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Experiencing Issues? Your Client Might Be Corrupted!

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 04:23 PM

Darg here,

Well to cut to the chase, I've noticed that several players I know have a corrupted client. Either one or more resource files inside of their client installation folders are differing in size and contents. This has caused them to experience bugs that I were unable to reproduce.

So to draw attention to the matter I'm gonna create a small guide and add reference.

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These are my current resource files, as of VERSION 189. These files are updated from client installer version 174, which is the latest client installer. These should be the files you want to have on your client.

Posted Image

One way to recognize a corrupted client is to simply check the filesize of your resource files. Any digit that is different could mean that they aren't the same as what I have. How can we make sure that they are different, though? Well, you can perform a hash check on the file in question.

If you have 7zip installed you can right-click on a file and run a CRC-32 check. Alternatively you can download HashMyFiles to test files in batches. Download page can be found here.

These are the CRC-32 values of my files in hexadecimal format (make sure you aren't using decimal format):

Resource00.pak 74eef62e
Resource01.pak 23756d04
Resource02.pak 1194fa5c
Resource03.pak 982f41b0
Resource04.pak 1c03acd4
Resource05.pak ad0d00c6
Resource06.pak fb61a2dd
Resource07.pak 6d6b412e
Resource08.pak 87baf794
Resource09.pak 9a067737
Resource10.pak 32a4eb74
Resource11.pak 61320536
Resource12.pak f6581bd5
Resource13.pak ced69df3
Resource14.pak 9a703ce4

You can compare these to the CRC-32 values you obtained from your files. A differing value means that the file is different or corrupted.

"So why is my client corrupted?"

Well, it's highly possible that you are using a more dated client. The last time you installed the client was a (very) long time ago, or you were using an older installation file that you saved.

"How do I fix my client?"

You could download individual resource files from a friend or anyone who can provide you the files you need. Make sure it has the correct CRC-32 values. Another way is to download the latest Dragon Nest installer from the main website here.

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