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Ttitle : Speed Terminator

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 10:23 AM

Dear GM

Character: CloneMoonL (my 7 chars so far)
Server: Greenwood
Problem :
I use this character in GreenWood to chase for the following Title : "Speed Terminator" and discovered that there are two missing Titles collection which we should collect to get "Speed Terminator" and they are:
1. Sprint Instinct
2. Berseker"

It happens after the lates patch or create new character.

Another problem is the Black Smith at Calderock does not make production for "Rare" Items (Blue). Is kind of weired. Please explain why or do a patch for everyone in the lvel 24.

Question: The Trading House item are crazy expensive and it looks like lesser people are playing DN. DN must find ways to press down the price of the crafing and weapon & etc if you plan to have many users in your DN. You are driving people away because they cannot fight the crazy high monster in many new dungeons which is beyond their reach to get good weapons and gears. And the common seen weapon are usually Totem and Immotal. After so many patches I hardly see weapon like Victor sword and etc. You should make the game more interesting by having Treausre hunting for EPIC weapon for Level 50/40 across the dungeon. And even some monster at Caderock can be harder to engage but have beautiful and good weapon. For those Hunting the Treasure will have better Attack power than puchase from TH and Attack power should not be the same as TH and can be weaker too. In TH the weapon purchase are kind of of Fix.