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Having Account Issues?

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Posted 12 June 2016 - 10:59 PM

Are you having account issues? First make sure you've gone through the following:
  • Are you using the latest game client and is it not failing? Uninstall Dragon Nest and restart your computer. Download the latest setup from the website, install and update the client and try again!
Q: I've been away for a while and am unable to login!
A: Dragon Nest Europe is now being hosted by Cherry Credits, make sure you bind your account. Binding your account will allow you to log into your previous account again! If you need help, check out this helpful player tutorial!

Q: I just came back to the game, bound my account, and found that my characters are missing from my account!
A: Please post up your character names here so that support can check and restore them. Keep in mind not to create any new characters as these will be overwritten when the missing characters are restored!

Q: I don't remember my e-mail address
A: If you're able to login on the Cherry Credits website, you can find it here. If not, you can send a support ticket here or write an e-mail to gardener@cherrycredits.com containing your login ID.

Q: I forgot my password!
A: Use the forgot password? link or send an e-mail to gardener@cherrycredits.com if you forgot your login ID using your account e-mail.

Q: Where can I find my login ID?
A: You can find your Default Game Login ID here.

Q: I forgot my character PIN (second password)!
A: Please contact support.

Q: I can't find my activation/verification/confirmation e-mail
A: Have you checked your spam folder?

Q: I tried logging in after a disconnect and the game gives me a "duplicate login" error!
A: Sometimes the server still registers you as logged in after disconnecting, simply retry entering again without closing restarting client, or try restarting the client after a couple minutes.

Q: I'm unable to deal damage to monsters or players in-game!
A: Please see this topic, leave a response and await for support to check your account.

Q: My game is not activated yet on the Games Account page, how do I activate it?
A: Upon the first time you log into the game successfully it should activate by itself.

When posting up a new topic for support, make sure a topic regarding the subject has not already been created, and do not include any personal information!

If you're unable to access your account and need support, you can always write an e-mail ticket to gardener@cherrycredits.com explaining your issue in order to gain access again and resolve the issue. The Gardener (support) may request your account information (e.g. login ID, e-mail, date of birth, secret question/answer, etc.).