and vice versa, trading game accounts for real cash and vice versa, etc.

Cherry Credits will not be responsible for users who choose to transact at their own risk.

Up to five warning points per offence.

10. Derogatory and Inaccurate Remarks

Cherry Credits Pte Ltd is a payment service provider and channels online games published by Shanda Games International Pte Ltd.

Derogatory and inaccurate remarks towards the companies may not be tolerated in the Forum, but we highly encourage constructive feedback and suggestions that can help to improve our services!

Decisions made by Cherry Credits, Shanda Games and the Forum Moderators are final.

Up to two warning points per offence.

11. Challenging the Forum Moderators

Cherry Credits Forum Moderators are part-time volunteers who help out in the Forum during their free time. They have the rights to issue warning points if the forum member is in violation of the Rules and Regulations.

If you wish to bring across certain feedback to the Forum Moderators, you may wish to do so in the Feedback and Suggestions section of the respective game titles in an amicable manner. A clear detailed post (minus the anger) will greatly help the Forum Moderators in understanding your case.

12. Respect others

... and others will respect you! Cheers and have fun! :)