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Spirit Dancer Vs Blade Dancer After Revamp

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#1 Addely



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Posted 04 May 2016 - 04:47 AM

Which one has higher dmg output? I think they're pretty even, but one has to be better xD anyone tested?

#2 Nindja



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Posted 04 May 2016 - 04:51 AM

Their DMG is kinda similar, better go for Spirit one, it's like playing Saints -> Press the button and the skill do his job,

#3 Schiz



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Posted 04 May 2016 - 05:05 AM

Blade dancer has a 14k+ % main DPS skill with really low cooldown (considering how long it takes to execute, if you have 5 bubbles you can halve the CD of twinkle spin and have it up again in a few seconds)

during those seconds you use your skills to get bubbles, both graze dance and elegant storm are strong (6k and almost 9k) then a bunch of decent dmg skill that you use pretty much to get bubbles (deadly drill, squall flaker, sweet circle)

spirit dancer has probably slightly less DPS in the long run but better burst due to the ability to throw sufi praetor EX + general dawnblade EX and so on in a matter of seconds and has all her filler skills upgraded to very good dps (abolisher ex, wide stinger) with stalker and dusk hunter as fillers / bubble gaining skills

BD will benefit sooo much from harmonize, SD can probably do ok without so there's a lot of things to consider

in the end the only real answer to which one is better is probably "the better geared one", with SD being better if you can nuke one bar in a few seconds and BD being better in slightly more prolonged fights when the hurricane gust CD reset starts mattering, also you can get "burst" because you can use hurricane gust twice if you save it inbetween mechs/bosses and use it normally, then reset it with twinkle spin. But that obviously means you're sitting through the animations of TWO hurricane gust casts, so you will most likely not get full dmg if your party is overgeared.

given that IDN looks very DPS oriented, BD shouldn't be at a disadvantage tho. But for RDNHC on a geared party it probably will.

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