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[Announcement] Servers Back On 5Th February, 1:00 Am Cet

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 04:57 PM

Dear Dragon Nest players,

The servers will be opened on Friday, 5th February, on 01:00 am CET and you can enjoy the new Level 90 patch. Thank you for being patient with us and giving us enough time to resolve the technical issues with our servers. Due to a severe technical failure, we had to try our best to save your game data. Luckily, we were able to save a lot of the data. If you log in to the game, you will find all your characters, Gold, DNP and AC are still there.

What data has been lost?
All titles, missions, quests, achievements, NPC points, guild points, cooking details, fishing details, trading house items, as well as inventory and storage items are gone for now.  Cash Items have also been wiped.

What are we going to do about it?
You are going to receive a lot of the lost items back from us. Although they are not on your character or in your inventory anymore, we could reconstruct the data outside of the game. Generally speaking, you will receive two big things from us:

A reimbursement package for what has been lost and a compensation package because of this whole situation.


What are we going to do about lost regular gear, skills, etc.?
We will basically have a massive Jump Character Event:
With the server opening, all characters are going to be Level 80. If you had a Level 80, a Level 28 and a Level 56 character on Sunday, you will have three Level 80 characters now. These characters will have finished all mandatory and relevant quests and missions.
You will also receive 100 Gold to set up your skills and everyone receives a new Level Up Reward Box.

All characters will receive legendary Level 70 Equipment materials and epic Level 80 equipment (already upgraded to +10), with updated values according to the Level 90 Dragon Nest R rebalancing.

What about your titles?

We cannot track down the titles from in game achievements anymore. These will be gone. Titles you have received from specific events (Assassin release, Level 80 release, etc.) we will send to you between 8th and 12th February.

Posted Image

What are we going to do about lost Cash Items?
General Cash Items (bought in the last 3 months)
e.g. Style & Functional Items

You will receive an individual amount of DNP from us; equaling the sum of AC you spent in the Cash Shop between November and January.* This means you will be able to rebuy regular Cash Shop items.

This DNP reimbursement is excluding AC spent on Deluxe/Dragon/Christmas/Argenta/Velskud Boxes and excluding AC spent on Christmas 2015, Argenta and King of Flower Costumes.

Some items are AC only! How are you supposed to buy everything with DNP?
When you enter the game, every item in the Cash Shop will be available for purchase via DNP.

General Cash Items (older than 3 months)

We will send all permanent Cash Items you acquired prior to November 2015 to your character’s Special Storage by the end of next week. Consumable items (such as Blue Birds) will be capped.

Dragon Boxes
Posted Image

When you log in to the game, you will be missing the Deluxe/Halloween/Christmas/Dragon Box item you previously obtained. We will recover the monthly items and send them back to you until the first week of March. So, although they will be missing at first, you will get these items back a bit later, after we have reconstructed the information and set up the redistribution.
If you had unopened Dragon/Velskud Boxes, we will send these to you over the weekend.

Argenta Boxes/Velskud Boxes
When you log in to the game, your Argenta and Velskud items will be missing. In your Special Storage you will have Velskud and Argenta Coins equaling the value of your previous items, so you can simply rebuy them.

When you log in to the game, your costumes will be gone. Until 12th February, you will receive your previously owned costumes from us. They will be sent with the preset stats and weapon skills for every class which we also use for our regular costume sales.

Synthesized Costumes
Your synthesized costumes will be gone. Between 22nd and 26th February, we will patch a new Costume Synthesizer which contains all previous Synthesizer Sets and will only give out epic costume parts, so you can recreate your sets from the Costumes we will send you.

Bonus Items from Sales & Community Events
When you log in to the game, the bonus items you received from various sales promotions and community events are gone. We will send those items back to you until the end of February.

Posted Image

Okay, now you got most of your things back. What about the compensation?

In addition to the recovery, restoring and reimbursing of the previously mentioned items, we will provide you a compensation consisting of several parts:

#1: Cash Item & Item Packages
Posted Image

You will receive 3 packages, sent to you via Special Storage, Gift Box and In Game Mail. These will provide you with:

Black Rook Package
White Black Queen Package
Black Bishop Package
Gray Knight Package
Beige Red Pawn Package
Black King Package
Black Knight Package
Black Grey Queen Package

Moon Star Sapphire Necklace
Moon Star Sapphire Earrings
Moon Star Sapphire Ring
Night Fairy's Wings
Night Fairy's Tail
Night Fairy's Decal
Snow Bird Spirit
Black Dire Wolf

Manticore Junior (Physical)
Manticore Junior (Magical)
Horn of Life (30 Days)
Gangnam Style Dance Gesture
Scroll of Oblivion
Job Change Scroll

Epic Dragon Jade Pouch (Lv. 80)   
Magic Talisman Pouch (Lv. 80 / ATK)  
Magic Talisman Pouch (Lv. 80 / DEF)  
Epic Heraldry Pouch (Lv. 80)
Unique Heraldry Pouch (Lv. 70)
Flawless Diamond   
Flawless Alteum   
Perfect Alteum
Purified Seal Stamp
Hero Pouch (Epic)
Hero Pouch (Unique)  
Unique Accessory Pouch (Lv. 80 Necklace)   
Unique Accessory Pouch (Lv. 80 Earrings)
Unique Accessory Pouch (Lv. 80 Ring)  
Level-up Reward Box (Lv.2)
Goddess' Lament
Dimensional Gem Fragment  
Guild Master's Silver Coin
Lv.90 Wish Exchange Coupon

Lv.80 Set Helmet   
Lv. 80 Set Top
Lv.80 Set Bottom   
Lv. 80 Set Gloves   
Lv. 80 Set Shoes
Lv. 80 Set Main & Sub Weapons
Black Dragon's Wrath (Legend)

#2: Fully Unlocked Inventory and Storage
On top of the item package, you will get a fully unlocked inventory and storage. Make sure to take the “Server Downtime Gift 3” out of your Special Storage first, because this includes the inventory and storage expansion you will need to accept all other gifts.

#3: Free DNP
To cover all your bases, every account will receive a 5,000 DNP Voucher from us which can be used to unlock 5,000 DNP. Please make sure you log in within the next 7 days to take it out of your special storage.

#4: Premium Item Bundles
Posted Image

Aside from all of the above, here is what every account will receive from us:
10 Dragon Boxes
10 Velskud Boxes
1x Crystal Wings

And here is what every Lv. 80 character will receive from us:

Basic Heraldry Set (Bear, Magician, Tent, Destruction, Shining, Wind, Wise, Fatal, Health, Life)
5x Lv. 80 Spark Pouch
10x Lv. 70 Dragon Jade Pouch (High Grade)

#5: Increased Drop Rate and Blessing Points and Nest Resets until 2nd March
Posted Image

From 5th February until 2nd March, we will activate a +200% Drop Rate Increase, send you 2 Big Blessing Point Potions every day and reset all Nests additionally every Wednesday to make refarming things easier for you.

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 04:57 PM

Updated Roadmap for Future Recoveries

Getting your character back to its previous look

Every Lv. 80 (or higher) character will receive 5 style packages in his Special Storage today. The packages will contain all available hair styles, faces, hair colours, skin colours and eye colours. You will be able to pick the one you want from each package and the rest will disappear. The faces can only be picked if you are logged into the right character class for taking them out. Make sure to pick the right style/face/colour!
Note: If you already spent DNP or AC on Style Items since the server reopened, we will refund those (in) DNP and you will have them back by Sunday at latest.

Providing you various useful items aka Redistribution of Make it Count Event
All characters who previously participated in December’s “Make it Count” Event will receive all of those event items back today.
This means you will receive 16 Golden Eggs, a Reindeer Mount, a Bright White Reindeer Mount, a 2012 Costume Coupon, a Rudolph Spirit, 2 Epic Weapon Coupons and Crystal Wings.

(Re-) Upgrading your Gear
We will help you get your gear back to its original upgrade level. For the next 7 days, you will benefit from the Upgrade Chance being increased by +30% (multiplicative). To make the upgrading affordable, every Lv. 80+ character will receive 200 Magic Protection Jellies, 15.000 Gold, 25 Life Essences and 25 Flawless Diamonds per day. Make sure to log in between 00:01 and 23:59 to grab each days upgrade package.

Dragon Boxes from last weekend’s Happy Hour
The 25 Dragon Boxes for everyone who topped up AC during last weekend’s Happy Hour will be sent to all participating characters tonight.

Gold from last weekend’s monthly item event
Everyone who met the event conditions of last weekend’s Gold Event will receive the amount of gold (he unlocked by obtaining monthly items during the event period) tonight.

Upgraded legendary Black Dragon Gear
Everyone who participated in last weekend’s Arms Race event and at least started the event by doing some of the necessary dungeons will receive the legendary Black Dragon Items upgraded to +10 until tonight.

Lost Final Damage Plates and Talismans
If you lost important Final Damage items, please send a ticket to our support (Subject: Help - Final Damage Gear) and include your character name, details about your items and, if possible, screenshots or whatever reference you have about your lost items. We will then send you the Final Damage Plates and Talismans you lost. This is ongoing and will not be sent out in one batch – you write a ticket with the above info and we will send your items to you as soon as possible.

THIS WEEKEND (Saturday - Sunday)

Lost Red Dragon Gear
Everyone who was able to clear something in the Red Dragon Nest (normal/hardcore) since its release will receive the average amount of loot he should have acquired back from us to recreate his RDN gear until Sunday.


Cash Items from the Trading House
We have found that we can partially recreate the last 3 months of Trading House actions. People who acquired Cash Items through the Trading House between November and January will get those items back from us until the end of next week.


Guild Levels
Since all Guilds have been reset and are Level 1, we will increase your Guild Level as soon as our developers are back from their holiday. Since Asia is currently celebrating the Lunar New Year, this might take until 15th February at latest. Then we will automatically increase your Guild Level. We are planning to automatically raise each Guild’s level by 40, but this issue is currently on hold and the solution will be finalized after the Lunar New Year holidays.

Missing Gold
We are currently investigating, why a lot of players do not have the same amount of Gold they had before the server went offline. To look into and to solve this issue, we also need to wait until our developers are available again, after the Lunar New Year holidays. Once we have more insight into this, we will try to give you back the Gold that went missing.

Game Bugs
There currently are several bugs that also require us to wait until the developers are back from their holidays.

These include:

Dark Avenger Skill Point Bugs
Job Specialization Alchemist
Missing trade option when clicking on a character

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 04:59 PM

With all the items being currently sent, it's easy to lose track of what has been given out already and what hasn't.
If you feel like you are missing an item or you're just curious to know what two dozen things have been sent to 3your Special Storage, here's a list of everything given out since the servers reopened. I

Argenta Costume Packages given out.
Argenta Costume Parts were fixed on 12/02/2016

Events of last January Week:

Dragon Boxes for Happy Hour  have been given out.
Velskud & Dragon Boxes 1+1 have been given out.
DNP for Volcano Nest, VON & RDN Memo (100 DNP each) has been given out.
Gold Rush Gold has been given out.
Upgrade Boost Gold has been given out.
L-grades and Magical Jellies given out.

The Assassin & Lancer +1 skill in the Make it Count reward will be the same one given out when we first held the event. It will not be changed for people who changed jobs. The Assassin & Lancer weapons are in the Cash Giftbox, everything else is in the Special Storage.

DNP spent on style items have been refunded.

Cash Items obtained during the last 3 months given back, specifically:
- Argenta Coins & Velskud Coins obtained from the respective Boxes or costume packages (Velskud coins for exchanging old items have not been given out).

- Argenta Costume, Xmas 2015 Costume, King of Flowers costume. The Velskud costume will not be returned - instead players received the AC they spent on it back in DNP to buy it again.

- Deluxe Boxes: non-cash items, mounts, weapon coupons, accessory coupons and most trash cash-items have been given out.
(Monthly key items such as wings, tails, decal will be given out at the beginning of March, because we need a patch from the developers to provide them.)

- DNP for all AC/DNP spent on other items (than Deluxe Boxes, Argenta, Xmas 2015 or King of Flower costumes) have been reimbursed.

- Dragon Box Reimbursement (November - January)
Players received back the Dragon Boxes that were still in their inventory before the crash happened. The remaining "small Dragon Box items" will be reimbursed in the form of Dragon Boxes. (As mentioned above, missing monthly key items will be given out after the March patch.)

- Mount Transfer
Players who transferred mounts since the launch of the Hero Package received their mounts back.

- Xmas 2015 and King of Flower Weapons
Players who purchased a Xmas 2015 or King of Flower costume package, have now received a main weapon for each +1 skill.

Trading House cash items from the last 3 months, excluding epic costumes (no access to those).

NEXT WEEK (15th - 21st February)
AC items purchased before November 2015:
All cash items will be reimbursed during the course of the next week, excluding costume sets and parts. Costumes will be reimbursed once the Costume Synthesis Device has been updated to include all Epic costumes. Purchases made with DNP and AC will be reimbursed. Consumable items will be capped and time-limited items will not be redistributed. Missing monthly key items from Deluxe Boxes will be given out after the March patch.

Trading House: functional AC items (November - January)
Functional AC items purchased in the Trading House between the November patch and the crash (31st January) will be given back to the buyer's accounts. This excludes costumes. Costumes will be reimbursed once the Costume Synthesis Device has been updated to include all Epic costumes.

Start: Event Reward Redistribution
We plan to start giving back event rewards, starting with recent events first, during the course of next week. If AC items & Trading House items take longer than expected, this may be postponed to start in the last week of February.
Bonus AC, DNP, gold and Deluxe Boxes from past events will not be given out again, as they have already been reimbursed. Outdated items (such as old crafting materials) will not be redistributed.

LAST WEEK OF FEBRUARY (22nd - 28th February)

Costume Parts and Sets
Once the Costume Synthesis Device is updated to contain all Epic Costumes, we will start distributing Costume purchased from the Cash Shop and Trading House (only obtained in the last 3 months for Trading House purchases).

Continuous: Event Reward Redistribution
We will continue giving out old event rewards.

UPDATE: Continuous: Trading House and Cash Item Redistribution
We will continue giving out Trading House items purchased in the last 3 months and Cash Items purchased before November 2015.

FIRST WEEK OF MARCH (29th February - 6th March)

Redistribution of old Monthly Items
Monthly Items obtained via Deluxe Boxes, Dragon Boxes and seasonal Deluxe Boxes will be redistributed during the course of this week.

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 04:59 PM

UPDATE: The patch for the upgraded Costume Synthesis Device, which will drop only epic costumes, will be released on Friday, February 26th.

Dear Dragon Nest players,

The reimbursement of cash costumes will take a few days more.

We will have a small patch including the upgraded Costume Synthesis Device which will drop only epic costumes!
This way, you can craft all your lost sets with the costumes we will send you.

Thursday & Friday
If everything worked fine with the upgraded Costume Synthesis Device from Wednesday, you will get all previously owned, permanent costumes back, inclusive all costumes that you used for the Costume Synthesis.
All reimbursed costumes will have preset weapon stats and skills, just like we use them for regular events. You can either synthesize or keep the costumes for yourself, that's up to you.

On top of that, you will get all previously Costume Synthesis Devices, bought from the Cash Shop back, so you can synthesize your costumes again.

All costumes and Costume Synthesis Devices from previous events will be also sent back. This will happen after the reimbursement from Cash Shop costumes.

The Epic Weapons from the old epic costume sets you've received from the Deluxe Box in the past, will be resend to you later. We need an additional patch for it, which we are preparing right now.
But no worries, you will be able to match the epic weapons with your newly sythesized epic costume sets.

Team Dragon Nest Europe