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Recruiting Active Members In Finality!

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Posted 12 October 2015 - 09:46 PM

Basic Guild Info

Guild Name: FINALITY


We have almost daily Lord Hall opened by me (Yami). Hopefully we'll get more ppl who can open Lord Hall to join us (:]). Lets prepare for guild wars before they are released. Feel free to ask in guild chat or fb grp or Whatsapp if there's anything you don't know about the game and we'll do our best to help.

Please do reply to this thread with your ign, squad lvl and PWR if you have applied already.

Additional Recruitment Requirements

Squad Lv.: At least lvl 20

PWR (Squad Power):
2400 and above are always welcomed, if below that applications might still have chance to be accepted. Not accepting 1500 and below.

Other Info

Facebook group: https://www.facebook...LITY.Bloodline/

LINE ID: None yet. Currently have Whatsapp group

What do you look for in a potential Guild member?
1 word: Active

Must be really active and always do Flying Chess in guild to level up the guild. Top scorers in Flying Chess will receive lots of gems every end of the week (clap).
Also, please be pro-active and join our fb group and whatsapp for Lord Hall and guild war preparation.
Lastly, enjoy the game and have fun with our members class=

*Members who are inactive for more than 1 week will be booted unless provided valid reason before going inactive*