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Got Scammed!

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:36 AM

View PostYamiZero, on 02 June 2016 - 11:52 PM, said:

I kindly forward you both to section 11 of the Forum Rules, feel free to post up your feedback and we'll see which case will stand in the end.

Leaving an informal warning for this was me being kind, keep that in mind next time you repeat the same behavior.

I'm fully aware of the forum rules, while you have proven in the past that this doesn't seem to be apply for you, but hey maybe you just fooled us. So thank you for being so kind and even remembering how kind your highness is with oppressing us. I still said I reject your informal warning except you explicitly want to state you give warnings for quoting, in this case please quote and add the source you are basing your decision on, but be aware I would have to report you and give you and informal warning aswell for quoting if you intend to do so.

I know a dick when I see one, cause I just have to look down.

ps: I'm gonna risk it and add the quote of the forum rule 11 here.


11. Challenging the Forum Moderators

Cherry Credits Forum Moderators are part-time volunteers who help out in the Forum during their free time. They have the rights to issue warning points if the forum member is in violation of the Rules and Regulations.

If you wish to bring across certain feedback to the Forum Moderators, you may wish to do so in the Feedback and Suggestions section of the respective game titles in an amicable manner. A clear detailed post (minus the anger) will greatly help the Forum Moderators in understanding your case.
You have the right to give warning points, which you haven't. So if you would give one now I would have to assume you do it cause you are salty, that once again you proofed to mankind of being incapable to understand the forum rules you are trying to abuse to oppress the community. But you have no right to give informal warnings, so you are just making things up, trying to make them look "official" and harrass me and others with that. God bless our impoderator! Hail Hydra!

edit: May I ask your Highness, who is going to check reports on forum and if you can delete them? So if it's even worth reporting you on forum using the report function or are you free to keep on going to harrass whomever you want, as you can just erase any trace of your abuse?

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 01:02 AM

Need I remind you that this is not about me but about your behavior within this topic? The quoting you did was making fun of the user and his problem, regardless of what he did, it turned out to be a problem for him and is not something to be made fun of (as others have already tried explaining to you before). I've already explained you previously what I based my informal warning off, which I am free to make whenever I please. I could just leave those out next time and move to an official warning straight away based on your behavior instead, like I said, it was me being kind towards your unwished behavior within the forums.


Deliberate flaming and rude behavior are not tolerated in the forum. The objective of the Forum is to provide a conducive environment for people to discuss, contribute, seek assistance (...)

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 01:46 AM

Can you please describe explicit where my quote made fun of a user? Isn't 210cc a funny amount? Do you mean making fun of  ryu or rokes, as I can't follow your line of assumptions. I'm lost, please offer your guidance. I didn't made any statement so what makes you assume the things you assume? Also I don't know why you have to derail this thread any further or are you trying to bait me? I might be wrong but baiting could be an unwished behaviour.

And I might need to remind you that this is about you, your behaviour and your abuse of your moderator position aswell, as you are trying to make up something just to harrass and oppress. And the further you continue this kind of actions the more and more it becomes an issue about the mentioned points.

I already stated I'm fully aware about the forum rules and asked you about the clarification of your threat of actions, not only to ensure you aren't absusing the to you given powers arbitrary but also to understand what I might have done wrong, to ensure this isn't going to happen again and I can evolve to become a better human being and a even more worthy member of our community. But all I face is more threat and repression.

And the post is not regardless of what he did it's a main point of his post, so please stop discarding important facts of this whole situation as you please to, just to structure a tighter net of lies to use for your harrassment. Otherwise I could argue this whole threat is becoming a problem for me, as you are my problem or to be precise your abusive behaviour and as your comments aren't providing any constructive solution to my problem, they could be consider'd obsolete and unwished.

Also when you are free to make informal warnings whenever you are pleased to without any reason, so everyone else is aswell, as it isn't any action in the repertoire of a mod refering to the forum rules, so it's absolutly meaningless. I could also give you an informal banana, there you go. I know you mentioned offical warning in your post above aswell, but neither my eyes nor the search function of my browser can find the term "official" on the forum rules page, so I have to assume this is just another thing you make up to press ahead with your threat and harrassment of users. If there are any missunderstandings here I kindly ask you to sort them out and clarify them, so they aren't going to happen in the future again and we can all enjoy a better forum workflow in the future. Using the right terms is also advisable, as it might lead to easier understand and diminish the cases of confussion and missunderstandings. If you have any questions feel free to ask as I hope I could state my points clear and avoided futher confussion on your side.

I guess we can both agree you shouldn't derail the thread further, so if you have anything to say feel free to send me a pm on the forum. I will restrain myself from entering this thread again and move forward to a brighter and less repressive future, so I might not get baited by you in case you continue to derail the thread with your nefarious acts.

Sincerley yours,

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 03:25 AM

Edit: -snip- I prefer to stop derailing, I will just point at some random numbers 2, 11, 12 and maybe 10.

Remarks are open to interpretation, the same Weapon7 uses to think the person who opened the thread doesn't have a problem is used by Yami to think that "geniused" or "Hey, you think this isn't funny?" are in fact making fun of the forum opener. I will refrain to enter further explanations, as it's irrelevant for the thread's future.
Edit2: just noticed a mod ninja-edited my post. Please forgive any inaccurate information given in the quotes.

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 09:45 PM

View Postryu58, on 28 May 2016 - 09:58 PM, said:

a person was in world chat saying free cc, so i pm here and she said wait a sec so i waited then she said she needed my fb email so i gave her. i rly believed her bcs this seemed like i can trust her so she ask my name... so i gave her then she needed my cherry account info eventually i gave but the case was like that was my other cherry account info so she got error so she pm me and said she cnt lend me the 210cc because she did not see any character. But the reason she did not see it because that account was for DN eu, so i could not remember my info so she said give her my info to log in i was thinking if i should....so i gave her my login info it was(snip)and the password was(snip)any she said she will write on faceebook to me when done when she did she wrote i Scammed u so i typed in my login info it went in but the part that shocked me is a password when i click on my character.then i realized she placed a password on it.

SO im asking u if i could get back my account? Pls help me out when u can.
never EVER send your account info to somebody you do not know, it's basically an invitation for people to scamm u

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 03:55 PM

Might be a bit late, but here's my contribution to this thread.

View PostWeapon7, on 03 June 2016 - 12:36 AM, said:

edit: May I ask your Highness, who is going to check reports on forum and if you can delete them? So if it's even worth reporting you on forum using the report function or are you free to keep on going to harrass whomever you want, as you can just erase any trace of your abuse?

Forum reports are checked by Cherry Credits' staff on a regular basis and it's possible to keep track of the actions of a moderator. If by any chance a moderator abuses a player using their moderating tools or their position, you should definitely report them. If the team finds the mod is responsible of the abuse, action will be taken. If proven wrong, nothing will happen. I've checked the thread and the "informal warning" is nothing but a moderator telling someone to not go beyond the rules. No rule was broken yet from my point of view, but think about it like this: If a person warns you to not walk on a land seeded with landmines, you should be grateful rather. Just imagine what'd happen if you stepped on one!

On topic: As stated by the majority, like in every game, social network, bank account or whatever, never share your personal information (Usernames, e-mails, passwords...) since doing so can only lead to bigger problems. If you want action to be taken against the scammer, please provide evidence in form of screenshots and send it in to https://exchange.che...s.com/messenger