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Team Riuga - Never Quit [Hooya - Rudn Hc Cleared 4/28/2017] [Recruitment Open]

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 02:55 AM


IGN: MavisIris
Class: Saleana (non-hellfire)
Past experiences (on the subject of previous teams, previous raid nest exploration experiences):

• To be honest, I don't have a "raiding team". I run on my all characters with pubs. I recruit / join  then do runs with them. Usually I am waiting for shouts from other pubs needing players to run.  Others find it quite annoying to run with pubs but I learned a lot from it.

• I am from 60 cap so the only runs I remember are Sea Dragon / Green dragon then went hiatus. Came back 6 months ago around February /2017. Experienced RDN with guild then went in IDNL with my support ( guard ).

Watched lots of videos and rotations on a guardian perspective to master the run and timings on my own. Even today, I can run my guard IDN HC with the use of IDNU items ~

Describe yourself:

•Available times in GMT+8:
As of the moment I am working in american time based. So GMT+8 would be 8pm - 5am. I log in everyday at around 2:00pm - 5:30pm

•If you are a student, do you have exams within the next six months?
I am working~

• If you fall down, do you stay down or get up and get some more?
Failing is actually fun for me. It's not that I want to fail. I want to fail on a sense that even after I am doing my best, I can tell that I still have more things to learn and experience. Expand horizons, achieve more than what is at hand. Accomplish goals that were once unreachable. Best feeling ever.

What does the word comrade mean to you?
• Comrade? A friend, an ally, someone you can trust to. Someone that has the same pair of skills that you have.

What is a quitter to you?
• A quitter is a person who has lost his sense of direction. Would avert himself to other fields but ultimately won't forget the feeling of shame and regret of things unsaid and undone.

Do you consider yourself a quitter
• No. Why ? I mean why would I? I have lived myself already for 23 years in this world. I have never had a sense of regret. Filling up this form is even a sense of challenge to one self. :)

Undeniably there will be much on the negative side when it boils down to raid nest exploration.
How do you plan to deal with the negative emotions that come from this?
• Negative emotions arise from anger and frustration. It leads out to haunting words and undeniable statements. So in the end, would trash ones reputation and so does harassing one of your kind. I don't do that. I better keep my words in check and speak only when I am calm. I hate stress, so I prefer also not providing one to other people.

Will you let these negative emotions come to you?
• No. As stated from above. I HATE STRESS. When I can feel it sinking in. I literally stop and think if it's worth it. To say it. To do it. Should it happen. Mind over matter. That counts a lot.

There will be cursing and blaming simply because there are humans within the team.
Do you have a problem with being able to brush off as much as is thrown at you, and still be able to move on with an iron will?
• I have to accept that yes maybe I fail in a mech. Yes maybe I fail in a situation but when I apologize. I am sincere that I don't want it to happen again cause time is invested. Not only mine but also does the team. My Iron will is to unlearn myself. Relearn everything from scratch, adapt, improvise then execute. Rinse repeat the scenario. Visualize the scenario until mastered.

The key in a raid exploration team is to view everything negative about it as a normal aspect of life. Never let the negativity get to you personally. People will naturally vent their frustration at everything. This behavior is encouraged as running with anger inside of you will only make it worse. Look past everything else and focus on what you need to learn and what you need to improve on and get it done. Can you grasp this ideology?

• I can. I surely can. I have been living in a dark world since my past days. Let's say I have been constantly pushing myself to my limits in my own ways. :))

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 03:02 AM

Note that that is only 70% of the post, as I cannot zoom out further. During raid exploration seasons, there will be one such post for every day that we run. I always write one after the runs are completed. You will be expected to read, memorize, and master the information and strategies discussed in the post within 24 hours. You cannot cheat out of this because we always test each other to single out those who may have missed even one minor detail of a strategy. The failure of even one person to demonstrate mastery and memorization of a new strategy results in a group punishment - everyone will have to practice with this one person until he masters it. We will not run until everyone masters the new strategy. On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you in being able to keep with a constant barrage of walls of text that you must master and memorize in just a short period of time.

• I will give myself an 8 since this is still my first raiding team and I know I still have much to learn.

At that, the said posts usually contain words and phrases that some non-native English speakers find hard to understand. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your knowledge of the English language.

• 9 since there are still deep forms of english that I seek websters help in order to understand it.

Do you swear that you have not falsified any piece of information given here?
• Yes. I would not gain anything from lying here.

Have you read, acknowledged, and agreed with our Consitution? •Yes
Are you registering for this Team on your own free will? • Yes

By joining, you acknowledge that the Constitution can change. Do you accept the fact that the new Constitution will take effect immediately after exactly 24 hours after the new version has been officially posted on this thread?
• Yes

And do you acknowledge that you will be under its rules and policies unless you leave the Team within the those 24 hours?
• Yes

By signing up for the Team, you will be subject to Assessment & Selection, or A&S. This event is three days long. During day two, also known as "Indoc" and "Hell Day", you will be subject to stress, shouting, vulgarities, and activities of all types that are made to break you down mentally, stress you out, degrade your individuality, and ultimately make you quit if you can not keep up with what is to be expected of a Member. The length of Indoc is varies greatly. Neither you nor the instructors will know when it will end. The instructors will only secure your Hell Day when they are satisfied that they have ruled out all of the quitters. Only one candidate will be selected 7 days after the end of Day Three. If you get selected in the end, you will be promoted to Private, and formally be a part of Team Riuga. If you get dropped out of A&S due to failure to conform up to the expectations of the instructors, or you drop on request, you will be removed from the Team and A&S immediately, and will never again be able to re-apply for the Team unless you are issued a waiver. You may only get a waiver to re-apply through convincing the Leader of Team Riuga as to why you deserve a second chance. Understand that waivers have never been issued in the past, nor do I see myself issuing one even until the day Dragon Nest SEA shuts down. A waiver is extremely situational, and you will never be issued a waiver if you drop out of A&S on your own free will, otherwise known as a "drop on request". Do you acknowledge the fact that you will be put through this brutalizing course by signing up for the Team, and that you may not get selected in the end?
• I have read that content well and I am ready :)

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 11:24 PM


Sadly, you're not going to last very long here if you "hate stress" as you say you do. Potential candidates need to be able to like things that suck, otherwise they will not survive halfway through the whole selection process we have in place. Other than that, your schedule will not be able fit with ours, so we will not be able to offer you an interview to reconsider A&S eligibility.

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 06:32 AM


What I meant was the bad stress. There's a good stress which means a challenging one which I basically am pushing on myself. " I am always pushing myself to my limits. " Anyhow, I was expecting that answer since my time schedule is way too off for your team's availability. I am honored though for this opportunity that Ennemie and You have shown.

See you around in game. ^^