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Recruiting Well Geared Players For Idn Hc Carry Service!

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Posted 28 December 2016 - 11:08 AM

Hey guys,

I am currently running around four carry parties per week with a group of around 10-13 people (some currently being on holidays). I am looking to add a few new faces to these teams to lower the amount of pressure and stress there is every week.

I am looking for literally all roles: Tank, Heals, DPS.
The current team members have a vast variety of classes and we can take in any class without issues right now, I will update this post in case anything changes!

What I am offering:
- teams with motivated, skilled, experienced and well geared people
- weekly runs to earn gold
- potential raid spots for the next raid (rune dragon)
- safe spots in parties, not just subbing in every once in a while
- professional environment

Your profile:
- experienced: You are experienced in IDN and IDN HC with more than just a couple of clears.
- geared: Depending on class a decent amount of FD, third stats etc. Atleast some parts IDN-L.
- skilled: You understand your class and your job in the raid.
- flexible: You are able to run more than just 1-2 days per week.
- punctual: You show up early to a raid to not cause problems.
- professional: You can take criticism and handle issues without causing trouble.
- able to listen: When I say rebuff, you rebuff. When I say stop attacking, you stop attacking.
- versatile: I prefer people with multiple characters, rather than one-tricks.
- language: English at a decent level, other languages are a plus for communicating with customers.
- voice communication: We are using Discord, speaking, even on a minimal level, would be appreciated.

Application form:
IGN char of your main:
Classes available:
Your raid stats for each char (town stats that you enter the raid with):
Availability during an average week:
Proof of experience (screenshots of clearing, titles, gear, etc.):
Raid experience:
Anything you'd like to add:

How to apply:
1. Fill out the above form with all your details.
2. Post the filled out application form either here or send it to me on Discord. (MuchAshe#3382)
3. Wait for response.

A few more things to note:
I know my requirements are fairly high, but don't be scared by them. You don't lose anything by applying if you think you are a decent fit. I will however ignore applications who are not fitting the profile in multiple ways.
I'm trying to run my parties in a fairly professional way, meaning there is a rule book you will have to follow. I will send out this rulebook, only after accepting your application, you can then decide if you agree with all the rules or decline and take back your application. Rules are simple stuff mostly, e.g. Be on time. Acting against the rules will cause replacement and benching.
To organize the parties I am using Google Sheets, so you will need a Google account to see the sheet.
If you require any more information or have questions about the parties, feel free to ask.

With all that being said, I'll be waiting for your applications.

Kind regards,

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#2 MuchAshe



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Posted 31 December 2016 - 04:52 AM

Full for now, can be closed.

Thanks for the applications and welcome to the new members.

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Posted 31 December 2016 - 08:23 AM

// Topic closed.