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Gear Master Level 50 T4 Build

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 05:21 PM

Hello everybody , now I’m gonna share my Gear Master build .

Skill Build
Posted Image
Before I start, take note that:
1) My build is for hybrid type (PvE and PvP) because I often go to PvE and PvP as well.   
Academic Skill :
●Quick Shot
16 sp to max this skill at lvl 50 cap. For me the damage is not good enough but its up to you wether you want to max this skill or not ( I suggest you to leave it at lvl 1 if you don’t like to spam this skill)

●Air Shot   
Leave this skill at lvl 1. The damage at max level isn’t too good . Useless skill for PvE too.

●Napalm Grenade   
Damage wasn't as high as it suggest when maxed. You can safely ignore this at lvl 1.

●Stun Grenade   Recommended!
Max for 60% stun chance. Recommended skill for PvP and PvE! The damage is good enough I think.

●Wax   Recommended!
Reduced CD and slip rate. Most importantly, mobility for you and your party! No reason not to max this skill. Its good for PvP too!

●Force Out
Still don't see any use in PvE. May have its use in the future..? Ignore this for now.

●Summon Alfredo / Recall Alfredo
Max (lvl 3 ) Summon Alfredo. The Hp is good enough. It is good for Transtitional Damage too , Alfredo will die very quickly if all of your party members with the damage transition buff gets hit all at once.
and we need to spend 45 SP for academic .

●Bubble Launcher   
Level 1. The lock duration for PvP skill at lvl 1 and lvl 5 is same. This skill is good for locking enemy in PvP.

●Tumble / Aerial Evasion   
Max, your life saving skills!

●Mega Hammer / Air Bomb   
Take Air Bomb skills for PvP . its good for PvP.
Ignore mega hammer for now. It is not useful enough. Just for combo in PvP.

●Circle Bomb   
Create explosion around you and stand up immediately. Requires 1 SP only so no reason not to get this in T4.

●Physical Mastery / Mental Mastery  / Mental Training   
Max HP.level 2 MP for pre-req 45 SP for engineer. Max MP regen.MP usage is really high in T4 so I suggest max out MP Regen.

●Vending Machine   
Well, cost no SP. And it is useful enough

Engineer Skill :

●Rocket Jump
Lv 1 for utility. Still no i-frame.

●Fake Bomb
Still don’t find any good for this skill.ignore this skill.

●Gravity Grenade   
Leave it at lvl 1. The damage at max lvl is not too good. This skill is useful for PvP + PvE too.

●Ping Pong Bomb   Recommended!
Fast casting, fast CD, high damage. Can hit more than 1 enemy . nice DPS skill I think. No reason to max this skill.

●Mine Thrower
Only for pre-requisite for Biochem missile, leave it at lvl 1
●Chemical Missile
Max ! Good damage at lvl 4 + nice debuff . It is very useful in PvP + PvE

●Alfredo Stomp
Leave it at lvl 1 for earning alfredo berseker + transitional damage. Gear Masters can ignore this as we specialize on ducks + tower.

●Alfredo Berserker
!We Gear Masters can ignore this as we specialize on ducks.  Leave it at lvl 1 for requirements to earn Damage Transition skill.

●Damage Transition Recommended!
Maxed! – 50% damage buff Is very useful both for PvP + PvE :D

●Alfredo Whirlwind   
You can leave this skill or add it on level 1. Because Gear Master is mecha + tower type I think. Level 1 for PvP, its good for locking enemy.

●Gatling Tower
Have good damage when maxed, but still have very low range ! I suggest you to leave this skill at lvl 1. Chain Saw Tower is better .

●Cannon Tower
Fire rate is a little slow although the damage is rather high when maxed. I recommend to leave this skill at lvl 1.

●Ice Pump Tower   Recommended!
Max! The slow and water defense reduction made this tower really useful. Not to mention the damage is very high

●Mecha Duck   
Level 6 for EX. 2 SP for max this isn’t useful enough. Additional damage for mecha egg only.

●Mecha Shock Max this skill. Damage is good, you can stack some light attack and see for yourself. Nice DPS skill too I think. Useful for PvP + PvE
●Mecha Siren   
I max this skill because at lvl 60 u can got Mecha Siren EX . so cool  the damage is good enough I think. But you can leave it at lvl 1 if you don’t want it. (useful for PvP I think)

●Mecha Bomber
Get level 6 for 8 seconds reduced damage debuff. You can also max for 30% reduced damage. Ducks now have much higher Super Armor with EX when casting this skill.

●Flash Grande   
PVP Skill . It is very useful in pvp ! safe you from enemy combo

Nerfed. Can't kill golem in 1 Demolition now. You may add 1 level for breaking pillars and stuff though.

(if You got 3 sp left u can add 1 level for this skill, its up to you  )

a must earn skill for Gear Mater of course! You need this skill for earn Gear Master skill. And not to mention the damage + hit range is GOOD
Gear Master Skill :

●Chainsaw Tower   (Recommended!)
The tower with the best damage ! You will need to place the tower near your target to maximize damage dealt though. Getting a -CD plate for this and place 2x Chainsaw Tower & 1x Ice Tower on field.
(High damage, fast blades that penetrate targets, fast CD and stay long on field)

●Mecha Duck EX   
The  duck move much faster and can throw a small fireball , not to mention they also have much HIGHER SUPER ARMOR when casting skill.
not to mention this skill have INVICIBILITY FRAME for 2 – 2.5 seconds or so very worth investing SP here.

●Big Mecha Bomber   (Recommended!)
Nice and Good damage no reason to earn this skill.
Pros : huge and nice damage
Cons: slow casting skill, you need to wait until the duck turned into fat (step/stage 3) for best and nice damage._.

Equipments Suffix (Yet to decide)
Helm, Shirt , Pants : Wind
Glove : HP
Boots : Hp/Wind
Weapon : Wind

Second Weapon : Destruction

if you go often to Ladder then Restraint suffix for weapon is good + useful too .

Recommended Accessories
Ring : Fatal Rose (For critical) / Destruction Rose(for atk power)/ Disciplinary Apocalypse Ring (Final damage If you are a Final Damage type)/ Skill Rose Ring (Ice Pump Tower +1 / Chain Saw Tower +1/ Wax +1 with critical status 1331 or atk power 200, m.atk 120 and vitality)
Earring + Necklace : Wind Rose with 2 status (Agi + Vitality)
Judgement/Revelation Apocalypse Set for Final Damage

Skill Rose(Ping Pong +1 for Earring & Transitional Damage +1 for Necklace)
Recommended Equipment Set
-    5 Immortal + 2 Victor : for Final Damage + Critical Build if you need 1000 additional critical for 5 parts of Immortal
-    3 Immortal + 2 Totem + 2 Victor : Final Damage build , if you need more HP.
-    5 Totem + 2 Immortal : For Attack Power Build

-    Full Totem Set
Recommended General Heraldries
Main Choice : Wind, Destruction, Fatal, Health, Life Vitality,Ultimate
Other Choice : Tent, Shining, Energy(for MP Recovery)
Recommended 3rd status :

Final Damage(if you are rich + final damage type), Attack Power, Critical(if your critical isn’t reach 19k yet), Agi, Vitality/Max Hp.
Recommended Skill Heraldries
Main Choice : -12% CD Chain Saw Tower,-12% CD Ice Pump Tower,+20% damage Ping Pong bomb

Other Choice :   -12% CDWax(for PVP), +20% damage,Big Mecha Bomber, +20% Skyline Damage, -12% CD Transtitional Damage.

my choice : -12% CD Chain Saw Tower, -12% CD Ice Pump Tower,+20% damage Ping pong bomb, -12% CD Wax

Skill Build by : LilNovie from Westwood (TheVoid)

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 08:55 PM

sea only have 91/91 sp in engineer tree

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 11:33 PM

View Postxandance, on 31 December 2012 - 08:55 PM, said:

sea only have 91/91 sp in engineer tree

That's right, only 91 SP max at secondary class (T.T)

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 12:51 AM

yea sorry for the wrong skill build, just reduce 1 sp from mecha siren/ mecha duck :)

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 11:17 PM

Alfredo Hurricane save my a** a lot.(PVP)

#6 BabyNovie



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Posted 11 January 2013 - 07:07 PM

View PostGeFX5190, on 03 January 2013 - 11:17 PM, said:

Alfredo Hurricane save my a** a lot.(PVP)
well I take that skill on my personal build too..
add Alfredo Hurricane if you have extra SP. it is very useful in PVP :D