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Curious About Suspension.

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 01:04 PM

Hi, I need some advice. Apparently my friend got ban due to suspicion of fraud transnational activity. What I know about her is she always use premium SMS services to pay or her paypal to buy CC. Recently I just found out that she didn't use her number (She is using prepaid) instead she uses her friends number in exchange for cash, cause it's easier. Sometimes her friend gives her discounts and allow her for late payment (I mean that is good as heck, you can purchase stuff and pay later). They have mutual trust.

So one day, this friend of my befriended this dude. Who apparently agreed on exchanging. However, the dude didn't know anything about this CC and decide to contact CC regarding this. He was afraid that this was a scam. Apparently what i have heard from her is that, CC release her EMAIL to him. Due note that EMAIL address are confidential. It is link to so many of her game account,social media and etc. She went through emotional breakdown cause the guy also reported to the authority. What is fascinating to me is that CC didn't verify with her before giving out the email. I may be wrong, cause this is what HE told her.There was a transaction of bank transfer with him even, she PAID up! The guy planning to drop charges cause it was a misunderstanding but CC on the other hand is  mess.

Now CC emailed her stating to give her ID front and back, Credit front and back and Bill for her phone number. She is now going through some emotional turmoil and stress. When she ask CC if they releases it, they disregard it. How unprofessional. Again, I don't know what to do? Kindly advice me on what I can do as a friend to help her.