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Unable To Enter Rumble Mode

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Posted 04 December 2016 - 03:15 AM

It seems CC hasn't learned from the exact same issue that happened in 90cap

Client: EN
Client version: 183
Time: 20:04
Character name: Gemma
Character level: 93
Class: Sniper
Server: Desmodeus
Location: Saint Haven (there were other people trying at the same time, all same bug)
Frequency of error: Almost always; works after relogging, then if you stop matching and restart it is level too low again, so gotta relog again

Description: When you match for rumble it says your character level is too low

Expected result: Having a fun match of rumble with some fun people.
Actual result: Can't even request a match unless relogging.
Temporary Solution: Re-logging and spamming the button.