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Bug Report Template

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 01:43 AM

If you encounter any game bugs, please use the templates below when posting up a new bug topic. The information you provide us with can help locate and resolve the issues in a more swiftly manner. In addition to posting up a topic, always remember to also create a support ticket regarding the bug in which you may include the link to your bug topic report.

Bug Topic Template


Client: EN/DE/FR
Client version: (you can find this on the launcher)
Time: (please use the server time found on the website)
Character name:
Character level:
Location: (e.g. map (and channel)/stage/dungeon/nest/etc.)
Frequency of error: (always/sometimes/rarely)

Description: describe the bug as detailed as possible in the following format:
Reproduction steps:
1. -
2. -
(more if needed)

Expected result:
Actual result:
Temporary Solution (work-around): describe if you discovered any ways to go around the issue.

Proof: please include screenshot(s) or video(s) if possible

Additional information below may be included in your ticket or topic when deemed necessary.

System Information


Graphic Card:
Hard Disk Drive:
Operating System:

Connection Information


Type of connection:
Upload/Download/Ping(ms): speedtest.net may be used to record information.
Traceroute results to server:

How to Tracert
1. Open up your Command Prompt window (Start > Run... (or press Windows + R) : cmd).
2. Type tracert in the command window.