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Blade Dancer Skill Build Dragon Nest [T4]

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 11:04 AM

Hello guys. I would just like to share to you my future skill build for a Blade Dancer in Dragon Nest SEA. It was taken from my blog http://webjunkiesblog.blogspot.com and I would just like to share it to you here. Here it is:

First, check out my future level 50 skill build for Blade Dancer in Dragon Nest here: http://webjunkiesblo...-in-dragon.html

Kali Skill Tree

Spirit Blow- Of all skill in the Kali Skill Tree, I find this as the best. Damage-wise, this skill can do inflict a lot of hurt to the opponent especially at high level. Plus, don't forget that this skill has a very high super armor break capability which we all know is very useful in both PvP and PvE.

Sting Breeze (Level 6)- Basically, I would put the SP to suffice the 45 SP requirements here. The damage is quite useful and most of my CN friends say that you will often use this skill especially in PvP. They say that it can be a good skill to close the gap between you and your enemy and, launch them into the air and start a combo when they land on the ground.

Aerial Evasion, Spinning Step, Puppet Soul, HP Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer- Well, these passive skills are pretty standard and it's recommended to max them. Spinning Step Aerial Evasion and Puppet Soul are mainly used for evasive maneuver while the rest of the passive skills mentioned are good in terms of increasing you HP, MP and MP recovery respectively.

Dancer Skill Tree

Graze Dance (Level 6)- Why just only level 6? It's because the damage increment per level isn't that great. So prefer to level it to 6 just to get the ex version.

Twinkle Spin (Max)- From what I have heard and seen, this skill is pretty awesome. It's like the Double Somersault Kick of Acrobat but only fancier. It can launch enemy into the air plus, it has iframe while you are spinning at top. Great overall skill for Dancer.

Elegant Storm (Max)- The strongest of all skill when on the Dancer skill tree going to Blade Dancer.

Breeze Call Dance (Max)- My friends tell me that this skill is pretty wicked. Not for the damage but for the status effect it grants a user when it is casted. This skill will serve as your buff which will give you boost in your final damage, [color=#0000FF !important][background=transparent !important]hp recovery[/background][/color] and the best part is, the Strengthen Blade status which basically increases the damage dealt by all of your Blade skills.

Ecstatic Dance, ED Part 2, ED Part 3 (Max)- They say that this is what gets you in to parties. Other class will definitely [color=#0000FF !important][background=transparent !important]love you[/background][/color] for the buff you will give them: Damage for Ecstatic Dance Part 2 while max HP and HP recoveryfor Ecstatic Dance Part 3. If you love PvE and like to support your team mates while being a semi DPS, then you should max this skill.

Sufi Dancer (Max)- Why should I max this when it doesn't give as much damage as Elegant Storm or Twinkle Spin? Well, in paper you will definitely just left this skill unnoticed and, just put some points for prerequisite. But the reality is, this skill does significant damage especially to large bosses in nest raids. In addition to its offensive capability, it can be a sort of defensive move as when you are being surrounded, you can cast this skill and knock enemies backward for that separation you need to get out and recuperate.

General Dawn Blade (Max)- A superb skill for Dancer. It has a very cool animation, very good dps and short casting time which is totally a must max skill for me. Based from what my friends from DN CN told me, this skill will be one of your primary skill in your combo.

Why Inner Fire and not Storm of Ewinian?

Well the reason for this is because Inner Fire is more efficient and effective to use than Storm of Ewinian. Not only that Inner Fire is more safe to use than Storm of Ewinian, but it also gives more damage.

Can I skip Mist Step?

Yes you can. I have decided to get this skill as it can be good in terms of closing in to enemies. In addition, I think this is a great skill for running away from fights in PvP. However, you can skip this skill if you think that you can rely 100% on your Sinia Turn and Deadly Drill.

Blade Dancer Skill Tree

Squall Flaker ([color=#0000FF !important][background=transparent !important]Level 2[/background][/color])- This will be your counter attack move. From what I have heard, this skill is pretty useful in PvP as it grants you the evasive and counter attacking maneuver you need, and as well as the ability to launch the enemy into the air and force the enemy to activate Aerial Evasion and if they don't, once you have land into the air, destroy them with Hurricane Gust! (That's what MalificEx told me from DN CN.hahaha)

Hurricane Gust (Max)- They say that this skill is great, but I say....HURRICANE GUST IS THE MOST EPIC SKILL EVER! The damage is pretty huge and the animation is really cool! Man! Because of this skill, I am craving for Blade Dancer more and more everyday! hahaha.

Graze Dance Ex- Basically the improve version of Graze Dance. It gives the skill increase in action speed and damage and also, a concentrated blade ball will be formed in the spin attack to give damage to nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

So far, this will be my skill build for Blade Dancer when it comes this April 2 in Dragon Nest SEA. If you have suggestions on this build, please do share your thoughts by replying to this thread. Take note that this isn't my finally build. This is only what [color=#0000FF !important][background=transparent !important]my friend[/background][/color] recommends and what I think is the best skill build for me so far. I would appreciate if you could enlighten me more with Blade Dancer.

Originally Seen on: http://webjunkiesblo...-in-dragon.html

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 08:16 PM

When I put your build on a skill simulator, the dancer tree is 92/94 when it should only be 91...
This build looks good for me (:])