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Daikirai [ Official Recruitment]

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Posted 21 March 2016 - 08:27 PM

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Guild Master: Gambanteinn
Guild Level: 34

Country: International
Guild Type: Mainly PvE however we got place for PvP players as well =)
Guild Activity: Around 15-25 people a day, since people still have problems with loggin in

ABOUTPosted ImageUS

Ohayou gozaimasu minna!

Daikirai is a guild for everyone, be it a "misfit",anime/tv shows freak, music lover,hardcore or normal player,animal lover, you call it ! We're mainly focusing on nests, but there's plenty of space for PvP players or just social players that like to hang around and interact with other guildmembers.

Our main goal is to maintain the relationships/create new bonds in our big family that already helps each other on daily basis. We train together, we raid together, we trade together and we laugh our asses off together. Of course it doesn't mean we're not taking the game seriously, because we do.

The main point is, you should join us if you're active,friendly and social, that's the entire point of this post ! We want our community to grow even bigger and stronger and we need you in order to achieve that!!


I could just insert some unreasonable rules here but I won't do that, because all we ask of you is to :

1.Be active, friendly and social !
2.Sense of humour is always welcome. ( P.S. You can also sing with me on ts from time to time if u like XD)
3.Be respectful towards other,regardless of their rank.
4.Don't be scared to interact with us, the new members are most welcome to do stuff with the rest.
5.We do not tolerate SCAMMING people, that's inappropriate.

Gear requirements : None, we do not discriminate people based on their gear.


1.We have a TS server, the IP is in the guild notice.
2.Guild storage is open for everyone, every guildmember can donate whatever he wants and can ask a GM/veteran/senior to take out items for them.
3.Every guild bonus is there at all times, be it bonus exp, colo exp, extra attack in nests,extra exp for heroes or durability fee reduction. (P.S. We also have guild set and titles )
4.We're working with a promotion system based on your guild activity and contribution, meaning everyone can rank up from recruit to even veteran if u work for it , however u can't skip ranks. Everyone starts as a recruit, then he gets promoted to a member. If your efforts are remarkable you'll become a senior and if your actions are beyond remarkable, you'll get the status of a veteran
5.Not to forget, we have our own website as well. We mainly post guides there, but sometimes important information about guild appears there as well. [ http://daikirai.shivtr.com/ ]
6.Guild facebook : Soon to be announced.


There's 3 ways to apply to our guild.
1.Contact someone in-game : GM: Gambanteinn; Veterans : Trigga, HSMraven, Hikaru- , Aliannah
Seniors : Maeii, Speed1, LeDarkbob, Dark4ix, Mathras, Vonhiel

2. Leave me a message here, on the forums, PM are always welcome ^^
3. You can go onto our website and fill in the application form.

Thank you for reading !

A cute pic of me XD Posted Image

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 02:03 PM

bring it up ↑

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 05:26 AM