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[Update] Conquer Online Game Update – Invincible Warrior!

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 04:53 PM

Dear Cherry Users,
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The new version – Invincible Warrior will be available on September 8th. TQ Digital would like to share with you a few reasons to play with the warrior.
1. Warrior Weapons - SkyFlame

SkyFlame is a new weapon in game. It is a legendary one-handed and short weapon for warriors. The forging process is the same with other present weapons. If you are equipped with the Skyflame, you will turn into a super cool Warrior instantly! One Elite Skyflame quest will only take you a few minutes!

2. New Warrior Skill
New Warriors will have skills that other classes don’t. Meanwhile,we will optimizations of warrior’s original skills.
Backfire: It is the most powerful skill of warrior, especially in the PVP Arena.
Wave of Blood: the skill is similar to the Blistering Wave of Assassin; the wave of blood will surround the Warrior and smash all enemies around you. And the skill will give the warrior 15 XP.
Twist of War: The only one skill in CO which can maintain the XP when you revive.
Maniac Dance: Block physical damage completely, completely, completely.

3. More Events
Accompanied with the new vision of invincible warrior, a huge number of events are near now. Let’s take a look and don’t miss any actions which you may be interested in.
Bound CP Giveaway
To celebrate the coming of Invincible Warrior, TQ will give away CP (B) to heroes who meet the requirement.
Warrior Privilege Month
The unique privilege for invincible warrior is waiting for you. There are grand rewards waiting for Warrior in this month.
New Warrior Path
If you create a new Warrior character during Sep.8th to Oct.7th, you would be able to have your BP up from 0 to 198!*
*Note: New server Backfire is not included in this September event.
Warrior Epic Goal
Mature the greatest Warrior Epic Weapon and set your record to one which no one can surpass.
There are more details in the links below:

- Cherry Team

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 04:54 PM