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Gdn Perma Pt (Greenwood) Preferably European Player^^

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#1 banisha



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Posted 28 April 2013 - 11:05 PM

Hi everybody, as the title can be understood, i and my friend are searching a perma pt for gdn in greenwood server because of thoose people that not pt anyone if no title.

The maledition of this nest of 8 is that the roles of player don't let to a good player to end the nest and to funny (that is more important thing because guys we have to remember this is a game not a life) because of a bad healer, a bad tank or a slogging of dps for "less dps" (that is for them, but this is a secondary thing; if somebody wants the screennshot of this we have...T_T).
The problem is nobody pt you if you have no title and high equipe, but the danger when you, for mistake or fortune, get a pt with titled people is to find a lot of carried surplus and for this you can't obtained the title and you can't find a pt even if you know the nest better of them.

With this request we want to fight again this razism and create a pt.

We don't search titled player but good player that haven't a pt and that is middle geared that for us is:


1) primary and secondary weapon +9/+10 if epic (that can buy with no more money in th supported with decent final damge or elemental damage) or +8 if unique;
2)for defensive equipe it's better 2 or 3 unique (lower body, upper body first and secondary helm if want) for more def and hp (unique +6 it's better than epic +8/+9 because the plus give only some hp, not stats or defence)
3)good potential for ring and weapon (for attack) and it's better hidden hp but not first thing
4)level max for skill that increase the pt damage (with ring it's better) like provocking slam, bulls eye, force mirror, ( arcane it's not important XD)
5)suffix double intellect or one of it tent for magical dps, double wind or one of it iron wall or harsh for phisical dps.

For healer as psychian or priest:

1)high magical attack (not elemental) because all heal is based of it
2)know the self skill (heal shower also cure all status for example and eureka help the survivality of loli and ****tail it's a good help for all healing skill)
3)healing skill at level max (we don't want to see inquisitor with healing relic and heal at level 1 becuase "he is a dps T_T". The priest is first a healer and after a damager if the player is good, this don't means that an inquisitor has not attack but that he has first heal because the other maybe cannot)
4) any priests has to have miracle relic... i'm sorry for you but it's too important and we see this on us skin in fact my friend has an inquisitor without mr and he cannot use it without a restart (licoght if nobody of you knows him XD)

For tank:

1)the equipe is lesser important than him survavility how you expect. Vitality suffix with high hp it's better but if the  tank is good, this isn't so important because block, sof and self buff protect you from a large amount of damage (my friend tank monta and first part of karahan in a practice mode with a +6 hero equipe and with the most important equipe epic +6) then tanks demonstrate your value and don't think you are save for your equipe
2)a crusader is most different than a guardian. In according with the pt can taunt protect himself with DA and with bt try a fast kill (and DA is recharged again with bt and sb XD). The guardian, instead, has to use guardian force everytime he has to protect the dps

Funny tip: you can go on game setting and set your macros. With this you can tell with other member and give information for your skill if more important like mr, bt, if a important skill is blocked or a powerfull ice-stack. (we know all the meccanism of the nest like the 40 second of monta, the statue, the spider, cd of black hole and other things and we can advice the pt with this)

With all this discussion we search pt for ours characters and i hope you have more than 1 characters as us to do more than 1 run every week :P and, in this time, we hope to create more than one team. We can explain the stages and the strategy of nest but pls before tryng see some videos and guide like this:


or this to demonstrate that a lot of skill can be evaded:


We have (geared):

1)a destroyer (my) rexidrom
2)a saint (my) that will be ready soon elvanetzu
3)a guardian (my friend) levingard
4)a wind walker (my friend) hastra.

This is ours character that is geared in this moment (others can be ready in some week) and remember guys that all roles can be usefull, if you talk about yours geared characters we can create a good team toghether :).About the drop all member of pt decides how to distribuite it (the priority is for who need not for sell).
In this pt nobody mustn't to blame the others. If somebody is a carried surplus (XD) or if there isn't a good teamwork, all member have to say, not only a single person.

One important thing: we are not razism for pinoy people but the hours is a big problem, then if some of them want to join it's ok but they have to play on week-end because we play in ours afternoon only in it. We usually play in ours evening and in week-end in afternoon.

The last thing: if someone want to join and need some advices for built skill or for equipement gear or for plates, we can help you :).

I hope to see a lot of aswer :) and sorry for the time i stole you to read all this XD. Good game everybody and see you^^.

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 06:26 PM

GMT+2 here ^^

I am a BD. I find myself decent geared. I have 4 immo 1 totem and 1 hero (but after saturday 3 immo/2hero) ^^
My weapens are 2x victor +8 (i find it to expensive to get it +10... jelly >.>) and there arent many good BD weapens on the market u.u.
My gear is +6,+7,+8 but planning to make everything +8 :P). i got full war of immo jewel set. All pots are 6,50%hp, 4.50% str/agi - 5,75%atk etc...

atm my stats are like: 7,6k patt, 80%crit,40%FD, 120k hp( will be more once i get second hero) :P

#3 JayMiel_FTW



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Posted 11 May 2013 - 03:38 AM


Im a physical guardy but hab experience inside till dragon phase. I can help in DPS spamming GF,SMITE, BREAK, JC. I will reroll to skill rings if needed. :) thnx :))

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#4 banisha



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Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:56 PM

lovelymoon for us it's ok but we need your name in game to contact you XD or if you prefer you can contact us in one of characters we wrote ^^ good game^^