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Gladiator Pve Technique Guide After Class Mastery Is Changed

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 01:48 AM

I'm sorry for that I finish this guide so late. This guide should be posted about one or two months ago. You know, Dragon Nest is a MMORPG game and as a mortal, I would not put much more time on this game or become a professionnel game player of Dragon Nest. We actually got works, studies to do while this game is just a way to relax. I think I may leave in sereval months but I got to finish this, for a memory to my Dragon Nest career.
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OK, that's it. I'm RoiVarianWrynn, Gladiator, France. I have played Swordman-Gladiator since the game is initially released in China and Korea, August, 2010. In the past six years, many versions of game is past and till now, we've got a powerful style Gladiator thanks to this patch. Personnelly speaking, I think Gladiator is the second powerful DPS class which could earn a same status as Kalis, following the best class--Raven.
These following screenshot could be the last few profiles of mine.
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After the patch, we Gladiators have got new style to DPS. The change is that a new mechanism was added by Class Mastry. This new style allows us not have to wait for those long CD powerful skill(Hacking Stance) and divise the process to two parts. Here we refer to SiJiCai's theory to divise these 2 parts as the first 55% HP of Boss and the last 45% HP of Boss.
The First Part-- When the HP of Boss is above 45%
With the new high DPS moyenne-- Double "Short Line Drive" and TDE combo(Triple Slash+ Deep Straight+ Evaison Slash&Ret CD one more time) under the full buff situation, we can easiliy pass the first part of DPS.
The second Part-- When the HP of Boss is below 45%
When the second part comes, Finish Attack would show its powerful Destructive. We consume buff to active Finish Attack. Without the half CD buff at full buff situation, the style is more like the old times.
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Like the last guide, we depart the playing to 2 parts: DPS and Evasion.

DPS part--
Beacuse when we are under the full buff situation, CD of skills would be very fast so there might not be a situation that we have no powerful skill to cast. So that the most important thing is that how to cause more DPS in the same time. The part following would discuss the skill using in the new patch.
1. Triple Slash, Deep Straight, Evasion Slash
These 3 skill form a powful combo, I call it TDS combo. But after all, there is always a pause in the combo. We can fill it by any order of casting(of these 3 skill), but we can use some other skill or buff to fill it(like brave, atk buff, patch...).
The recommended order is Deep Straight- Triple slash- Evasion Slash- Deep Straight... Though Triple Slash has the most damage on its intruduction, but most time we might not have to chance to cast all three hit(if Boss changes his position). Deep Straight is fast to cast and it allow us act a long movement so it could be the best skill after Evasion Slash.
2. Line Drive
The best situation is when we have collected 20 buff, act the Back Line Drive(Instant of not) of 13s CD- Dash Kick- Back Line Drvie Instant.
The skill of using Dash skill(Dash Slash/Dash Combo) to act Line Drive Ins is a important part when you are improving your skills.
A usful tag for you: when you dash close to the boss and act Dash Slash, you can cast Piercing Thrust/Brave(But remember you can just cast one of them, the instant time doesn't give enough time to cast the second skill) before using Line Drive Ins. That could help your combo damage maxiam and allow you use your time efficiently on DPS.
3. Finish Attack
This skill is easy and voilent. It's not difficult for you collect your buff and find a good timing to cast.
Every time you cast the skill would consume 15 buffs and collect 2 buffs at same time(you will have 7 buff after casting a Finish Attack when you had 20 buffs).
The following buff collecting combos are tested by SiJiCai:
Triple Slash acting time 1.33s, every buff collected needs 0.4s.
Deep Straight acting time 1s, collects 2 buff so 0.5s for each.
Line Drive(Ins or not) acting time 1s, first 4 combo collect only 1 buff. The blades following collects only 1 buff. But we can use a skill/attack to collect 1 buff as well(before the second wave of blades arrive)
Hacking Stance act time 6s, could collect 15 buffs, each 0.4s.
Cyclone Slash exist 5s, 10 buffs collected, each 0.5s.
Cyclone Slash+ Hacking Stance(might the fastest combo to collect buff), 18 buffs collected, each 0.33s(so I think this is the closest collecting combo according to 0.3s cooldown of the Class Mastry).

Evasion part--
Gladiator is a class which has some skill could evade while attacking. In different situations, the way to evade could cause a difference to DPS as well.
Beacause afther the patch we don't need to use hacking stance, so our situation is much safer then before.
Here are sereval skill of Evasions of Gladiators.
1.Evasion Slash
This skill now become a part of combo. And now we use this skill to evade when the boss uses skill by chance.
This skill is too slow if we don't use Evasion Slash to cancel the back shake. If we use this combo to DPS its DPA is much higher then Triple Slash.
3.Deep Straight
The skill is more and more used in DPS and we probably forget his invisble part. Just like Evasion Slash.
Classic evasion skill. The best choice if you have a Line Drive or Dash Kick could be used. Could cause much more damage comparing with Evasion Slash or Parrying.
5.Finish Attack
Its have a jump part so it can evade some skills of Boss.
6.Infinity Eage
Long time invisible.
7.Hacking Stance/Circle Break
Rarely used but they do have a invisble time.
Priorities: 5>4>1>3>2>6>7

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