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Soul Eater Build

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#1 xXxxx



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Posted 30 January 2017 - 11:42 AM

good day, just want to ask some opinion about the build i made for my kali for pvp.


sad to say that i didnt read the updates of the new soul eater, curse debuff was removed from soul gate and beast spirit, and phantom avenger's invisibility was removed.

my current plates are dummy ghost cd reset %, blitz claw cd, soul gate action speed, and beast spirit damage.

i have bought today cling snake damage plate which i will be replacing soul gate i think.
am i doing things on the right track? thanks

#2 Handyyy



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Posted 30 January 2017 - 02:45 PM

I recommend not taking phantom avenger .. its pretty garbage in pvp since thrs no iframe anymore. And soul gate cd would be btr since it gives 10 souls more often

#3 ChaoteZeus



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Posted 31 January 2017 - 05:07 AM

Hello Good Sir,

First of all, your build would highly dpend on what mode of PVP ur playing. It could defintely change for ladder, 1v1 comp on SB and Respawn/captain.

But I have a few thoughts.


Soul Wind: A friend of mine said, "Max it or leave at level 1". I disagree since it's also a good poking skill given the added piercing effect of the EX. But maybe it's one thing to consider.

Negative Ghost: I love this skill. Dont you? It's very useful in PVP, it has a low CD and high-ish SA break with self AOE. Can bait AE, can stop dashers, push further back, etc.

Mind Conquer: If you play respawn a lot, this is a must max, at least level 3. But if not, you can leave it at 1.


Puppet: Kill it. It is soooo not useful in PVP (even in PVE as it doesnt stack with others +20 damage debuffs) and long animation too. It has to be near target to debuff and it is VERY squishy, it can be killed with 3 or 4 norm attack.

Stigma of Curse: I prefer this at 11 especially if you play 1v1 a lot. But level 6 is fine.

Chain Claw: If you do decide to get rid of the puppet, this is the best place to put ur SP on. Especially since you have the reset chance plate. It's has a good  bursty damage.

Phantom Avenger: Despite the nerf, I still think this is a good skill even in PVP bc as an SE ur skills take FOREVER to cast. This will help a bit but u cant do much in 7 seconds. I recommend maxing it to get 11 seconds.

Dragon Soul: There are times when it's better to use this ulti rather than PA. Like in respawn, if you're in a safe spot and enemies are being cycloned or something. Id max it.

If I were to build a pure PVP Build, I would go with this: (though right now i have a hybrid build)


My Plates are:

Spirit Paper DMG (I just love this skill and spam it sooooo much) You can Beast Spirit here.
Cling Snake Debuff Duration
Chain Claw Reset Chance
Soul Gate CD - Though I used to love action speed, because it makes it impossible for this skill to be cancelled, I just went with CD for practicality, for the souls specifically. You can live without it, trust me ;)

#4 Lexangel



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Posted 22 March 2017 - 03:58 AM

Why cling snake duration debuff?
CS Debuff duration is 1.5 sec....
So 20%debuff duration plate only add 0.3 sec
And total 1.8 sec

It is worth it?