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Low Level Content

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#1 CaptainCustard



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Posted 08 January 2017 - 12:00 PM

I have been asked a few times,

"Hey, I am level 37, is there anything fun to do?"

And the best answer I can give is

"Ehhh... not really, it's kinda boring... just get to 93 as fast as possible and then you can try nests and stuff, yeah"

This isn't really good enough. In fact, chances are they will just quit Dragon Nest.


Add / restore low level content to Dragon Nest

We had low level nests before, things like Cerberus, Apocalypse and Mist Nest. Not to mention a Minotaur Nest that was actually challenging and not faceroll.

We also had Abyss dungeons from level 9 onwards, that were actually challenging, and not faceroll.

I am sure that new players are giving up on DN at early levels because it is mind-numbingly boring with no content. DN already has all the code for Abyss stages written, how hard would it be to just "bring back low level Abyss"? I hear there are plans to revamp Duel Dragon Nests, so that's something I guess.

But really, please, for the love of all that is holy, bring back low level Abyss stages. It can't be that hard, it would give new players something a little more fun to do, and it would result in more players making it to the max level so our community can grow again. :)

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#2 Foaya



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Posted 08 January 2017 - 07:39 PM

I can't agree more !

Even from beginners perspective, I had new members in my guild who just started the game but got bored pretty quickly because they had no fun and no challenge.

And from my point of view, one of the thing I enjoyed the most back at Cap 40/60 was testing and leveling characters, at Cap 40 I had every character/specialisation at max level, almost the same for Cap 60 (26 character out of 28 classes) and everytime I tried a new classe it was fun because abyss difficulty gives a reason to try to get better and play well... Now it's pretty much one shooting everything until lvl 80-90. Personally that won't make me quit the game, but I know some player who did, almost entirely because of this...

#3 zuyi



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Posted 10 January 2017 - 06:46 AM

Greetings from DN SEA server.

I started playing Dragon Nest in mid-80 Cap. I remember back then leveling up alone as a complete newbie, all I could do was dungeons on Normal or Hard difficulty. How I'd have to call my friends when I wanted to Master difficulty and how Abyss was truly abysmal.

Having leveled up at that time, when it wasn't too fast-paced and neither was it too darn grindy to get to level cap, I remember spending a lot of time in all the dungeons. I remember how they were designed and how much details and efforts were put into them. I remember how every dungeon's final boss had their own unique attacks and patterns. The developers have put so much time and effort into creating all these monsters and dungeon bosses and even all the old nests.

The way Dragon Nest is now, all that effort, all the memory space on our hard drives, it all seems rather wasted when the game is pretty much all about max level content. After level 24, it's all about FDR > GDC > CIV > MCSB > GM > AoH > WW > BWP > BL/RW. All those tons of other dungeons are nothing but names that we use to reminisce the past times (heck I'm not even that old a player but it still feels that way to me).

Of course I don't blame the players for seeking the fastest dungeons to get to level 93, because that is what the game is telling them to do. But the game did feel like it had a lot more volume to it back when dungeons weren't just a means to get to level cap, but a source of fun (and rewards too maybe) in themselves. Many people say DN is lacking content post 90 cap. While there is a slight shortage of nests, the other things that made up for in-game "content" still exist in DN and in our computer files, they've just been neutralized and made worthless by being made way too simple. It was fun in 80 cap when hunting Achievement Points was a thing and gave you cool titles and such.

In short; I agree with you, making under-90 content relevant again would definitely restore the interest of a lot of players and return the "fun" in DN that many players quit DN for.

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#4 Beowulf



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Posted 12 January 2017 - 08:08 AM

I agree 100%, I've actually had 2 new players as apprentices. I helped them level and I even gave away my old armor for free. While they did implament a growth system that give free 93 armors, through process in getting to 93 is long and hard for a new player without exp buffs. The only goal for them is to get to 93 because that's where they can finally enter a nest and test their selves. As a returning player that just got my account back i was really saddened to see some old nest like Cerebus removed. It was fun when I was the new guy then, but what about the new guys now?