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Game Classes System Revamp

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Posted 12 April 2016 - 05:27 AM

When I think about the future of gaming I see 1 character, many classes, and being able to switch at will, I think Dragon Nest would grow wild if they removed all default characters, my idea is:

When you make a character you see the same screen as we see today, all classes, you pick one to start with, then you create your character model, which would be a variety of all current default characters but in a mixed way, all hairs,skins,eyes, and all.

After that, you would need to work in your current class to unlock new classes and specializations, we would still have the combined skills system, which would work for your classes,  I mean, you could have a character lvl 90 but his warrior class is lvl 1 and so on.

This way people would love the game, it would not be gender lock, and we would be free of this nonsense system where you have to make 13+ characters to see what the game has to offer, I myself have  13 characters almost all lvl 90 and this got me thinking that this would be a great sugestion.

I know it takes time to design what we have, but it would not be lost, you could still see the default characters on your progress with your class and specializations. Besides with no sacrifice and risk we can't get nothing good right? so that's it, it's the best thing that could possible happen with this game, I play since closed beta but I don't see DN going much longer, if it stay as it is, it will fall to oblivion, I don't wan't that to happen and I did what i could, this suggestion :D