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Punsrus Guild Recruiting

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Posted 30 October 2015 - 09:48 AM

Guild Name: PunsRUs

Guild ID: 001 001 00165
Guild LV: 8
Members: 31/34

Leader: Baphomet

Vice Leader: Dempt

Hello everyone, this is Baphomet/PunKinKing. I am the leader of PunsRUs. Despite the funny name, no. You do not need a pun in order to join. It is appreciated though ;D

All I am looking for are people who will be active and play flying chess.

To me, it is important that we as a guild are active and do their part in helping the rest of us out by playing flying chess. It helps everyone by getting a better score and better rewards at the beginning of every week (gems, gold, etc.)

Everyone is welcome as in:
  • No PWR requirement
  • No Squad Lv requirement (I understand that squad level 11-16 can't play flying chess until 17)
Things to keep an eye out for:
  • I will remove people who are inactive in the guild after 2-3 days of inactivity.
  • I will remove people who do not play flying chess at all after several days (except lower levels)
  • If you will be inactive for any reason, please let me know in chat or in our Skype chat.
  • Be sure to check out what the Guild Notice in game is as well. I will often put something up there.
  • If possible, try to be active in chat or at least skim through what's being said. I do answer a lot of questions there and help with anything I can.

Skype: Please add punkindragon and make sure to tell me what your in game name is!

1. Why Skype?
    A. At first, we were going to go with WhatsApp but after trying it, I decided Skype was better because you don't have to share your personal phone number with anyone, just username. This is mainly for myself. I did not want to advertise my personal number and end up with unwanted phone calls.

2. How does leveling the guild work? Any benefits to us?
    A. Yes, there are several benefits.

    For one, leveling up the guild allows us to recruit more members. The more member we have, the more can play flying chess.

    Flying chess is important because that is the main way for the guild to level up (As of now at least). The more that members play, the better milestones we can hit (example: 6000 completed steps), and the better rewards that can be given per week. This past week we all got 200 gems and several thousand gold for rewards.

    Also, once Guild Wars opens up, we will have more players available to play and have a better chance at earning honor medals. With honor medals, we will be able to recruit heroes such as Ruthtria, Grey Star, Shin, and others. I am under the impression that the rewards will be shared with everyone in the guild which is great!

    I am sure there will be other reasons why leveling the guild will help everyone but we'll have to wait for future updates!

3. When will Lord's Hall be open?
    A. Lord's Hall can be opened by VIP 8 members and I will open Lord's Hall 1-2 times per week. Usually on the weekends (Saturday-Sunday).

    The way that Lord's Hall works is that whenever one person opens it, a total of 6 members can join. After having joined, everyone will receive benefits and Lord's Hall will reset. This can be done a total of 5 times per day.

4. Where do I receive the weekly Flying Chess rewards?
    A. You can reclaim your rewards by going to Flying Chess -> Reward Info (bottom left) -> Receive (button under the check rewards).
    Note that you will be unable to receive the weekly rewards if you just became LV17 AFTER the week has ended.

5. Do I HAVE to be talkative?
    A. No, not at all. All that is required is that you are active and that you play flying chess if able to. If unable to do either of these two, please let me know.

Final Note.
Lastly, I hope that more members can join our Skype group. It is becoming active and it is definitely a lot of fun, so be sure to join us there if able!

Hopefully this is a decent enough compendium regarding the guild at the moment. I look forward to seeing you in chat and in the application sheet!

- Baphomet