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Level 50 T4 Sniper(Hybrid Pvp-Pve Skill Build) - Rate Please? :)

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#1 Kimochii



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 11:32 AM

Hello I'm KimocheeNee of Westwood, new sniper player , i was wondering what skills should i get in Level 50 T4 Cap so i decided to try a skill build for acher, anyone who has suggestions or comments please i don't mind it :) This is a trial build before i reset. Thank youuuuu!

By the way this skill build is not really for the future cap since snipers will get awesome revamps on Siege Stance and Sylph's Aid. :)

Posted Image

I did not get Wise Owl because i don't really like the buffs due to it's duration but the increase in critical chance is great.

I maxed out Twin Shot because i love the good damage of it.

I leveled Multishot to 7 since it's good and i always use it.

What do you prefer? Twin Shot or Multishot to be maxed out?

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Still the common skill build, i maxed out CS,TA, and ACS.

For buffs and passive i leveled Bullseye, Slyph's Aid and Longbow Mastery

I also got Level 1 Stunning Shot, is it good for both PVP and PVE?

The downside here is i leveled down my Scope Arrow to 7.

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Nothing to comment about here, all this skills are awesome especially in the future level 60 cap :)

Critical Break is (love) (love) (love) .

I also got a question here

1. What do you prefer for Mix FD+Crit Set? I'm thinking about :

5 Immortal + 2 Totem + Fatal Rings
3 Immortal + 4 Totem + Fatal Rings

I got this 2 set combination since i don't really have the money to fund my new sniper, i just got level 50 anyway :).

I'm also thinking about the heraldry.

Twin Shot Damage
Aerial Chain Shot Damage
Charge Shot - Animation
The last one i'm still thinking about Arrow Barrage Damage or Tracking Arrows Damage. :)

Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I don't mind comments i do love them. :) (cool)

#2 iDreamy


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Posted 06 November 2012 - 11:45 AM

Read http://forum.cherryc...-guide-pve-pvp/ - Ximp's Guide ragarding Snipers, read his facts regarding each skills so you'll be able to rate your build yourself

IMO there is no such thing as pure physical sniper, once you chose Sniper, the only path you can follow is Hybrid Build

You don't need Fatal Rings because Snipers focus too much on AGI that they can even reach crit cap w/o getting crit 17% potential on either ring or weapons

P.S: Your bowmaster tree has 93/94 SP, DN SEA only has /91 max SP to put on bowmaster tree

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#3 terylform



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Posted 06 November 2012 - 12:03 PM

Note: Skills levelled to 7 are a bit of a waste IMO, since the damage spike occurs from level 5 to level 6. So you might want to delevel multi, scope to 6. Tracking at 7 might be fine if you like to spam it, especially if you will use the epic damage plate for it.

Note 2: SP limit for Bowmaster tree is 91 instead of 94 for SEA version. You've got to cut 2 SP somewhere there.

I play an artillery, used to be going for sniper before T4.

Skill-build wise, there are no real problems with it. However I'd like to point out your choice of levelling scope arrow over arrow shower, or maxing ankle shot.
  • Versus Arrow shower, I myself did not level it since T4 since I always had problems with aiming it and hate cancelling it just because lolnestboss used fly hack. But it is really a great skill that pumps out massive damage when you land it successfully. It's also easier to get the full damage out of this skill now because the effective damage is cut after hitting the same target 30 times, so you can cancel it much shorter after the initial cast.
  • Versus scope arrow, I found that it's more of a utility skill when I was playing as a sniper at 40 cap and IMO it's not worth levelling. Damage-wise, I think that swift shot is equally damaging and more use-friendly especially on large single targets. So that's another option to consider.
  • Versus ankle shot, it does deal damage as well on a single target, and the extra snare duration from levelling it is priceless.
Taking stunning shot would be a matter of preference, but I advise you not to take it, simply because the cast time feels horrible and you're better off spamming charged shot EX or twin shot (you have it maxed, I keep it at 1). It has its niche in PVP if you like to stun people from afar, but aiming it is quite a challenge and magic arrow in the Archer skill tree would serve as a more reliable flinching skill, especially close range.

As for your heraldries, they are fine. For the last slot, I would prefer tracking arrows as it deals more consistent damage over the same amount of time as compared to arrow barrage (ulti). Also, charged shot ex significantly speeds up the cast time of charged shot, hence you may want to replace the animation heraldry with perhaps arrow barrage.

Regarding equipments: Consider adding 2 victor weapons (grants 210FD) obtained from the ladder shop to boost your FD in conjunction with at least 3 piece immortal set (grants 300FD) for maximum FD bonus from armors.

Glad to be of help.

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#4 medstudent



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Posted 09 November 2012 - 11:49 AM

I have a hybrid sniper too but i did not get seige stance and arrow shower. I will get those when the right time comes (lvl 55 and 60 ex skills God knows when). Magic tree skills have low cd and are spammable. Since im using magic tree skills my armor pots are agi int and HP. Critical break consumes much mp when it triggers so i stacked up int for mana as well as increasing my mattk. My skill rings are CS/TA/ankle and longbow mastery sometimes i replace longbow mastery with spirit excel (level 4) that's just me though.