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Posted 08 January 2014 - 05:16 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - General

- Character cannot deal damage or pick up items

Please make a post in this topic (Cant Hit/damage Mobs & Loot) or make a topic in the Account Issues forum section to report this. Remember to include your Character Name and Server/World.

- My quest NPC (General Douglas / King Cassius / Lady Lena / etc) is missing! I can't do my quest!

You may have a quest in progress that has temporarily moved the NPC to a different location. Better check and complete your ongoing quests first! :)

A quick fix is to party up with somebody who has the NPC in the proper place so you can start the quest.

- I cannot click on / talk to the quest NPC in the dungeon.

This could be because of lag, causing the NPC to think that the monsters in the map/area has not been cleared out, so they refuse to talk to you. What you can do is:

1. Exit or complete the dungeon and re-enter the dungeon. If still cannot talk to NPC, go to next step.
2. Abandon your quest and take it again. Make sure your 'Hide Quest Marker' box is not ticked so you can find your quest again.

For better chances, try doing the dungeon with the quest at a time with less lag.

- Irene's Gift quest is missing (lv 15 skill initialization scroll)

First, open your Quest window and check that the 'Hide Quest Marker' box is not ticked, then try to speak with NPC Irine.

If it's still not available, try checking with your character's job master at Calderock Village (Master Warrior Chandler, Master Archer Adelynn, Master Sorceress Tiana, Master Cleric Jermain, Academic Station).

- Level Up Achievement Reward Box is missing!

*NEW* If your character is newly created after the Kali patch, the Level Up Achievement Reward Box  will automatically be placed in your CC Inventory when you first level up. Open your Items window and click on the CC tab to find it.

If your Level Up Achievement Reward Box was obtained before the Kali patch, you should read this notice regarding Level Up Achievement Reward Box. If your Reward Box has expired, send a ticket to Cherry Messenger to check if you can be given a replacement.

[Notice] Don't Forget Your Achievement Reward Box!

- There is no Skill Initialization Scroll in my Level 31 Achievement Reward Box!

This is because it has been moved to the Level 70 Achievement Reward Box.

- I cannot see my character's Cash Costume / I cannot see my character's headgear/hat/helmet.

To switch to show your cash costume or ingame equipment, open your Character window and click on the little button to the right that has a blue circle with arrows.

To show your headgear, click on the tiny ON/OFF button at the top to switch the appearance of your headgear on or off.

Posted Image

- I cannot see any farm channels.

According to patch notes for level 70 patch, "Farm channel is removed. You can now go to the farm directly from the portal "Monastery Common Farm Zone" at the lower west side of Saint Haven, or from NPC "Farm Manager Tori" in Lotus Marsh."

- I cannot harvest my plant!

Make sure you have the item 'Sickle' in your inventory. It is necessary for harvesting your plant.

- I cannot find my quests / My farming quests are gone.

Those quests/skills are not bugged or missing. They are just hidden.

Please make sure that the 'Hide Quest Marker' box is unchecked (empty). Ticking it will hide quests that are 10 levels lower than your character's level.

Posted Image

If after you uncheck the box, the quests don't show up right away, try relogging your character. That should help refresh your list of quests.

Note also that the missing side quest can also be solved by the same steps. :)

- If you are facing one of these problems:

  - One part of / all of my character / my mount / my pet is invisible.
  - There is an invisible item or an item with wrong name and icon in my inventory.
  - My game client disconnects only when I login to one of my character.
  - My game client disconnects only when I login the characters of a certain class.
  - My game client disconnects when I open the _____ window / double-click on _____.

For the above issues, there are a few things to check first:

(1) Check the forum, does it seem like only you and a few others are facing this problem, everyone else are okay?
(2) Does it happen only when you are playing on a certain computer/laptop?

If the answer to one of (1) and (2) are yes, you should do a complete reinstall for the affected game client.

1. Download the latest Dragon Nest game client installer at the download page
2. Uninstall your Dragon Nest game client
2. Delete your Dragon Nest game folder
3. Reinstall using the game installer

If the answer to both (1) or (2) is no, go ahead and report the bug. :)

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 06:10 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Level 70

Because the Level 70 patch (and subsequent patches) changed many MANY things, here are the most commonly asked questions.

- I cannot apply suffix / I cannot use Hidden Potential Code on my equipments

This is because of the change from suffix + potential system to the new Dragon Jade system. Please note the following:

- Suffix materials and potential codes of Epic grade and below are no longer dropped.
- All new items obtained after the level 70 patch that are of Epic grade and below can only be upgraded using Dragon Jade.
- Unique grade and Legend grade equipment still uses old suffix system and hidden potential system.
- Items obtained previously are now labelled "Old Items", and these use the old suffix system and hidden potentials system.

Item enhancement is not affected.

- Goddess's Sympathy Store is missing!

Like the Farm channel, Goddess's Sympathy Store has been removed. Goddess's Sympathy can be exchanged for Goddess's Breath at the Goddess's Breath Store. :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Skill related

Sometimes there are changes that cause things to work differently from what we are used to, but they are not bugs. Or things that work oddly ingame, but are actually not bugs. This post lists out some of the most often reported ones.

- Saleana's Burning Hand skill does not activate

Saleana's Burning Hand had its cooldown removed a few game patches ago, so it looks like the skill is not activating. However, it does activate. Look closely at the damage you deal to monsters, you can tell that the skill has activated when damage shown has a + symbol in front of it (see image example).

Posted Image

- Spirit Dancer's level 65 passive skill / Force User's Beyond Time / Acrobat's Spirit Boost is not working

View PostDeadPool21, on 13 February 2014 - 11:43 AM, said:

Hello IDK if this is a bug or not. But I leveled my dancer to 65 and tested out the added 12% cd on dance.
Originally dance cd is 15sec.
BEFORE i got the skill my dance cd was already 13.2 seconds (because of cd plate)
AFTER i got the skill my dance cd was STILL 13.2 seconds.  Supposedly its supposed to be 11.4seconds with cd plate and 65passive skill

Hihi, please refer to this reply by AikawaKazu:

View PostAikawaKazu, on 13 February 2014 - 12:51 AM, said:

The CD from the Skill cooldown number doesn't change from 15.

You need to take your stopwatch and calculate it manually, it is working.

Just like when you have Beyond time and spirit boost type skills that decreases your CD, the game still shows the BASE CD of the skill, that number doesn't change but simply counts down faster.

Goes the same for Smasher Lv65 passive skill which supposed to decrease laser cutter CD which it does but doesn't change the base CD shown on the skill when you tick the skill cooldown counter

- Weapon suffix effect bug

Not bug, it is intended for suffix effect to trigger at start of attack.

- Moonlord's "Crescent Cleave EX" has reduced hit per wave

Not bug, hits per wave has not been reduced. Recommend testing with multiple monsters instead of single boss monster.

- Crusader's "Lightning Zap EX" initial attack's narrower effective area, 8m length and crawling lightning's narrow hit box

Not bug, skill is working as intended.

- Paladin's "Iron Will" only increase in buff duration when skill level up

Not bug, damage reduction effect will not increase due to the damage reduction max limit of 75%.

- Artillery's "Magical Breeze" damage increase not shown in Character stats

Not bug, the damage increase is due to skill effect instead of buff to character's stats, therefore cannot be shown.

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 10:51 PM

Bugs that have been fixed

Fixed in Version 91 to 93 - 2nd April '13
  • Quest Translation Errors
  • Suffix III effect activation for armor items.
  • Unable to achieve “Cloth Tracker” title.
  • Longbow Mastery skill ring range bug fixed.
  • Terrain glitch in Queen's Garden.
  • Nest Mission Room for Sea Dragon Nest Practice Mode is removed.
Fixed in Version 94 - 5th April '13
  • PvP equipment cannot be placed inside Server (Normal) Storage.
  • Kali unable to purchase Guild Pledge Set.
  • Kali Green Dragon equipment crafting scale count bug.
  • Reinstate past records of PvP Kill/Death count combine with current records.
    Fix reflected in-game as of 5th Apr 2013 0900HRS.
Fixed in Version 95 - 9th April '13
  • Missing Set Bonus for Ancient Totem Set & Immortal Set issue
  • Sea Dragon Nest's Moltan boss not attacking issue
  • "Cannon of Darkness" name fixed
Fixed in Version 96 - 4th May '13
  • PVP Medal Hunt Issue
Fixed in Version 97 - 13th May '13
  • Invisible Lemon Candy & Fortune Cookie will be removed.
  • Sniper skill "Cheating Point" deal no damage in PVP
  • Removal of "Mobile" button at Login Screen
  • Remove text "Desert Dragon Nest" from High Grade Potential Code obtainable location.
  • Wrong skill names when selecting to craft Skill Accessories
  • Mismatched quest location of quests
Fixed in Version 98 - 14th May '13
  • Unable to purchase certain Grande Orni stats Helm piece
  • Mistranslation of Triple Orbs and Gravity Ball
  • Removal of Lv 60 Solo Nest Quest (Professor K & Typhoon Kim)
Fixed in Version 99 - 28th May '13
  • Missing Unicorn Saddle
  • Removal of Archbishop and Gigantes Nest Hell Mode Tickets
Fixed in Version 100 - 18th June '13
  • Academic Main Quests and various side quests unable to proceed due to missing NPC and other bugs in Foothill of Black Mountain
  • Repair Station near Lonely Forest Path not working
  • Item Protection Magic Jelly description
Fixed in Version 101 - 16th July '13
  • (ninja fix) Academic skill "Stun Grenade" unable to stun.

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 07:57 PM

Fixed in Version 102 to 103 - 13th August '13
  • Sacred Hammering Bug, no longer decreases Magic Attk when cast
  • Lightning Zap skill's erratic number of Charger states is now normalized to 3 Charger states, regardless of skill level. The occurance of 4 charger states before is identified as a bug by developers and has been fixed.
  • Saint's "Cure Relic EX" and Priest's "Cure Relic" stacking issue
  • Saint skill “Holy Shield” abnormal HP restore bug
  • Guardian Force is now able to buff party members even if its skill casting is interrupted by Block skill's activation.
  • Lv 60 Nest (Hell mode) reward chest no longer gives Intermediate Potential Codes
  • Cleric class low level Main Quest unable to continue
  • Removal of NPC "Fellowship Manager Sarasa" in Garden of Time and Space (Lv.60)
  • MID error for Brave's Document
  • General Translation Error
Fixed in Version 104 to 105 - 3rd September '13
  • Temple Knight Tresor name is being displayed as M:1000051694.
  • DWC malfunction for rooms with COMP ON fixed
  • Healing Relic EX heal amount fixed
  • Auto-block, Parry and Evade abnormal activation rate fixed
  • "Ultimate Afro Event" mouse over showing in Mini-Map Quest
Fixed in Version 106 - 8th October '13
  • Fixed crash when linking to other character’s Irine Costume Skill.
  • DWC Compensation mode not taking effect correctly.
  • Artillery’s skill “Detonating Arrow” now has explosion sound effects.
  • Gladiator and Moonlord class Physical Defence increase reverted (Colosseum, Guild War)
  • Quest window TableError text bug is fixed
Fixed in Version 107 - 14th October '13
  • Dragon Fellowship Cutscene Text Alignment
  • Dragon Fellowship Dishes now working
  • Organic Invincibility Elixir and Organic Recovery Elixir for use in Desert Dragon Nest
  • White Dire Wolf removed from Altea Gacha Box
  • Moonlight Splitter EX, Crescent Cleave EX & Cyclone Slash EX for PVP
  • Moonlight Splitter EX Range Damage +50% (PVE)
  • Lv60 Unique Ladder Armour Set Bonus
  • Holy Shield (PVP/PVE)
  • Unique Enhancement Plates can now be properly removed with the "Returning Heraldry" Option via Heraldry Scholar NPC
  • Halloween Costume Set for INT Primary Stats selection for Sorceress and Archer
  • Dragon Nest SEA 2nd Anniversary Hat Appearance
Fixed in Version 108 - 5th November '13
  • GDN dish "Mental restoration elixir" unable to remove confusion effect.
  • Active 'Guild Bonus' sometimes not displaying the full list.
  • Text errors of "Burning Hand" and "Critical Break" heraldry plates
  • Paladin "Lightning Zap" bugged crawling lightning effect at higher skill levels
  • Calderock Village NPC "Invisible Thief" moved back down from the tent-top
  • Desert Dragon Nest "Loyal Follower Kajif" stage not dropping Recovery Fragments
  • Remote quest "Occupied Ancient Temple Challenge 5" unable to be completed
  • Translation for Halloween attendance event reward titles
  • Optimization of game client loading screen
Fixed in Version 109 - 12th November '13
  • Mercenary Skills "Iron Skin" & "Taunting Howl" - Skill Description will now display correctly.
  • Paladin Skill "Lightning Zap" - Affected targets will now correctly discharge "crawl lightning".
  • Physician Skill "Disease EX" - Will now correctly inflict poison status on affected targets
  • Desert Dragon Scale and Wrath Item Description - Attainment Location updated to include Desert Dragon Memoria
  • Limited Edition Text removed from current 5-piece Costume Package - Previously mislabelled, 5 Nov Patch Costume will continue to be available in the cash shop in future.
Fixed in Version 110 - 8th December '13
  • Deceptive Stronghold’s expected reward “Pacultas’s Mutant II” now shows correct icon
  • Shortened text for Party options of other characters at chatbox

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 08:13 PM

Fixed in Version 111 - 7th January '14
  • Cyclone Slash EX - 30% Magic Damage Increase (PVE) / 10% Magic Damage Increase (PVP) Debuff now working
  • Healing Relic - Bind Relic no longer affects the heal amount when both skills are used together
  • Injector Skill can no longer affect party members
  • Jasmine Expedition Base now lists Talisman as one of the expected rewards.
  • Memoria Part IV invisible wall bug is fixed.
  • Desert Dragon Hardcore Mode Eye of Life activation system message now appears correctly.
Fixed in Version 112 - 14th January '14
  • Missing system announcement when Dragon Buff is activated.
  • Square Text for new Enhancement Introduction Quest fixed.
  • Saint Haven Desert Dragon Monument restored.
  • "Like" button appearing in other players' character option menu removed.
  • Item crafting selecting of materials in other slots fixed.
  • Blessing of Lagendia Buff not given on 2nd completion of Lagendia Continent Exploration fixed.
Fixed in Version 113 - 11th February '14
  • Barbarian's Bone Crush additional buff wrongly increasing Magical ATK
  • Desert Dragon Nest Sandworm Infinite Sandstorm bug
  • Stats of each class shown at Character Creation screen is fixed
  • Unable to see other character's Unique Heraldry when inspecting
  • Colosseum Ranking icon randomly show as lower rank
Fixed in Version 114 - 25th February '14
  • Desert Dragon Nest Normal, Hardcore & Memoria Sandworm Hazal Sandworm Seal Stone Bug
  • Saint Haven NPC Blacksmith Merlin, unknown shop option removed
  • Warrior class unable to exchange Goddess Sympathy at Goddess Breath Store bug
  • Goddess's Breath store "Dragon Jade Pouch" unable to get low grade Dragon Jade bug
  • Skill Dragon Jade can be obtained from Nest bug (previously obtained Skill Dragon Jade will not be removed, but they cannot be equipped)
Fixed in Version 115 to 116 - 18th March '14
  • Treasure Stage minimum level requirement was wrongly increased to level 70.
  • DWC shop is missing ‘General Stock’ tab.
  • "Warp Guide" and "Elf Guard" NPC option "[Use Warp]" wrongly displayed as "[Inside the Royal Castle]".
  • Royal Guard NPC warp options were bugged and has square text.
  • Jumbled message shown when enhancing items.
  • Title Collection “Real fighting than practice!” no longer requires Professor K Nest Practice mode and Typhoon Kim Nest Practice mode.
  • Goddess's Origin giving damage boost in Ghoul Mode bug.
  • Skills that behaved erratically when used in conjunction with Dragon Fellowship Special Skill Heraldry has been fixed. Eg. Arrow shower with Frost Nova Special Skill Heraldry.
  • Master and Apprentice Information interface alignment bug.
  • Various translation errors, including Arrow Shower EX skill description.
Fixed in Version 117 - 25th March '14
  • Low level Bringer skill rings present in Item Production.
  • Item "Hero's Jewel" name and description not translated ingame.
  • Various translation fix.
Fixed in Version 118 - 2nd April '14
  • Disassembled materials can be picked up by another character in the same account bug
Fixed in Version 119 to 120 - 22nd April '14
  • Artillery's "Magical Breeze" skill abnormal increase skill damage
  • Crusader's "Electric Smite EX" initial hit missing electrocution effect and debuff
  • Assassin's "Illusion Step" and "Izuna Drop" skills giving mysterious buff
  • Assassin's "Fake Log" skill no debuff effect
  • Assassin's "Speedy Cut", "Piercing Star" and Chaser's "Mortal Blow" skill descriptions wrongly stating that cooldown will be saved additionally at skill level 16 is fixed. "Rain Drop" skill description is still bugged.
  • Alchemist's "Sacrifice" has wrong heal amount at skill level 6 bug
  • Saint's summoned Bind Relic EX's untranslated name bug
  • Assassin's event cash accessories not appearing when equipped
  • Sorceress's hair not cropped properly when equipping cash hat "Chic Songstress Fur Cap"
  • Various translation errors.
Fixed in Version 121 - 25th April '14
  • Blacksmith Merlin's Level 70 Daily Quests unable to be completed bug.
  • End date of baseball cash costume limited sales has been changed.
  • Assassin's Enhanced Weapon Exchange Coupon quests are now available.
    (We looking into the issue that Dagger is not available to be exchanged.)
  • Various translation errors:
    - Untranslated text during 1st Job Specialization
    - Some mails received from system
    - Names of the Goddess's Teardrop Shop new hats
    - Stalker monster's name in Mist Nest
    - Skill descriptions for "Soul Gate", "Inferno EX", "Fireball EX"
* Not listed in the patch notes:
  • Guild Master NPC's untranslated 3rd option
Fixed in Version 122 - 29th April '14
  • Assassin's Enhanced Weapon Exchange Coupon option for Dagger is now available.
  • Job Change Scroll is now able to change job between Light Fury and Abyss Walker.
  • Academic Lv15 job specialization quest is now able to complete.
Fixed in Version 123 to 124 - 9th May '14
  • Guardian's "Guardian Force" retain SA bonus for full duration of buff in PVP
Fixed in Version 125 - 20th May '14
  • Missing Mist Nest's Party Nest Experience
  • Cleric skill "Holy Kick" cannot be learned
  • Assassin's dagger normal attack animation
  • Assassin Guild Bonus items missing Dagger
  • Assassin's Ancestor Store missing Seal Stamp exchange
  • Bringer skill "Chakra Illusion" not marking enemy
  • Abyss Walker's "Incarnation of the Dark" graphic effect
  • Seal Stamp introduction quest mail reward untranslated text
  • Saint skill "Bind Relic EX" skill description error
  • Barbarian skill "Critical Mastery" skill description error
  • Abyss Walker's "Plasma Burst EX" skill description error
  • Bringer's "Ring of Energy" skill description error
  • Chaser's "Raindrop" additional cooldown save skill description error
  • "Conquer Mist Nest" achievement title renamed from "Vague" to "Misty"
  • Windy Arena pillar restored after being removed by accident
  • Various translation error
* Not listed in the patch notes:
  • Wild Wild West cash costumes for Warriors can now be used in Costume Synthesis.
Fixed in Version 126 - 3rd June '14
  • Ziyo Weapon unable to purchase with DNP
Fixed in Version 127 to 128 - 17th June '14
  • Ripper skill "Arsonist" graphic effect not sustaining
  • Bringer skills dark burn graphic effect not showing on monsters
  • Bringer skill "Shadow Focus" graphic effect bug
  • Adept skill "Magma Wave EX" PVP damage calculation follows PVE formula
  • Physician skill "Poison Break EX" PVP damage calculation follows PVE formula
  • Assassin's Magic grade cash costume unable to cover Unique set Upper Body items
  • Deceptive Stronghold wrongly dropping Goddess's Breath is now fixed.
Fixed in Version 129 - 20th June '14
  • High Latency issue upon Ordeal Nest 2nd Boss Death
  • Runaway Crazy Duck Minions not talking to their owners bug.
Fixed in Version 130 - 2nd July '14
  • Cleric's hair when wearing Ziyo set's Monta Beret will no longer be cropped (certain hairstyles may overlap with the hat)

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Posted 19 June 2014 - 10:11 PM

Fixed in Version 131 to 132 - 15th July '14
  • Invisible players in PVP
  • Assassin no footstep sound
  • Bringer event title "Hope inside Darkness" only has critical +700 bug
  • "Fantastic" title obtained from [Abyss] Dark Mine achievement is renamed to "Fabulous"
  • Crazy Duck and Basilisk Minion missing effect graphics when auto-active skill activates.
  • Goldblin gold drop amount bug
  • Rare grade Musician costumes missing blue aura when full set is equipped.
  • Crusader's "Sacred Hammering EX" initial round of attacks do not have light element and are not of EX version.
  • Nest Mission Rooms for Sea Dragon Nest and Green Dragon Nest removed from Party window. Weekly event missions for Nest Mission Rooms removed.
  • Tel Rosa City Challenge 3 Quest requirements modified to kill 3 Rune Golems instead of destroying the cannons in the city.
  • Elestra's "Ice Barrier" ignoring some invincibility and freezing invincible opponents has been fixed.
Fixed in Version 133 to 134 - 22nd July '14
  • Level 70 High Grade Talisman (Attack) crafting option missing.
  • Main Quest "[Lv. 70] Beginning of a Legend 2" cutscene not appearing, unable to continue quest.
  • Missing Set Bonus for Elite Colosseum costumes.
  • Blacksmith Merlin's Daily Quest options for the new dungeons at Forest of Shady Blue Moon Entrance not translated.
Fixed in Version 135 to 136 - 12th Aug '14
  • Elemental Lord, MP consumption reduction plate for Fire Shield and Ice Shield bug
  • Elite Colosseum costumes Sorceress set wrong names
  • Assassin character's hidden headgear appears after repair outside of town
  • Bringer skills dark burn graphic effect missing
  • Various translation errors
Fixed in Version 137 to 138 - 19th Aug '14
  • Sorceress Tysha not responding
  • Main Quest: A New Beginning unable to proceed
Fixed in Version 139 to 140 - 04th Sept '14
  • Flashy Gentleman Sword Glow effect issue with Mace
Fixed in Version 141 - 09th Sept '14
  • Flash Stance Skill unable to move forward
Fixed in Version 142 to 143 - 07 Oct '14
  • Burning Calderock PVP map hole in the bridge bug
  • 3rd job characters unable to complete lv 15 Job Specialization Quest bug
Fixed in Version 144 to 145 - 09 Oct '14
  • Lowered critical rate issue
  • Assassin's Ladder MP and defence issue
  • Untranslated text in Attendence Event
  • Misleading description for Windwalker and Tempest lv 65 passive skills
* Not listed in the patch notes:
  • Circle Break EX damage AOE is smaller
Fixed in Version 146 - 16 Oct '14
  • Dragon Fellowship Entrance Ticket Removal
  • Black Dragon Nest Practice mode Round selection weird starting location bug
Fixed in Version 147 - 21 Oct '14
  • Cherry Gachapon redemption error.
* Not listed in the patch notes:
  • Lancea option found in Guild Recruitment
  • Various translation

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Posted 19 June 2014 - 10:11 PM


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Posted 19 June 2014 - 10:12 PM