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Probably The Stupidest Thing I've Done... Or Is It?

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Posted 22 December 2016 - 03:22 AM

Here's the TL;DR version:
I beat the Minotaur nest 7 times thinking it would give me a reward but it didn't. However I had not completed the first quest regarding said nest. As a result, when I went to Blacksmith Corin for legendary armor quest, he just asked me for a horn which I have no way of acquiring now because the nest is closed... So my question is does it reset or nah?

Long version:

So I'm currently level 26 and was in Calderock village and got the mission to go clear the red Minotaur nest (I assume it's the first one).
Now, when I completed the nest, it gave me ancient items, so assuming that I would get more for completing the nest, I did so, being the MMORPG grinder that I am.
Now, I saw 0/7 when I went to the nest, and it meant that I could do the nest 7 times. I, however, assumed it gave some reward at the end and went on beating the nest. After the 7th win, the nest closed, and that's when it hit me what 0/7 really meant.

Now here's the stupid part. Having fully grinded out the nest, I went back to the person who gave me the quest and completed it. He then tells me to go to Blacksmith Corin to help finish the legendary armor. I went on ahead over to Corin and he casually tells me since I beat the Minotaur, I need to get his horn. After this, if I click him again, he has no quests to offer and I can't progress the quest anymore.
I beat the damn guy 7 times and got no horn, and now the nest is closed....

Personally I feel if there are quests associated with a nest, where a certain item to be acquired is unlocked only after the said quest is triggered, it shouldn't be limited runs. Mistakes like these are quite frequent. However if the nest does reset after a while, like maybe a week or so, or if the horn isn't in the game anymore, then I guess this whole post becomes null and void, and I'm the stupid one after all :|

Any feedback appreciated.

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Posted 22 December 2016 - 08:59 AM

Hey there,

As far as I know the Minotaur Horn is no longer dropping from Minotaur Nest, it was been available for a certain time in the Priestess of Darkness store. What you could try is checking the Trade House to see if anyone is selling it.

The weekly nest reset is on Saturday 9:00 AM server time, this is displayed on the main EU webpage.