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[Read Before Posting] Posting Guidelines for 'User Evidence Submissions' Section

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 03:50 PM

Dragon Nest SEA Game Masters work round the clock to ensure the game is fair at all times. However, there may be times where offenders slip through the system and go unnoticed. This is where the community comes in and help make Dragon Nest a better game for everyone!

If you spot someone violating the Game Abuse Policy, this is the place to do so. With sufficient evidence, our Forum Moderators will then forward the case to the Game Master for appropriate action to be taken.

Important Note:

  • All postings must adhere to the following format and guidelines. Failure to do so will result in thread deletion without notice.
  • This forum is NOT meant for public discussion.
  • To maintain anonymity in the user reports, you can only view your own threads.
  • One thread for every offender you wish to report.

Thread Title
World: IGN - Exact offence to report

Example:- Springwood: DNADM1N - Admin Impersonation

Post Content

  • Embedded YouTube video evidence
        - Video must be unlisted on YouTube.
        - Video quality must be 720P or above with the offender's IGN displayed clearly.
        - Video duration should be longer than one minute enough to ensure the offence made by the reported player is clearly shown with minimal disputable points.
  • Exact date and time of evidence capturing
  • Detailed explanation about the situation arising to the offence

Important Things to Note

  • Reported player's IGN must be clear throughout the evidence at all times.
  • Evidence must be concrete and concise; we do not accept evidences that do not tell the "full story" of the incident (e.g. a 2-second video claiming the reported player is hacking).
  • The Game Masters reserve the right not to implement the ban on the reported player without any reason or prior notice.