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Destroyer :)

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#1 Lawless



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Posted 01 May 2016 - 04:42 PM

Hello there I was wondering how viable would Destroyer become after the skill boost that will come up (Hopefully soon)

And was wondering in occasion of skill boost, what plates should I take for my destroyer :D

Thanks x

#2 Nindja



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Posted 01 May 2016 - 05:44 PM

Can take a spot as a tank in raids, and even sub dps if its geared.
As long as you have Charging howl CD is fine, rest skills are optional, but having all destroyer tree maxed + dmg plates will increase your dmg.

#3 Schiz



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Posted 02 May 2016 - 08:34 AM

I see rolling attack with 6s cd more as a solo dps skill, you're gonna drive your teammates crazy if you jump everywhere with the aggro on you unless the boss allows you to stay in place as you use that

that said maelstrom also get a good boost and charging howl will most likely be a viable substitute for guardian force without any special drawbacks so it will have a spot as tank unlike now. So definitely a viable class.

You probably can't get nowhere near to barb damage (both get revamped at the same time) or other warriors like revamped gladiator but thing is, breaking point buff + tank role is really really nice on any party so definitely a good choice

plates charging howl cd, maelstrom cd or dmg (CD gets lowered quite a bit with revamp so dmg might be nice if you find your rotation too busy, still for support I think CD will always win because refreshing the 20% dmg reduction debuff is imo more important than doing more dmg so you will use it on CD anyway) and for last two slots well, you will most likely have to do some research yourself, do some nests solo and in party and see which skill is the highest in the dps meter (flying swing, circle bomb, punishing swing, etc) and plate whatever suits your gameplay the most. Probably rolling attack dmg will fill one of those 2 slots

I suggest not going on barb tree too much, non ex whirlwind is kinda crap already and it will be relatively even worse compared to your EXs after the revamp. Same goes for circle swing, I put points on it at the moment but I'll probably just drop it or leave it at 1 and max everything on destro tree

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