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Green Dragon Nest Guide

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:40 AM

It's a guide made by v2seraph & chaose5. I just want to share it with others !

Other contributors: Freedom GDN exploration team members
Special Thanks: Various GDN Video Uploader

Visit Freedom YY channel for more GDN video run by us.

Green Dragon killed as of 20th Mar 2012 (Tuesday), 12:05AM (GMT+8)!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Stage 1: Fallen Bishop Geneus
* Weak to light, resist dark
* Crit resist 5000

There will be 4 Archbishops here. They won't be activated if you don't go near them. It is recommend that they should be killed one by one, separately.

Use ranged attack (Fireball or Gravity Ball) to lure 1 Bishop to your party, make sure you lure it far away from the other Bishops, Paladin should provoke shortly afterward. The rest of the party trigger minions spawn, they are easily killed when they are out of Bishop's aura.

All minions must be killed before killing the Bishop, Bishop will revive even if there's 1 minion remaining on field.

*Take note that Assassin Minions will go invisible at times.
**Bishop grows stronger every time it revives, making it even harder to kill.

Periodically, Bishop will summon a Punisher. The Punisher must not get near Bishop as Bishop emanates a dark aura which will strengthen the Punisher, making him 10x harder to kill. 5-6 members should engage and kill the Punisher immediately while Paladin continue provoking Bishop.

*Both Punisher & minions can be stopped with Time Stop, Gravity Ascension, Wax and other disables.

Skills of Bishop: Time Stop, Gravity Ascension, Yellow Laser
Skills of Punisher: Jumping Stomp (Not whole screen), Spinning attack.

Posted Image

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:41 AM

Stage 2 : Swamp Golem Morgon

* Weak to fire, resist dark and ice
* Crit resist 6250

Once boss appears, get your Saint to buff you or have someone start a countdown timer. Once 40 seconds have passed, get ready to run to the activated Life Geyser! (All buff will be cleared once you got onto the geyser. Debuff will not be cleared.)

A notice will appear on the screen every 50 seconds (After gotten down from Life Geyser) and Poison Gas will be released on the field. One of the 5 platforms on the map will start glowing. All party members are supposed to jump onto the Life Geyser generated by the platform to stay alive during AOE Poison.

*You only have 5 seconds to move to the right platform.

1 Priest cast Miracle Hand few seconds after gotten off from Life Geyser. The party should try to maximize their DPS during this 18 seconds! Once Miracle Hand ended, Mercenary casts Panic Howl to ensure the party won't get knocked down before going onto Life Geyser.

Everyone gather at the middle and prepare to run once ~40 seconds have passed since last AOE Poison, Priests cast Curing Hand while Acrobat or Academic cast their speedup buff to assist party members move towards the Life Geyser quickly.

*Paladin try to provoke the boss at 2o'clock of the map because there are no geyser there. The boss might block the view when looking for geyser.
*Zoom in your minimap. Use F1-F6 messages to let your party members know where is the Life Geyser.
*DO NOT cast Shield Block when running towards the Life Geyser as the flower attacks might slow you down.

Posted Image

Basic Attacks of Morgon
* Hook Punch
* Raise Leg Stomp: This doesn't hit the whole field, but only a small AOE around it. You won't get hit at 3,6,9,12 o'clock around him.  
* Homing Ice Ball: Will freeze target. Can be cured with Curing Hand / Miracle Hand. Deals additional damage if there are other party members around yourself. Elemental aura reduces the frozen time.

Morgon will go Berserk at his 3rd HP bar and covers himself with Poison Mist. All his attack skills will be powered up and imfused with dark/poison elements. The berserk status actually has a certain duration , but he will keep renewing his Berserk status until it dies.

New Attacks at 3rd HP Bar
* 4-Direction Poison Wall: His Circle Kick will generate 4-directional poison walls. He will definitely cast this immediately after he finish his Berserk casting.  Poison status can be cured with Curing Hand / Miracle Hand. High damage, multi hit.
* 1-Direction Poison Wall: His hook punch will generate a poison wall which wil move forward.
* Poison Geyser: His Raise Leg Stomp will have increased AOE and Poison Geyser will appear around him after the stomp (large AOE but not whole screen). 4 rows of geyser will spawn, radiating from him towards pt members. It has homing effect, hard to avoid unless you are very far away.
* Back-sitting Attack: Quick casting. Head turns to the left before casting, will cause faint. Will hit the area directly to the back of the boss. Heavy damage.
* Confusion Cloud:  Spit poison cloud in the front direction. Clear all buff. Confusion status will be applied ("?!" icon appear on you if you are hit). The directional arrow key (either left-right or up-down) will be reversed. Can be cured with Curing hand/miracle hand/relief. You can use auto-run to move forward too.

New Attack at Final HP Bar
* 3-Hit Stomp (Similar to Bishop Golem): Raises its right arm, and smashes the floor 3 times. Whole screen attack. Can be avoided with jump or any invincible/damage reduction skills. Very heavy damage.
* Jumping stomp: Mouth wide open, both arms at his waist level, jump up high and stomp. Very heavy damage. Cause Faint. Whole field attack. Avoid with jump.

A video that shows all the above attack clearly and how to avoid some of them:

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:42 AM

Stage 3: One-eyed Kraken

* Weak to dark, resist light
* Crit resist 5000

The concept of stage 3 is similar to stage 3 Lava Golem in SDN. After a certain warning, every party members are supposed to hide behind a statue. 1 man per statue, or the whole party will be killed.

Posted Image

Split the party into 2 groups before going in, 4 take statues on the left and 4 to the right.

Once inside, do not rush to attack the boss. Go to your assigned statue and wait for the first Curse Beam.

Curse Beam:
First, there will be a 5 sec countdown. After 2 sec, Kraken will cast Confusion Roar to push back all players slightly. This cannot be blocked or evaded. Once hit, confusion debuff will be applied. Directional arrow keys will be reversed. After 5 seconds, Kraken will cast Curse Beam. Curse Beam occurs every 50~70 seconds (yes, it is not constant and varies randomly).

* Because of confusion debuff and the short time before Curse Beam, it is recommended that each party members move to the assigned statue earlier, so that after every howl, each party member will land near / behind the assigned statue.

* All party members will be killed if anyone does not hide behind the statue in time or more than 1 members are hiding behind the same statue.

* Walk to the statue by pressing "back" key (Due to the Confusion status).

* The boss will fall asleep for awhile after casting Curse Beam. This is your best opportunity to kill the boss. Go back to your statue when it wakes up and howl you away from itself.

Basic Attack of Kraken:* Summon Tentacles: Tentacles emerge from the floor and attack players.
* Tentacle Swipe: Melee range attack.
* Howl: Low damage, heavy push back effect.
* Poison Line: A few line of poison will appear on the ground. Will receive damage continuously if you are standing on it. High damage.  

New Attacks after HPX3
* Homing Poison Ball: Dark elemental, inflicts a debuff on players, which prevent you from jumping for 5 seconds. The abnormal status can be cured with Curing Hand. Poison Ball can be blocked by Relics, Mirror or Summons.
* Poison Stomp: Heavy damage, dark elemental. Stomp will be cast if there is someone in the range of the Homing Poison Ball. Jump to avoid. Penetrate Shield Block, Parry Stance and other invincible skills. Cannot be avoided with Blink or Tumble.  
* Enrage: Buffs himself to increase his own damage.

Changes after HP Barx2
* Poison Line EX: the AOE of poison line increases
* Increased frequency of Enrage.

Additional notes:* Boss' attack will increase as time pass by. More tentacles will spawn from ground with an increased size. (Due to Enrage)
* The sleep time of boss is roughly 20~28sec.
* The map has at least 14 statues at first. Each AOE poison attack will destroy 1-2 of the statues.. Eventually only 8 will be left on map.
* The boss will cast skills in following order at 3rd HP bar: Homing Poison Ball > Poison Stomp > Confusion Roar.

Assignment of Statue:
Posted Image

Assign elemental lord or mercenary to take the statue L6 and R6 in front. They can stand there without getting blown back due to the superarmor buff. For elemental lord, normally charging fireball without release + fire/ice shield is enough to hold it against the howl. Other classes, try to stand at the last few rows of statue.

* Green Dragon Gloves
* Advanced Armor, Weapon (rare) and Diamond Potential Code

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:42 AM

Stage 4: Swamp Queen Zeebel

* No elemental weakness or resist
* Crit resist 15000

Posted Image

* 2 spider queen boss, with tonnes of small spiders...

* Scarab swarm will fill the valley every 50sec. Must jump up to the open platform around the area when the countdown starts.

*Only a few platforms will not be open (randomly). Failure to jump up = certain death. Make sure to have super armor buff on the party during that time.

Boss Attack:
* Wave Attack
* Jumping Attack with Wave
* Shoot Spider Eggs - Spawn smaller spiders
* Rolling Attack
* Spider Web (bind status)
* Self-explode (when the spider is about to die) - Very high damage.

Bee Hive
* Stream of scarab will rush out from the bee-hive like structure on the wall across the alley randomly.
* High damage

Small Spider:
* Will heal the spider queen.
* Cear/disable as much as possible so that they won't interrupt with your jumping

Paladin should provoke one of the spider queen at the end of the valley. The remaining party members should kill the other spider queen as soon as possible at the other end. The spider should be keep at the end of the valley as much as possible to prevent interference while jumping.  

Go to the middle and prepare for jump after 30sec~. Loli wax (facilitate jumping), merc superarmor buff (prevent knockdown and pushback effect), priest curing hand (to prevent bind/slow status)

Flower Jumping Technique:Run far away from spider so that spider wont block any flowers in sight when Yellow System Message appears. (Kalahan saying himself handsome or something)

Example 1: Spider between flower 1-4, run to between flower 3-6!
Example 2: Spider between flower 3-6, run to between flower 1-4!

[see figure above]

Make sure you have at least 2 flowers in view, look for the 3rd one if that 2 didn't open. If all 3 didn't open means the one behind you is!

Additional Caution:
-  AVOID STANDING in the middle of bee hives at all cost! Better get hit by boss IMO -_-
-  Cast 1 Curing Hand before AOE to cure Web Bind.
-  Loli Wax to help clerics run faster.
-  Force user use Timestop if there are any small spider nearby after the yellow warning msg appears.

Spider Locking Technique: Contributed by chikitani
The pally should stand and draw aggro from the left of L5 flower (so between L4 and L5, bt standing right next to L5). There is a small outcrop of rocks there that will lock the boss in place, allowing your party members to deal damage much easier. See video for details:

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:42 AM

Stage 5: Kalahan

Kalahan has alot of enhanced version of elemental lord and force user skills.

Basic Attack:
Fire wall EX: extremely large AOE around himself
Icestab EX: a few arrays of ice spike in a semi-circular fashion in front of himself.
Force Wave EX: push back effect , followed by the explosion similar to Spectrum shower.

Attack at Hpx3 onwards:
Flame Road: Multi-hit high damage. Use holy shield.
Mega Freezing Sword EX: Summon alot of freezing sword around the whole field, homing effect.  Keep moving to avoid.
Ice Barrier: protect himself with a barrier.
Ice sphere: summon afew spheres of ice above his head and throw them forward to the target.
Rolling Lava EX: throw up to 3 lava ball
Flame Bird EX: the flame birds have homing effect.Heavy damage. Clear buff. Can be destroyed with skills.
Magic Missle: Shoot alot magic missle to the front. Dark elemental.
Choke Slam: Catch and choke a party member. Eventually, the target will be slammed onto the floor. Very high damage. Buff-clearing attack. It can be cancelled with lighting detonation.  

Attacks at Final HP bar
Black Hole EX: Clear all buffs.  Start with a shockwave (push back effect) and summon afew large blackholes which can move outwards from him. Extremely deadly and has large suction effect. If paladin can lure Kalahan into a corner, 1 or 2 of the blackhole will hit the wall and disappear. CD ~60sec
Flame Tornado: Summon a few moving flame tornado around the field. Very deadly. Safe zone- overlapping with kalahan or very far away from him. Very high burn damage. Must cure the burn ASAP. CD~30sec
Mega Ice Stab EX: Summon alot of ice stab all around the field , with homing effect. Freeze and slow upon hit. CD~20sec

Special attackAfter reducing 1 bar of his HP (at Hpx3), he will start casting one of the special attacks.
He will cast it every 90sec after that. The color/element of this attack is random.
Red: Fly to the sky with a huge fireball
Blue: Fly to the sky with a huge iceball
Purple: Summon afew dark pits which has suction effect (this one is a fake total annilation attack, no need to gather in flower if you don't need the mp heal). Very high dmg and clear buff when it explode.
Green: Fly to the sky with a huge greenball

These special attacks can be avoided by going into the one of the flower with the matching color before he cast it, within 10 sec. Failure to do so will result in total anniliation.  Each flower give buff to the party member (except for the green one).:

Red: Fire Defence increase
Blue: Water Defence increase
Purple: MP heal full
Green: MP all drain

Posted Image

Battle FlowHP x 4
- lure kalahan to the blue flower.
Why blue? because it's at the edge. Will help to reduce the number of blackhole and provide ample space to evade flame tornado later. Blue edge is chosen because pt members can reach green, blue and red flowers easily from blue flower location. Purple flower is the further away from blue and it's not required to gather there for evasion of the special attackes.
- deal dmg to reach HPx3.

First special attack, typically blue or red, will trigger.
- use curing hand before Hpx3 to cure the freeze status.
- use buff counter as timer. After ~90sec, from the 1st special attack, the nxt one will be triggered. Curing hand will be used again to cure the freeze.

- use elemental aura here to reduce dmg from elemental attack and facilitate the release from freeze status.

- use speed buffer after freeze to facilitate movement of party members to the flowers.

For a decent dps party, the 2nd Special Attack will be triggered below at least 50% of Hpx2. All go hide into the correct flower again.
Here it's possible to get blue, red, green or purple special attack.
If blue/red, just hide accordingly, as per normal.
For green attack, after hiding in the green flower, switch to vigor weapon if you need to recover MP.
For purple attack, dark pits will be spawn on your feet. You will need to get out from the dark pit ASAP before it explodes.

- Do not cast superarmor buff. Your party member will need to pushback effect to evade blackhole at HPx1.
- At the end of HP x 2, the transition to HPx1, quickly use devastating howl and everybody run away from kalahan to the other edge (purple flower side), except for the MT. The devastating howl ensures everybody is safe during this retreat.

-  stay with kalahan to keep him at the blue edge, away from other other party members.

- Speed buffer helps party members to get away quickly.

Wait for the casting of blackhole. While waiting, observe kalahan and evade his skills according from far.
Once blackhole is cast,
Merc - use superarmor buff, highland
Speedbuffer - Use speed buff to make your party members move fast.
Other - approach kalahan immediately. DO NOT run near the blackhole. The suction might drag you into it.
Priest - miracle relic
Force user - time acceleration

Deal damage as fast as you can.

If the party fail to kill kalahan after 60sec (use highland as counter),
Merc- use deva howl again, and all party member retreat to purple side to wait for blackhole again.

If kalahan use AOE freeze and trigger his special attack at his last Hp bar during the DPS phase:
- Hide in the correct flower
- Check with timer, if time left for the next blackhole is < 30sec, wait at the purple edge
- Do not go in for DPS without miracle hand or highland.
- Wait for the next blackhole, and repeat the cycle. Make sure miracle hand or highland is ready.

Stage 5 Video

* Green Dragon Boots
* Advanced Armor (Onyx) , Weapon (Crystal) and Diamond Potential Code

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:42 AM

Stage 6: Green Dragon

Stage 1 to 6:

BadDog and his teammate are the first to clear GDN in DN KR. Clearing video:


Various Skills at Phase 3

Other video of stage 6:
http://bbs.duowan.co...823553-1-1.html (5 man no death)

Phase 1:

After defeating the human form of Kalahan, and after the cutscene, everyone should move towards the black point as shown in the figure below, which is a safe spot for most of the dragon's attack.

Posted Image

Example video: http://v.youku.com/v...M3MTcxNjc2.html

* Claw Attack : dangerous , shown by bright red zone
* Claw Swipe: shown by dark red zone
After the claw swipe, the claw will be exposed outside the wall and vulnerable for 10sec. This is a good chance to deal damage.

HPx19.25The figure above show the AOE for the 3 types of dragon breaths:
Poison Breath : very dangerous, Green zone
Fire Breath : very dangerous, Red zone
Ice Breath :  blue zone. Some ice will appear on his head.

Note that only Ice breath will hit the party members if they stay at the recommended spot. (the lower left corner). So it is recommend that you are familiar with the casting motion (watch for the ice on his head) of ice breath. You can avoid the ice breath by moving to the green or red zone. Under most circumstance, ice breath will not kill any of the party members if paladin has elemental aura and priest cast buff.

Summon Comet: The casting of this skill is very similar to the rotating dragon breath of sea dragon. It will start with a screen blurring effect. After that, the AOE of the skill covers almost the whole screen, except near the opening.  All party members can get close to the dragon at the opening between the walls and deal dmg safely for ~10sec. Run back to the lower left corner again after this attack ended.

- observe the order of skill casting after HPx19.25. The pattern will repeat itself after the Summon Comet.
- For example, if the dragon use claw > poison > ice > flame > summon comet. After the summon comet. it will definitely cast claw > poison > ice > flame > summon comet again in this order.
- At 17.25x HP, dragon will rush out from the openining and enter phase 2. Weaker class will suffer heavy damage if stand near the openinng.

Example video of phase 1 to phase 2:

Activation of Heraldic Device

Throughout stage 1 to 5 of GDN, you can collect this item called "Cleansing Totem" after defeating the bosses.

They (you have to collect all 5) an be used here on to activate the Heraldic Device (location shown in the picture below).

1. Do NOT go towards the device immediately after the words "heraldic device can be activated).
2. Doing so will most likely kill you since you might get hit by Poison Breath
3. Make sure the dragon is not about to cast poison breath before moving towards the device.

Activating the Heraldic device gives you 15sec of invinciblity. Deal dmg to the dragon as much as possible during this timeframe.

However, most party normally ignore this totem.

Phase 2:

Posted Image

After the HP reach x 17.25, the dragon will break the wall and your party members have to run to the Phase 2 Chamber B, as shown in the picture above. Do so quickly or be killed by the dragon. DO NOT STOP at Chamber A or be killed. Speedbuffer helps.

Alot of monsters will appear in Chamber B. The dragon, which stays in Chamber A, will not attack you during this phase. However you only have 40sec to clear all the monsters in this room, or else the whole party will die immediately.

If you manage to clear all the monster within 40sec, the dragon will chase after you, and you will need to move to Chamber C. Alot of monsters will appear here again., and you must clear them all within 40sec or face total anniliation.

After that, the party members will be teleported to a large area in phase 3 of the batle.

Phase 3:

Posted Image

The battle will continue in a relatively large area, as shown below. The dragon will be in the middle as shown.

There are 4 heraldic towers at the 2 edges of the map as shown (marked by 1 to 4, in the order of activation) .

After going into this map, all party members (with Holy Shield) should move immediately to "Tail Right", which is relatively safe.

Paladin on the other hand, should provoke and stay in front of the dragon until all the party members move safely to "Tail Right".

Boss Basic Attack start from HP x 17:

3 Hit Tail swipe: dangerous. Use the tail to smack the ground, and swipe left and right. The dragon will not cast it if paladin is provoking the dragon in front.
Bite: only hit a small frontal area.
Claw Swipe: similar as phase 1.
Stomp: Raise 2 of its front leg high. Has aftershock damage. Will do a tail swipe in teh frontal direction. Very dangerous.
Wing Attack: Dangerous. Raise its legs and flap wing continuously. AOE is around its belly. Anyone who are staying in front of the hind legs to the belly, will be push towards the dragon head and receive heavy damage. A good chance to deal damage at its tail or behind the hind legs. The dragon will not cast this if paladin is provoking the dragon in front.

New Boss Attack start from HP x15.25:

Poison Breath: Very Dangerous. The spine of dragon will glow green. There are two variations of Poison Breath: fan-shaped - hits the area around his front claw when he turn his head. The other one, Frontal Straight Breath will only be casted after 8.25x or so.  Both poison breath only hit area in front, and since most of the time, we are at the hind leg, it's safe. therefore whenever you see the dragon glow green, it literally gives you the green light to deal dmg safely at the hind legs.

Example of this attack can be seen here:

Toxic Spray: Spine of the dragon will glow green. The dragon will raise his head and roar. Alot of toxic spray will also be thrown into the air. Negligible, a good time to deal damage.

Flame Tornado: Very Dangerous. The spine of the dragon will glow red before casting; his left front leg will glow red and rise above ground before cast. Flame tornado will appear at an area spanning from his front claw to the tail. It can be blocked with relics/mirrors. Stay at the edge of the map behind the boss/end of tail is safe too. You can also hide in front of the dragon near the left/right edge of the map, but you will be vulnerable to poison breath. Can be blocked with shield block/avatar.

Magic Eye: The spine of the dragon will glow white/blue before casting; his left front leg will glow white/blue and rise above ground before cast. Some of the party members will be marked with eye. EVERYONE must overlap with the marked member(s), or suffer heavy damage (might even 1hit KO). Suggestoverlapping at the tail left/right (see Figure above), a good chance to deal high damage to the boss while overlapping. Beware if relics/summon units are marked, must overlap with them if it happens. Quickly disperse when this attack is over or else, everyone might be binded by vine.  

Video showing Poison Breath and Magic Eye:

Hp x 15.25, 12.25, 9,25, 6.25: Destroying Heraldic tower

At Hp x 15.25, the spine of the dragon will glow green. the word "Destroy Heraldic Tower" will appear on the screen. The screen blurring effect clear all buffs and induce "slow" effect on all members. Priest should use curing hand and refresh buff; academic/acrobat should cast speedup buff.

All party members should go to Tower 1 and use high superarmor break skill to destroy the tower immediately. The towers are activated in the order shown by the picture above (1 to 4, at HPX15.25, 12.25, 9.25, 6.25 respectively)

If the party fail to do so within a specific time, the dragon will fly and cast a poison breath, which will kill the whole party immediately.

If the party manage to destroy the tower, an invincible buff (green icon) will be granted to the whole party when everybody get into the platform at the middle (see figure below). Also, take this opportunity to deal damage to the dragon as much as possible before it attempts to fly.

When the dragon fly up, every party member should gather at the platform at the middle (see the figure above) which will glow after the tower has been destroyed. Failure to do so, will again cause total anniliation.  The poison breath will hit the whole field, except this platform.

After gathering at the middle and obtain the special protection buff, the whole party members should move to the left or right edges of the map. If P1 is activated, move to the "Sky Right". If P2,P3 or P4 is activated, move to "Sky Left" (see schematic above)

An video demonstration of dealing dps after destroying the Heraldic Towers:


After finish the poison breath anniliating attack, the dragon will stay at the edge of the map for awhile. All party members must go the edge of the map and observe what the dragon is doing. He can cast 1 or more of the following skills while in air at the edge of the map:

Boss Air Skills start from HPx15.25

Gigantic Flame Ball: Extremely dangerous. The dragon spine/crest will glow red. A huge flameball will be gathered at his claws in the middle of the field (red zone in the figure below). The flame ball will be thrown, hitting the whole field. Most members will be 1-hit KO, unless they hide near the cliff (at the edge of the map).

An example video showing how to avoid flame ball:

Gigantic Ice Ball: Extremely daungerous. The casting motion is similar to flame ball, except that the color is white. It hits the front half of the area (stop at about 2m from the 1st pillar). Safe zone are marked by the blue zone in the figure below.

An example video showing how to avoid ice ball:

The dragon will land for afew second after casting fire / ice ball. It's a good chance to deal some damage to him at Point B (see figure below), before he is airborne again.

Summon Monster: Only appear after Hpx11.25. Summon a few monsters (the boss in Islah Village). Move back to the sky spot left/right if fireball is not yet cast.

Poison Dive Breath: Can be avoided easily by staying at the edges of the map.

New Boss Attack start from HP x12.25

Vine Grip:  It will raise his right front leg and the tail high to the right before casting. When the tail/leg hit the ground, some party members will be bound with vine. The color of the spine is neutral (neither green,red or white).  All party members should disperse immediately. If any of the party members are binded, save him similar to the ice bind of sea dragon.
Can be avoided with jumping at the moment when the tail/leg smack the ground. Use skills which give airborne time is a good way to evade it.  
Very high FIXED damage if you are binded (first hit 55k, subsequent tick per sec is 3000 for 10sec, final hit 130k.). Need about 210k+ hp to survive.
Example video for vine grip:

New Boss Attack start from HP x 9.25
Summon Skeleton Bull: First appear after HPx9.25. The dragon crest will turn purple and fly up to the sky vertically. After 10sec, the dragon will summon two skeleton bulls after landing: One red, and one blue. The horn of the dragon will change color (blue or red) after another 10sec. The bull with the same color as the dragon at this moment, need to be killed within 15sec, or else the bull will become invincible and the total anniliation skill will wipe the whole party. If the party manage to kill the correct bull withint 15sec, a magical circle will appear at that location, which allows the party members to hide safely from the anniliation attack.

- When one bull is killed, the other one will fade away.
- You can kill both bulls at the same time. This is not recommended because the party can mess up the killing time and the correct color bull fade away.Normally, a merc will use taunting howl to lure one of the bull away, separating them.
- Make sure you stand in the magical circle with the right color.
- Make sure no curing hand on field when everybody gather in the magical circle. Curing hand will clear the invincible buff and cause total anniliation.
- Merc use superarmor buff, just in case, there are some mobs on the field trying to push you out of the circle.
- When the dragon land after this attack, there will be an aftershock damage. Jump to avoid.
- Merc should use devastating howl after the dragon land, if the HP not yet go into 5.25. Reason: Flame tornado might kill others who are running towards the tail.

An example Video for this phase:

New Boss Attack start from HP x 5.25
Dragon will not cast fire tornado and magic eye after 5.25.

Scarab Swarm: Cast after 5.25xHP. Extremely dangerous. The boss will beat his wings repeatedly for roughly 10sec while staying on the ground, before taking flight. Scarab swarm will appear at every party member's feet.  This attack clear buff and induce a very powerful poison status which cannot be cured for 12sec.There are 2 suggestions:
*  use devastating howl after 10sec after wing flapping , just before the dragon fly.
*  try to break the superarmor bar of the dragon by attacking his head. If the superarmor bar is depleted in time, the dragon will faint: a good time to deal damage!

If both measures fail, staying at the frontal/back area of the dragon make it easier to avoid this attack, due to larger running area. Keep moving to avoid this skills (pretty much like bull charging of stage 5 in SDN).

A video showing the cast animation of scarab swarm:

Wooden Meteor: Dark elemental. Induce screen blurring effect. Just keep moving and away from the wall to avoid.


Credits : chaose5 from http://forum.mmosite.com/

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 06:46 AM

Boss Data

Negative resist means "weak to".

Posted Image

A comparison of full stats between the boss stats for DN KR and DN CN is shown here:

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 09:41 PM

BRAVO........... I know this will be pinned..........

I will run this after completing my Suffix II set...... (clap)

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 09:44 PM

Da faq. Green Dragon can use the summon comet skill. OMG! (oo)

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 09:00 AM

Boss data Updated!