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Celebrate Christmas With Bloodline!

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 06:59 PM

Hohoho! Meeeerry early Christmas my fellow Bloodliners!

Do you hear the jingling sound of the bells? Yes, that’s Right! Christmas is coming! Let’s get into the festive spirit with tons of awesome special events just for you! Not to mention, there are tons of rewards waiting for you as well! Are you ready for a preview of what’s gonna happen in December? Are you excited? Cause I am! Let’s begin!

Event 1: 2017 Countdown Party!
First on the list, we’ve arranged a special Elder to kick off a special event just for you! Are you curious who might this be? YES! IT’S ELDER EUNICE! Get ready to add Elder Eunice to your arsenal of Royal Vampires as we begin our countdown to 2017!

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  • Dec 1 (05:00am) – Jan 02 (04:59am) GMT+8.
  • Clear 45 dungeons daily to receive 8 Elder Eunice Fragments.
  • Collect rewards immediately from the newly added event Daily Task.
  • Event Daily Task will appear as “Adventurer V” after player complete “The Adventurer I – IV” daily quest.

Event 2: The Path of Kindred 2
Wha…whhhattt! Another Elder is up for grabs!? Log in for 30 days from 29 November 2016 and Elder Dori, along with a 30-day Monthly card, will be yours!

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  • Nov 29 – Jan 02 GMT +8

21 Days to get 30-Day Gem Card
30 Days to get 1x 5* Elder Dori

  • Receive rewards upon reaching the milestone.
  • Consecutive Logins are not required.
  • Rewards will be sent to mailbox within 5 working days after the end of the event period.
  • Only available for Server 1-6. Server 7 will not be included in this event.

Event 3: Yumi Month-Long Calendar
Yumi said that she is excited about Christmas and wants to be part of the celebration too! So here comes Yumi! Be sure to recruit her from the Login Calendar!

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  • Dec 01 – Dec 31
  • Yumi will appear randomly in the Monthly Calendar.

Event 4: Christmas Special: Jingle Socks
What’s Christmas without St. Nick’s Stocking? That’s right! More rewards are up for grabs when you find these mysterious magical stockings in the realm of Bloodline. Simply participate in the special event dungeons from December 05 onwards to collect them!

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  • Dec 05 (05:00am) – Jan 02 (04:59am) GMT+8
  • Collect St. Nick’s Stocking from special event dungeons.
  • Receive reward upon reaching the milestone.
  • Collect reward from Growth Task.
  • St. Nick’s Stocking collected can be sold for gold immediately and will not affect the reflected number in Growth Task.

Event 5: Crystal Trade Surprise
The Crystal Trade is your new Christmas tree from 1 Dec – 31 Dec! During the event period, 5-star heroes will randomly appear in the Crystal Trade, any day, any moment. Stock up on your Crystals and keep checking the Crystal Trade to see if you’ll get lucky!

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  • Dec 01 – Dec 31 GMT +8
  • Special Crystal Trade will randomly appear during the event period.
  • Check Crystal Trade daily to avoid missing any special appearance heroes.
  • Subsequent trades will cause Crystal cost to increase.

Event 6: Secret Advent Calendar
Wait There’s more! This time round, all you gotta do is to simply log in every day during the period and you will receive a pleasant surprise in your mailbox!

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  • Dec 11 – Dec 25 GMT +8
  • Mystery rewards will be sent to your mailbox daily.
  • Log in to receive reward.
  • You will not receive the mystery reward of the day if you don’t log in.

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Posted 05 February 2017 - 11:07 AM


I have the following.
[Bloodline] 88,888 Gold! 2
[Bloodline] 888 Energy! 1

Any one wants to trade or trade it with CC, Mol or paypal payments is accepted.