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Basic Introduction To Guilds And Guild Functions

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Posted 14 December 2015 - 05:31 PM

What is a Guild?

A community-based feature within the Bloodline where players can:

• Band together as a community and engage in group discussions.
• Work together by engaging in various Guild activities, with each member doing his or her part to unlock multiple tiers of rewards for the entire Guild.

The person who founds a Guild (Leader) is responsible for recruiting new Guild members and keeping them in line. A Vice-Leader can also be appointed to assist in managing the Guild (;]).

Players seeking to join a Guild should first do their homework and find out what the entry requirements are.

Pro-Tip: Engaging in Guild activities such as Flying Chess will raise your Guild’s level, which will increase its Member capacity.

Guild Chat

Remember not to miss out on the Guild Chat function, which allows you to converse exclusively with your fellow Guild members!

Flying Chess

A Dice-Rolling Mini-Game which allows you to earn goodies such as gold, gems, Hero Cards and Hero Fragments. If you see a reward that you can’t afford to miss, you can use gems to specify the exact number you want the dice roll to be.

Pro-Tip: Each Guild member’s progress in this mini-game contributes to raising the Guild level and unlocking additional rewards for the entire Guild. You can check this under the “Reward Info” button.

Tower of Time

Stick your favorite hero in one of these rooms to gain EXP.

Pro-Tip: Heroes below Lv.30 get 30% more EXP.

Guild War and Guild Shop

Content is locked for now.