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[Read First] Bug Report Forum Guidelines

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 04:33 PM

The Bug Report Forum Guidelines now has its own topic~! It also features a mini-guide on How to Write your Bug Report topic.

Fluff hopes that all fellow bug reporters will read through these and make bug hunting and reporting as smoothly as possible for everyone involved!


1. Bug Report Forum is for reporting ingame bugs only.

Fluff and other mods will not reply to these below because they belong to their own sections:

  - Account issues of any kind (including account banned, account hacked, cannot login)

  - CC Top-up issues of any kind

  - How-to questions about ingame features or guide requests

  - New feature or new function requests or suggestions

  - Game abuse reports (such as advertisers, scammers, hack users)

  - Chatting ( :( Fluff likes to chat too but this is not the place for it)

Please post these topics into the correct forum sections (click the links above).

2. Use the Search function first

The forum Search Form is a very useful tool to help find out if the problem you are facing has a solution or has already been reported.

Alternatively, you can browse the first few pages of the Bug Report forum first.

3. Check the pinned Frequently-Asked-Questions topic and Reported Bug List topic

If the issue you are facing is:

- Already stated in the pinned Frequently Asked Questions & Fixed Bugs Archive topic,
- Already found in the pinned Reported Bugs & Known Issues List topic,
- Or previously posted by another person in another topic,

Please don't make a new topic for it. If you have more details or new information for the bug/issue, please reply in the Reported Bugs & Known Issues List topic or one of the existing bug report topics.

Let's work together to make the Bug Report forum neat and easy to use~! :)

4. Creating multiple topics for the same bug and constant bumping is not helpful.

It is normal to the bug that you are facing to be seen and reported to the developers as soon as possible. However, try not to do the following as make things more confusing for the moderators and annoying for the other forumers:

- create a lot of topics for it,
- bump your topic too often,
- post about your bug in unrelated topics

If you have more details or new information, please reply to other forumers' or your own bug report topic for it.

5. Modded clients may be the reason why you are having problems.

Game client modification is prohibited under Dragon Nest SEA's End-User License Agreement (EULA). :angry:

If a game client is modified, it becomes difficult to know if a 'bug' is caused by the modified file or the game itself. There is also high chance for modified game clients to be corrupted during game patching.

If your game client is bugged due to modified files, try deleting the entire 'Dragon Nest SEA' folder and do a clean re-installation using the latest game client installer.

6. Protect yourself, keep your account information safe.

When reporting a bug, it is best to include some of your character's details such as character's ingame nickname, world and class to help the DN team identify the bug. Sometimes Moderators or other players may also request these information from you.

However, other than those, do NOT post your account information. Do NOT post your username, password email and security PIN. Be careful, protect your own account.

7. Why the bug cannot be fixed now, tomorrow, or during the next maintenance.

Mods are not game admins or game developers, and most problems require server maintenance or game patches to fix. Asking for a bug to be fixed right now is not possible. Moderators can only report the problem and hope the fix arrives soon. Anything more than that, we cannot promise.

We try to do our best and help report each bug as soon as possible, but all of us mods and also the DN team are just humans with 24 hours each day. Fluff will try to check the topic and update it once every few days but sometimes it is impossible.

What you can do to help, is include a lot of useful details in your bug report. It makes the identifying, confirming and fixing of the bug easier. Similarly, if your bug report has very little information, it will take a lot longer to find out what exactly is the problem. So help us out, so we can help you out. :)

8. Write in English. Write clearly and politely, and do not break forum rules.

We understand that English is not everyone's mother-tongue, but we have to request that all Bug Reports be written in English. :(

If it is really impossible, you can describe your problem with a short paragraph of English, write a longer one in your mother tongue and request for help from other forumers to translate the problem.

Please do not use vulgarities and rude manners towards moderators and other forumers. We are doing our best to help, and being impolite towards us will only make things more difficult.

Mods reserve the authority to delete any offensive or disruptive posts without warning. Warning Points can and will be awarded if Forum Rules and Guidelines are broken. :angry:

9. When reporting a bug, give as much information as possible.

Moderators and the DN team are not mind readers, we need information to know what problems you are facing. Full quest names, monster names, what character class, etc. The more detailed your description of the bug, the earlier the bug can be identified, reported to the developers and fixed by them.

If you just post something like 'mod help check ___ it is bugged' or "____ skill is bugged" without any details on how it is bugged, Fluff will ignore you. :angry:

To get a better idea of how to write your bug report topic, simply scroll a little further and refer to the mini-guide in the next post. :)

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 04:33 PM

Fluffybell's mini-guide on "How to Write your Bug Report topic"

Topic title

Keep it simple, but with enough details to give an idea what your topic is about. This helps make finding your topic much easier.

It will also help a lot if you can also label what type of bug you are facing:

[Item] - for bugs about an item or a group of items,
[Skill] - for skill related bugs,
[Quest] - for quest related bugs,
[Dungeon], [Nest], [Monster] - for bugs that only happens in a specific dungeon, nest or a particular monster,

For example: "[Skill] Cleric's Sliding Step, character slips and falls down when I use the skill"

Post Content

When we look at a bug report, we want to know the 4 W and 1 H:

- What is the bug? Is something missing, or not working the way it should be?

- Who is being affected by the bug? Is it just one character class or all character classes? Is it just one character out of all your characters?

- Where is this bug happening? Is it in a town or a dungeon or does it happen everywhere?

- When did this bug start happening? Was it after a certain patch?

- How did this bug happen? What were you doing when this bug happen?

All these information help us confirm the bugs and let the DN team know, so give us all the details you can. If you can give a step by step guide on how to reproduce the bug, that is the best. :)

If the bug is especially difficult to verify, the DN team may also need your character's details such as character's ingame nickname, world and class.

If it is possible, show us screenshots and videos of the bug in action or the effects of the bug so that we know what to look for. Check this topic for how to post images and videos. (Basic Tutorial For Posting Images And Videos + Other Forum Related Functions)

If you found out more about the bug from other topics or even other forums, include the URL so that we can check that out too.


Hope this helps ~! :D