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Sting Breezer Awakening Pitch (Just For Fun)

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Posted 21 December 2016 - 04:38 AM

Hello fellow avid SB users or DN Players :D. So I've been a fan of Sting Breezers since 90 cap and with the release of Awakening skills, it got me excited of what SB's new play style is going to be

Being impatient and wanting to know, I've then thought of a concept of how the awakening skills are going to be.

And I also know that these may not be what the final awakening skill is going to be. Heck, it might be completely different.

Though it's just fun for me to brainstorm and create these kind of concept and I thought I could share it to you fellow DN players.

*These are updated to the latest changes from the Korean server with the Erratic Power's update. And Sorry for the wall of text, also forgive me mods T_T*

So anyway, let's start with what I thought of how SB's awakening will be in general.

I think Sting Breezer has a very unique play style with the concept of its main damaging skills are to plant bombs and detonate them. But I did find it somehow lacking. The problems I faced playing as SB are low mobility and action speed (despite the speed boost buffs). Main dps are somewhat for slow opponents only (Bosses that move too much is a nightmare). Low superarmor and superarmor break. In spite of that, I think SB's are still fun to play and with the awakening skills, SB's should still retain its current play style - relying on PS>SH>PB combo and DB combo - while adding more and rewards the users for successful executions.

Class Changes:


- Remove debuff of shutter bounce

- Piercing Spike no longer CTC at level 16 but deals more damage *one spear deals twice the damage*

- Fling Fling distance can be shortened by pressing back + skill hotkey

Sting Breezer:

- Hovering Blades Ex debuffs opponent with 20% additional damage received

- Class mastery 1:
  -Remove [Enhanced Spring Haze]
  -[Focus] Increases Attack Speed by a percentage (5-10%?)
  -[Magic Spears Fragments]*that's what I'm calling them* created by Spring Haze are maintained without [Focus]
   in effect, attacking an opponent with Arcane Focus causes the Spear fragments to shoot towards the opponent. *in the latest update, i know xD*

Awakening Skills:

Level 90 Awakening Passive: Thorn Maker

  -Affects [Piercing Spike] and [Spear Hand]
  -Every time [Piercing Spike] & [Spear Hand] explodes, [Magic Spear Fragments] are created
  -Randomly shoots 4-6 Spears that damages opponents as they spread throughout the field.

*New Bubble Status System* = You can collect [Magic Spear Fragment] by moving towards them. Maximum of 20 fragments. Collecting the max number of [Magic Spear Fragment] will affect certain skills.

Level 90 Awakening Skill: Queen Bee/Make it Rain

Queen Bee
*Devs can reuse Arcane Focus animation for this but faster* xD
  -Allows the character to collect a number of [Magic Spear Fragment] at once. (ideally 8-10 frags)
  -Cooldown Time = 10 sec
  -Collecting 20 [Magic Spear Fragment] disables the skill but enables the user to use the [Make it Rain] skill as long as the number of Fragments remains at 20

Make It Rain
*Again, Devs can reuse Arcane Focus animation and the skill tooltip will have a yellow/gold outline if it's ready*
  -The user summons the magic spears in front and above her then "make it rain" and pierce upon opponents in front of her. (See Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Vergil's Summoned Swords: Heavy Rain Swords)
  -Opponents that are damaged by the spears will be (a.) Slowed, (b.) Stunned, or © Trapped in place. (Haven't really decided because of balancing? but the skill is to keep the enemy immobile or slowed)
  -Below average damage (thought of it as utility skill)
  -Cooldown Time = 0 (Ideally)
  -Consumes (10 or 20?) [Magic Spear Fragment] bubble

Level 91 Awakening Passive: Enhanced Magic Spears *kind of Artillery's Fatal mechanic*

  -When 20 [Magic Spear Fragment] are accumulated, [Piercing Spike] and [Spearhand] becomes Enhanced for (5-10) seconds. *creates a bubble status within the duration*
  -The skill tooltip will have a yellow/gold outline when the skills are ready to use
  -Using either of the [Enhanced] skills will consume the bubble.
  -20 [Magic Spear Fragment] bubble are also consumed upon use.
  -Does not share cooldown time with normal versions.
  -Does have it's own cooldown time, ideally.

Enhanced Piercing Spike

   -Jump up into the air and throw a single enormous spear downwards towards the ground.
   -Enhanced Magic Spear travels faster and explodes on impact (bit larger AoE than normal Piercing Spike)
   -Ideally, 600-800% explosion damage of normal [Piercing Spike]
   -Travels shorter distance though.

Enhanced Spear Hand

   *Quickly performs the final part of Champagne animation. The one that shoots out laser towards the front*
   -Conjures the laser that hits Enemies in a straight line AoE
   -Travels farther. Used as long ranged utility
   -Ideally, 300-500% explosion damage of normal [Spear Hand]

Level 92 Awakening Passive: Awakened Afterimage

   -[Hovering Blade] and [Dent Blow] are enhanced
   -[Enhanced Afterimage] becomes [Awakened Afterimage]
   -Last double/triple its duration
   -When Arcane Focus hits an opponent, [Awakened Afterimage] moves toward that opponent, damaging any enemies on its way.
   -Explodes when it makes contact on the opponent hit by Arcane Focus and the Explosion can also hit nearby enemies
     -Ideally, a bit lower damage than when [Enhanced Afterimage] shoots through a targeted enemy

Level 93 Awakening Skill: Queen's Fortitude

   -Much like Elestra's Ice Barrier, The Sting Breezer conjurs a magic barrier that absorbs an amount of damage based on the user's magic attack
   -Lasts for about, ideally, 30-60 seconds
   -Cooldown Time = about 120 - 300 seconds
   -*Edit* Increases Light Attack by a certain percentage
   -Raises the user's super armor
   -Cooldown Time decreases whenever [Awakened Afterimages] hit(-0.50 sec)/explode (-5 sec) on enemies
   -Consumes 20 [Energy]

Level 93 Awakening Passive: Poking Beehive

   -Poking Beehive is enhanced. Whenever the animation end or the Summoned Spear is pulled out, the Summoned Spear explodes instead creating and spreading (3-5?) numbers of [Magic Spear Fragment] throughout the field.
   -Additionally, the user can now hold Normal Attack button to increase the duration and continuously spin the Summoned Spear maintaining its damage upon enemies hit.
   -Upon holding down the Normal Attack Button, the user can press a directional key and move towards that direction at a slow pace *Edit* and Drags the spear with her
   -Initial cast consumes 5 [Energy] and (3-4?) [Energy] per second that it is maintained
   -Also Explodes upon release of Normal Attack Button or depletion of [Energy]

Other ideas:

  *These are extras that I thought but did not include 'cause it could make the other skills or the skill itself loose its purpose or make SB even more OP  :P*

   -Queen bee skill can also collect Piercing Spike's Spears on the ground and then either:
        -In effect reset Piercing Spike's cooldown
        -Or have it float behind the user then recast the skill while on the ground
   -Enhanced Queen's Fortitude, which also creates barrier but additionally, summons the collected [Magic Spear Fragment] around the user damaging nearby opponents
     ^(See Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Vergil's Summoned Swords: Spiral Swords)
   -Enhanced Magic Spears creates Mini [Magic Walls] upon explosion (half the effects of normal version)
   -Awakened Arcane Focus will let the user cast 3 Magic ball instead of one in a coned-shape manner up front.

  -Piercing Spike can be cast during the air animations of Fling Fling.

So that's it. Yeah I know these might fall on Dev's deaf ear but what do guys think?

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Posted 24 December 2016 - 09:37 PM

i really liked the spear hand idea

additionally, on the piercing spikes, will throw spring haze's magic spear in 8 directions when detonated (dmg is 10% of spikes per magic spear).
the magic spear can then be used as strengtened spring haze with arcane focus.

#3 mondre



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Posted 28 December 2016 - 12:09 AM

Yes, that's the general idea to it but less magic spears (maybe 4 for each piercing spike spears), since magic spears that shoots in different direction can be collected if it is not used with arcane focus.

#4 Waqi



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Posted 02 January 2017 - 08:19 PM

This is my Sting Breezer awakening version

Before i go to the awakening stuffs, I need to tell some skils that should be boosted by developers
To me Sting Breezer right now need serious boost before be awaken
Noted that right now Sting Breezer kinda less newbie friendly
My hope after Sting Breezer had been awakened, it will be more easy to play

So lets start with skill rework and boost first

Piercer Skills

Hovering Blades

Changing hovering blades behaviour
After casting for 1sec the afterimage will automatically directed to the nearest enemy. Explode on contact.
Explode afterimage damage deal xx% of board damage of hovering blades
Increase board damage of hovering blades from 58% too xx%

Spear Hand

No longer can be explode
Have fast animation in casting now and explode on contact
Deal fixed board damage
Increase board damage by xx%

Piercing spike

Fix the bug ( spike can be detonate twice using spear hand and poking beehive continuously)
Increase board damage of piercing spike by twice or more
Explosion damage increase from 400% to xx%
Have CTC at level 16

Fling Fling

Nothing to add

Dent Blow

Have the same behaviour with hovering blades
Deal full damage on first hit then immediately directed toward nearest enemy and explode
Explode afterimages deal xxx% of dent blow
Increase board damage of dent blow by xx%


Remove light attack and critical chance buff
Remove camera lock
Increase board damage

Spring Haze

Same as new update in kdn

Sting Breezer skills

Arcane focus

Can no longer direct the afterimages
Increase board damage

Poking Beehive

Have shorter animation now
Deal full board damage on single hit(no longer have multi hits,single hard hit only)
Can be cancelled using tumble

Hovering Blades EX

Same as before

Spear Hand EX

Remove piercing effect
Now have fast travelling speed(like grand cross)
Have fast drill animation
Will stay on enemy like wind shaft Sniper and deal damage
Have max of 10 or 15 hits
Each hit deal full board damage

Piercing Spike EX

Same as before (extra spike)
Max spikes are 4 (except got BT buff)

Dent Blow EX

Same as before
Same behaviour like hovering blades

Poking Beehive EX

Detonate spike like before
Increase spike explosion damage from 400% to xx%

Class mastery 1

Increase 50% int( not change)
Now passive give permanent 30% Magic Attack increase(no longer need to hit enemy to gain buff)

Class Mastery 2

Nothing to change except the EXi afterimage will have same behaviour as hovering blades afterimages

Alright now my very own imagination of Sting Breezer awakening skills passive and active

Passive awakening skills

Piercing Spikes Awakened (passive enhancement)

The spear now become smaller (1/4 the size of Piercing Spikes EX)
Now can attach on enemy that spike first hit( like the focused state spring haze)
Have same duration( if no enemy hit, it will just land on ground like original effect)
Explode after a period of time
Can be detonate with Poking Beehive and Spearmite skill
Explosion damage same as EX

Arcane Focus Awakened(passive enhancement)

Now can shot 3 orbs instead of 1(like phoenix storm animation have 3 lines)
Piercing effect added (become multi hits)
Additionally the caster gained 10% Light Attack each time the skill being cast(cant be stack, refresh duration on successful casting)

Class Master 1 Awakened(passive enhancement)

Added 20% Light Attack

Active awakening skills

Buff : Wish

Take wishing pose animtion(like anime wishing pose)
Gain buff increase int based on % overall stat combined(agi,str and vit only)
xx% of overall stat combined
Duration 30s
Cooldown 60s

Typhoon Bee/ Spin

Have same animation with mercenary spinning skill( i dont remember the skills name) ending the animation with the funny headbutt animation
Deal xxx% Attck
Have 10s cooldown


Jump high in sky smite/smash the enemy with very very big spear(iframe when jumping) to deal extremely high damage
Detonate any Spike
Deal xxx% Attck
Spike explosion damage same as detonate using Poking Beehive
90s cooldown
When use in Focused state [Spearmite] will be enhance
Enhance Spearmite will deal additional 100% more damage(spearmite damage)
The Focused state will be consumed
Enhanced Spearmite shared cooldown with Spearmite

That are my Sting Breezer awakening skills from my imaginations

P.S sorry for bad English :)

#5 Vhanzy


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Posted 02 January 2017 - 08:29 PM

Lancea class was design to not be newbie friendly that's why it flop.

#6 Waqi



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Posted 02 January 2017 - 08:36 PM

Just hoping that new awakening skill will make SB more newbies friendly lol

#7 xEquation


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Posted 02 January 2017 - 11:38 PM

on spearmite, eh... i preferred less or no more jumping skill.... execution tend to take too much time and landing often screws u up. plus it sounded like sperm and mites lmao

DB or hov blade awk passive [Focus Stinger] should remove the multi hit state and enhance every afterimage to do a focused single hit only (1000% of board dmg), with increased SAB and travels slightly faster (maintain the 3s duration). tho i dont really agree with homing afterimage.. thats what arcane focus supposed to do.

idk about arcane focus... i think if it gets awakening it should get increased travel speed and bounce, or maybe added explosion? idk.. but afterimage redirect should only occur on the first target. imo making it split into 3 is about as useful as dota2 mirana's triple arrows talent...

spear hand used to be explode on contact but few patches before its removed for EX version (and non-ex travels faster). by awakening spear hand, dev should let us use the wind shaft style charging by consuming [Focus], either 20/30 or full when the left click button is hold for more than 2s (will explode instead if released early, and wont consume focus). removed ability to explode spikes. i agree with removing the dual explosion and doubling spikes board dmg instead. so that we can dish out dmg more efficiently.

and lastly, i think dev could add a new effect to piercing spikes. they could add a secondary explosion effect [Pulse Stinger] that sends 2 additional pulses following the initial 400% explosion after detonating with beehive (200% then 100%), or 1 additional pulse (100%) when exploded naturally.

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#8 Neolia



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Posted 03 January 2017 - 01:11 AM

Please don't make valkyrie/SB as casual playing, as most other classes ! It has mechanics, and that's what make her amazing to play. Of course not all are well made and would need some  work / changes, but don't remove the mechanics. QWQ

Edited by Neolia, 03 January 2017 - 01:14 AM.

#9 Thauma



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Posted 03 January 2017 - 01:23 AM

View PostNeolia, on 03 January 2017 - 01:11 AM, said:

Please don't make valkyrie/SB as casual playing, as most other classes ! It has mechanics, and that's what make her amazing to play. Of course not all are well made and would need some  work / changes, but don't remove the mechanics. QWQ

Just give her harmonize awakening. 50% for party and it's enough :D.

#10 Vhanzy


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Posted 03 January 2017 - 10:39 AM

View PostWaqi, on 02 January 2017 - 08:36 PM, said:

Just hoping that new awakening skill will make SB more newbies friendly lol

I wish it doesn't tbh if people sincerely like lancea then dedicate and make effort
Of mastering the class or know how it works at least.

We already have enough newbie friendly class in the game that spoils people.
Besides it feels more rewarding having yourself work your way up through rather
Than simply handling everything to you with no effort.

#11 Limey



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Posted 03 January 2017 - 10:29 PM

Bored so .....

General changes not related to awakening
1) Hornet touch CD reduced to 7 in PVE, 30 in PVP. Can activate the dashing part when normal attack button pressed
2) Make Scar Maker, Wall Maker and Flag be individual skills without another being a pre-requisite
3) Shutter bounce can be cancelled with tumble

Awakening Passive 1: Awakened Arcane Focus (require lvl19 hovering blade, lvl13 dent blow, lvl4 arcane focus,lvl 1 hovering blade ex, lvl1 dent blow ex)
Arcane focus still works as per normal but with an added feature. Targets hit by arcane focus will be marked. For the next few seconds, hovering blade/dent blow/dent blow exi that is not ordered to another target by arcane focused, will be automatically ordered to attack the previously marked target. For pvp however, if the hits are automatically ordered to attack target, it will not lift them but only damage them.

Awakening Passive 2: Awakened Spear Hand (require lvl 18 spear hand, lvl1 spear hand ex)
Instantly explode spear hand and increase AOE of explosion. Increase board damage by xx%

Awakening Passive 3: Awakened Piercing Spike (require lvl 16 piercing spike, lvl1 piercing spike ex)
Have iframe while in the air (like SH Tornado Shot), that fires a giant spear after a while, or fired upon when normal attack button is pressed. Can be exploded instantly by spear hand. Increase board damage by xx%.

Awakening Passive 4: Awakened Poking Beehive (require lvl11 poking beehive, lvl 1 poking beehive ex)
Can tumble out of skill, and skill will continue as per normal (like SD Praetor). Increase AOE and suction of skill. Increase board damage by xx%

Awakening Skill: Something like artillery rapid shot, but with spears

Awakening Skill: Some raining spear thingy like in this video


Anyways ... no love for flurry????

Awakening Passive 1: Awakened Spinning Skewer (require lvl4 spinning skewer, lvl19 shutter bounce, lvl 1 shutter bounce ex)
When spinning skewer successfully hit, awakened shutter bounce can be used (1 strong hit). Does not share CD with shutter bounce

Awakening Passive 2: Awakened Spinning Cut (require lvl16 spinning cut, lvl1 spinning cut ex)
No longer need to charge (but can still charge if want to). Normal attack button for instant wide area swing. Special attack button for strong frontal wide swing. Increase board damage by xx%

Awakening Passive 3: Awakened Spinning Swing (require lvl 13 spinning swing, lvl1 spinning swing ex)
Increase hit count by 100% (like elegant storm awakening for BD). Increase attack speed to speed without plate. Increase the casting speed of special attack button
*New changes. All attack speed plate for spinning swing will be changed to CD reduction plate)

Awakening Passive 4: Awakened Rough Sweep (require lvl 11 rough sweep, lvl1 rough sweep ex)
Increase SA and SAB of Rough Sweep. Increase explosion AOE for final hit. Reduce Rough Sweep CD by 8 seconds. Increase board damage by xx%

Awakening Skill: Something like Illusion stab from force blader of cabal https://www.youtube....h?v=18Vo_W0NHuo at 0.32. Targets hit by skill will have Vulnerable status

Awakening Skill: Flurry stab ground with spear and explode the entire aoe around (grudge formation size) like magma wave.

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