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Call This A Rant I Guess

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Posted 19 January 2017 - 04:09 PM

So I'm playing this game since SEA release, switched to EU and transfered my account back to SEA. I didn't play when the data loss last year occured so I read a bit into it and contacted support because I was one of the few players who did not get a compensation for the losses on my account. Only thing I got is that my characters are all level 80 and some even changed their specializations. I got no equipment, all cash items I bought are gone and I don't even have the gold to invest in skill points for my characters so I can't play now.
That's not what I'm complaining about though. Things happen and sometimes they are bad things.
What I'm complaining about is the lackluster support. Now hear me out before yelling at me "you just mad because you lost your stuff brah". Sure, that plays a role but my main problem is that after 6 months of politely asking what's with my account and when I can expect to play again, I get this:

Dear Player,

Unfortunately, the Dragon Nest team are unable to assist you with this request. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,

Cherry Credits Gardener

And apparently that is the end of it. What? I don't even get back the CC I bought with real money.
At the end I would have been okay with just my CC and a bit of gold so I can use my characters again but no.
At the start I was told they are forwarding this issue to DNEU and that can take a while but after six months of waiting I get absolutely nothing. I was never banned nor did I misbehave. I was a paying customer and I was happy to support the SEA and EU servers from the very beginning and now they let me down like this. How can cherry credits justify this behavior?
I invested time and care for a game I love and that I promoted amongst friends. I didn't break the rules. I was just unfortunate enough to be involved in a technical difficulty where the people being responsible just don't care. Maybe I am wrong about this and there is something I don't see here but I feel let down and in my opionion they should really be ashamed of themselves or at least question their decisions when it comes to customer support.