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Dragon Nest Level 70 Ex Skills Preview (Half Sugar)

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Posted 13 June 2013 - 07:21 AM

Sneak Peek for 70 cap ex skills. (clap) (clap)


New EX Skill (lv32 skills)

Line Drive EX

• Strengthen line drive. Additional explosive damage along the line drive path.  Explosive dmg + 30%

Half Moon Slash EX
• Strengthen half moon slash. Reduce casting time and increase the AOE of the skill. Press Normal Attack to execute additional hit. Damage + 30%

Whirl Wind EX
• Strengthen Whirld Wind. Form a tornado at the centre + additional suction effect. Damage + 30%

Rolling Attack EX
• Strengthen Rolling Attack. AOE of rolling and landing dmg increase. Damage +30%

Arrow Rain EX
• Strengthen Arrow Rain. Increase casting speed. Left-click to shoot a bunch of arrows instantly and terminate the casting motion.

Guided Missile EX
• Strengthen Tracing Arrow. Shoot 2 additional arrows. Increase explosive AOE. Damage + 30%.

Spiral Vortex EX
• Strengthen Spiral Vortex. Casting superarmor increases. Press Normal attack to trigger a sphere-shaped explosion on the spot. Press Special Attack to jump backwards and trigger a sphere-shaped explosion. Damage + 30%

Cyclone Kick EX
• Strengthen Cyclone Kick. Increase casting speed and superarmor. Also, side-kicking can hit knock-down targets. Damage + 30%.
Note: Cast speed increase is 30%, but uncertain.

Flame Road EX

• Strengthen Flame Road. The flame on the path will explode after a certain time to deal additioanal damage. Each explosive hit + 30% damage.

Chilling Mist EX
• CDN: Strengthen Chilling Mist. Increase AOE; the mist creates a layer of ice on the ground. Reduce the moving speed and ice resist of targets on the ice layer for 5 sec. Damage increase 30%, moving speed reduce 30% and ice resist reduce 10%.
• KDN: Strengthen Chiling Mist. Increase AOE. While casting, press "Normal Attack" to create ice from the ground to deal additional damage.  Damage + x %.

Spectrum Shower EX
• Strengthen Spectrum Shower. Reduce casting time. Increase 1 laser beam from the ball. The damage of the addititional laser beam is half of the original one. The additional laser beams draw smaller circles within the original circle to attack enemies. The damage of the last 3 hits is increased by 30%.

Gravity Ascension EX
• Strengthen Gravity Ascension. Caster's movement is no longer restricted while casting this skill. The AOE of the gravity sphere is increased. The last explosion hit floats targets and reduce their dark elemental resist by x% for y sec. Full hit damage + z%.  
Note: The casting time of the skill is only 0.5sec

Divine Punishment EX

• CDN: Strengthen Divine Punishment. Increase the duration of the buff. Each hit from enemies heal HP equal to 30% of mag attack.
• KDN: Strengthen Divine Punishment. Deal damage to surrouding enemies every second. Each hit is 84% of phy attack. Light-elemental attack.

Smite EX
• Strengthen Smite. Additional lightnings are released to the surrounding after hitting the ground. Each lightning + 15% dmg.  

Relic of Hold EX
• Strengthen Relic of Hold. AOE increase to 7m. The binded enemies receive additional physical and magical damage. This effect only applies to binded targets. Physical damage + 20%; magical damage + 20%.
Note: The debuff duration is 6sec and it is refreshed each time the target is binded.

Detonation EX
• CDN: Strengthen Detonation. Targets which are hit release electric charge at regular intervals. Full hit damage + 30%.  
• KDN: Strengthen Detonation. After casting, 8 lightning bolts are shot from the caster to the surrounding. Each hit is 5% of attack.

Chemical Bomb EX

• CDN: Strengthen Chemical Bomb. Bomb explosion releases poison gas on the field. Deal continous damage in the AOE for 4 sec. Full hit damage + 30%.
• KDN: Strengthen Chemical Bomb. Induce another explosion 2 second after the 1st one. Full hit damage +30%.

Mecha Bomber EX
• CDN: Strengthen Mecha Bomber. Increase the explosive AOE; increase x explosion, each explosion has larger AOE than the previous one. Full hit dmg + 30%.
• KDN: Strengthen Mecha Bomber. Increase casting speed and explosive AOE; increase 3 explosion, each explosion has larger AOE than the previous one. Full hit dmg + 30%.

Magma Wave EX
• Strengthen Magma Wave. The magma region stays on the field after the skill casting. Deal continous damage to enemies in the AOE for 3 sec. Full hit damage + 30%.

Poison Break EX
• Strengthen Poison Break. After skill activation, you can press Normal Attack or Special Attack. Press "Normal Attack" to deal additional hit to enemies; the additional hit can deal damage to targets which are not even poisoned. Press "Special Attack" to heal surrouding party members. Both additional hits are not affected by the number of phantom tokens. "Normal attack" hit + 30% dmg; "Special Attack" heals 140% mag attack + 24294 (PVP 812) .

Kali: (not skill data yet, numbers are replaced by x,y,z)
Rampage Claw EX
• CDN: Strengthen Rampage Claw. After skill activation, press "Normal Attack" to cause the two ghost fist to attack downwards and float the targets. Additional hits + x% dmg.
• KDN: Strengthen Rampage Claw. After skill activation, press "Normal Attack" to cause the two ghost fist to attack downwards and knockdown the targets. Additional hits + 30% dmg.

Beast Spirit EX
• CDN: Strengthen Beast Spirit. The howling wolf summons x clones of itself and form a V-shape formation to surround the targets from both sides. The wolf clones also deal damage to enemies and induce "Curse" status. The attack is only half of the original wolf. Wolf spirit + y% damage.
• KDN: Strengthen Beast Spirit. The jumping distance of the wolf is reduced. The howling wolve creates 2 clones of itself and form a V-shaped formation to surround the targets. The clones also deal damage to enemies and induce "Curse" status, but the AOE is just 50% of the original wolf. Each wolf clone's attack is 20%.

Elegance Storm EX
• Strengthen Elegance Storm. Increase casting speed + suction effects. The last hit floats the target. Damage + 30%; attack speed + 30%.

General Dawn Blade EX
• Strengthen General Dawn Blade. The last 3 hits of general dawn blade induce second shockwave, deal damage to enemies within x m. Full hit damage + y%.  
Note: Non-Ex deals 5 hits; EX deals 6 hits. The last hit of EX floats target.


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Posted 18 June 2013 - 10:59 PM

Nice summary BTW

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 11:37 PM

Love this Beast Spirit EX.. so a total of 60% additional dmg if target gets hit by three wolves.. (:])