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[Event] My Secret Valentine Love Story! 10 Most Impressionable Submissions (17 Feb - 24 Feb)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:22 PM

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Ahhh, love is a many splendor thing. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to let the world know how deep your love is! Here are the 10 most impressionable submissions that have left the team with lasting touching impressions.

The top 10 placements are not in order and are solely based on the time of each post.
Players/forumers/mods can vote for as many posts as they want. Votes are counted by liking the submission post on this thread.

To be fair to all players, no image will be taken from the original posts, and all posts will be standardized by the team. We apologise for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused by removing or by editing any players’ posts. IGNs will be stated in each post to prevent any plagiarism in future.

Voting will end on 24 February 2015, 12noon (GMT +8). This thread will be hidden to prevent anymore voting from players. We will announce the winners as soon as the results have been tallied.

Let the voting begin ~

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:22 PM

Update as of 24 February, 1630HRS

The likes have been tallied and here are the top 5 finalists for the Secret Valentine Love Story event:

1st Placing: Veiled Happiness (Coricoponu) - 49 Likes
2nd Placing: Our Hearts Beats as One (Yamazuke) - 38 Likes
3rd Placing: Pointy Ears (Kreiss) - 30 Likes
4th Placing: D (or V) - Day (Xonora) - 29 Likes
5th Placing: Majesty and the Tramp (SNSD_AjumNy) - 22 Likes

Congratulations for having the sweetest stories for this year's Valentines Day Event!

A notification will be sent via Cherry Messenger or to your e-mail address that are linked to your Cherry Exchange account. Please acknowledge and reply to the message before the team can proceed with the crediting of the rewards!

Thank you everyone for the participation! Spread the love everyone ~ (rose)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:22 PM


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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:23 PM

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Sniffing the flowers by the South Gate of Saint Haven, I notice a peculiar man sitting by the boxes under the stairs. He looks homeless, starving, and bored. Walking up to him I offered him an Apple in my basket. Looked like he haven’t slept for days. He grabbed the apple straight from my hand as he chomped down voraciously. He muttered, “Loffy”.

I’ve been giving him food bought from home since then, from fruits to my home-baked pies. I didn’t mind his smell he garnered from rummaging through the trash. I find him amusing. The next day, I noticed that he is not in his usual place. Found it strange, but I just left and went home anyways.

The following day, I see a strange man standing on Loffy’s usual spot. His posture was straight and neat, hair slight unkempt however he smelt familiar. Went over to him in curiosity, as he welcomed me with a smile. I muttered a small breath “Loffy”. He return with a nod. From his arms he took out from his back, a bouquet of flowers he bought with what little he had. He then said “Will you be mine?”

I said yes.

-By Aecius (Westwood/Greenwood)

Secret Valentine: Loffy

(Word count – 199)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:24 PM

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Dear Brother,

Today I lose my very best friend. He’s the best person I’ve ever known after you. Hubert introduced him to me after you went to see Altea.

I love being with him as much as I do with you. He’s funny, clumsy albeit sometimes overprotective. Whenever I’m in trouble, he chased out bad guys and stomped monsters to death.

Brother, I’m also sorry that sometimes I accidentally called him “Big brother”; the same way I called you. It’s just the way he makes my life brighter just as you did when you are still here, in Lagendia. After you, he's the only family that I got.

But today, he died because of my fault. I’m such a problematic sister, am I? After our parent died, you left me, and now, he also left me. It’s my fault that I brought him to the forest and Karahan shred him to pieces.

His last words are same as yours, “Forgive me, Lully”.

But fret not, I’m going learn from Uncle Hubert and become the best Academic, and rebuild him someday.
Brother, I’m very lonely right now. I miss you and Alfredo.

Hope this letter reach you in the heaven.


-By LullyQueen (Westwood/Greenwood)

Secret Valentine: Alfredo

(Word count – 200)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:25 PM

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It was less than a week before Valentine’s Day,
And the ambiance of love in the air was to stay,
Everyone seemed to be in the mood.
Yet all I can think of that day was food.

People asking each other out here and there,
That I began to wonder and stare
At a cute little puppy by the window
Who seemed like he wanted to say hello.

I thought to myself that he was the one,
Regrets in taking him home, I had none,
For he was the answer to my prayers at night.
He made my burdens feel nothing but light.

Together, we shared moments and had fun
That I thought it was going to be an endless run
Six years passed by in a blink of an eye
That it seemed too soon for you to say goodbye

My friend, my friend, how could this be
The pain’s too deep that I lost a part of me
Everything I do reminded me of you
I love you my valentine, I know you loved me too.

-By lIcerl (Westwood/Greenwood)

Secret Valentine: Ghost Hound

(Word count – 178)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:27 PM

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Day 165: I lost connection with my dearest jasmine, i don't know where to start, my mind is a blank, the world is a maze. What should I do?

Day 186: I finally know now, that Lagendia is in grave danger, I can't do this alone without you jasmine, You’re my strength and all. I need to find you!

~Went to Jasmine`s base to drop off a letter

How long has it been?

I often find myself wandering throughout Tel Numara and haven't seen you there. I know you already cut off our connection, but i'm still hoping that someday you and me can happily travel through time. I already understand why you left me, for i am a part of you and i know that we’re after that same goal to make the world a better place. Still there is one thing missing, "WE" this is not only your mission, its ours. "WE" can try to make this world a better place, "WE" can make things right. "WE" will never give up on our dreams for our hearts beat as one. I am off to face the Black Dragon, hope "WE" can still be a team.

Forever Yours,

-By xeCutee (Westwood/Greenwood)

Secret Valentine: Jasmine

(Word count – 200)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:28 PM

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Forwards, backwards... Pacing the same ten steps in front of Blacksmith Merlin...

"Come on!" I shouted, somewhat impatiently. "Are my jewels done? They have to be perfect!"

Merlin gruffly handed me what I came for: a set of jewels. "Flawless in beauty, perfection in every way, just like you" I mused.

I trudged on nervously on my reindeer, which somehow reflected my mood: head down, nervous (or pitiful?).

"Come on Blackpaw! You've faced orcs, monsters and dragons! Could this be any more challenging?" a last desperate attempt to rally my mind for what was to come.

And then, I saw you. And it all clicked into place. I walked up, out from my hiding spot in the bushes…

Your shocked face quickly settled down as you saw me, your eyes telling me the answer before  I even asked, “S-s-sorene, will you be my-

Yes! Of course I’ll be your valentine!

I was going to say ticket agent to lotus marsh, but valentine works too,” I joked, eliciting that trademark laugh of yours and a playful slap on my shoulder. I smiled back.

Today is going to be an excellent day.

-By Blackpaw (Westwood/Greenwood)

Secret Valentine: Ticket Agent Sorene

(Word count – 190)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:29 PM

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Her awkwardness;
   My happiness.

Her imperfections;
   My obsession.

Her presence;
   My inspiration.

Her absence;
   My frustration.

Her face;
   My dementia.

Her smile;
   My weakness.

Her smell;
   My addiction.

Her silence;
  My music.

Her melancholy;
  My misery.

Her love;
  My ecstasy.


-By GidgetGein (Springwood/Holywood)

Secret Valentine: Lunaria

(Word count – 43)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:30 PM

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A four-leaf clover is for luck.

Maybe it was luck, and most would be glad to survive a massacre, most but not me. Everything I loved burned until nothing was left but ashes.

I was wandering around Lagendia , protecting the prophet as it is my duty even if I didn't really care for her and I know that he does too so maybe I was lucky to find a kindred soul.

Because we both had lost what was important to us.

A three-leaf clover is for love.

I felt my knees tremble. Our backs against each other and an army surrounding us and I wondered if he had heard the sound of my heart racing when he smiled at me in reassurance.

A two-leaf clover is for hope.

Blood pooled around us as I held him in my arms. The Serpentra had left but I still shook in fear.

Please don’t die.

I can’t lose you too.

He closed his eyes and all hope vanished.

A one-leaf clover is for faith.

He doesn't remember me.

I murmured as Argenta and I watched the boy, ‘him’, walk away.

She scoffed and whispered,

Don’t worry, he will eventually…

-By thisischii (forum nickname)

Secret Valentine: Geraint

(Word count -197)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:31 PM

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What is Love?

I asked a couple of my guildmates what LOVE is and this is what they told me…

Guildmaster Arymir replied with a scowl that makes dragons look like little kittens, “Why are you asking questions again you rotten blueberry?”

“I….ummm….I d-don’t….” I felt like Timothy talking to him, “…know what Love is?”

Arymir replied, “....you'll find out for yourself then.”

Then he walked out.

Einciel, a cleric, told me that, “Love is when girls notice your”

He whistles and calls his majestic pig while wiggling his eyebrows, “CHARM!”

And I left him alone with his pig.

Miss Annabiel who was cooking in the kitchen told me,

“Love is simply putting someone else’s happiness first.” She smiled and resumed her cooking.

Master Caellysta smiled at my question, “Family.”

Then my master skipped with her basket of fruits and later hugs a tree.

What is Love?

I traveled to Dried Marissa Spring that afternoon with the thought still in my head.

Gosuk welcomes me with her biggest smile.

“Ha…ppy…..Valeeenthines…big brother…! Goble-goble!”

Gosuk hands me a handmade card with my name on it.

Not a lot of people like her,

but... “Happy Valentines Gosuk.”

So what is, Love?

-By Caledonya (Springwood/Holywood)

Secret Valentine: Gosuk

(Word count – 198)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:32 PM

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“How can you love someone you cannot see?”, someone asked me.
I took a breathe first before answering this person.

“You do not have to see a person to be able to love them,
what matters the most is the feelings you have.
I ask you, do you need eyes to feel something emotional like love?”

He didn’t answer me. So I left that person and went to the
hill near the Airship. Sometimes, even I ask myself if I
truly love this person. But I can never deny these feelings I have.

I went to the crates beside the tent and whispered
“Are you there?”
, he replied
“I bought you something”, I took an album from my bag

He gasped when he saw what I was holding
It was a Harori Album Limited Edition

“Are you happy?”, I asked him.
“Yes! Thank you, Cierra”

I smiled

Yes, I can truly say that these feelings are true.
Even though I cannot see him, this happiness
I feel is more than enough.

“I love you, Invisible Thief

-By Cierrafyie (Springwood/Holywood)

Secret Valentine: Invisible Thief

(Word count – 177)

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Posted 17 February 2015 - 12:33 PM

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"A sign to NPC that I ignore:

Is to click and hold space bar I swore!"

But one sent my heart drowning ashore.

It’s the archer master whom I adore.

"I gave gifts to warm her cold heart.
Hand Mirror was one of her favorite part."
"Though she demands costly figurine,
I grind hard to seek that statue of Nerwin."

"As our friendship level increases,
Hearts began floating in tiny pieces."
"She then gave me Elf title as present,
and I cherished it like a special event."

"Time flies and I need to depart,
I leave a vow to this lovely sweetheart."
"Till next time Ithilien dear,

I'll be missing your Pointy Ear."

-By McKreiss (Springwood/Holywood)

Secret Valentine: Ithilien

(Word count – 113)