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Machina Awakening And Spin Off Ideas (Come Here If You Want :d )

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Posted 12 February 2017 - 12:53 PM

Pardon my bad grammar.

Anyone wanna tell me some concept for Machinas when Awakening and Spin-off eventually came?

Only mods can tell when the Awakening and Spin-off of Machina will occur.

Here is my ideas for machina:
-A certain moderator removed the link for inappropriate content on a pegi 12 forum-
Warning: This video may be gruesome for kids
This is a video about Alex Mercer's abilities in Prototype and its better than Prototype 2 (No offense)

Go to 00:46 (HAMMERFIST) For knuckle attack (Machina right arm)
•Smackdown = is Lariat EX
•Elbow slam = is Beat Down EX (or maybe not)
•Hammertoss = is a combination of Kidney Blow & Beat Down. Or possibly a LARIAT EX

Go to 01:44 (CLAW) For claw attack (Machina left arm)
•Name every attacks for the skills whatever you want

Go to 2:25 (MUSCLEMASS) Just for additional idea (for anything you want)
•Disregard the Mega-throwing ability

Go to 03:52 (Armor) <Optional> For Machina's Nex-Gen IFrame or Enhanced Super Armor

Go to 03:59 (Shield) For Ground Shove (Not Air Shove)
•This is actually has the same skill to Cleric

Other characters' attack for machina:
Street Fighter (Ryu & Ken)
Black Star shooter
Sousei No Omnyouji (Rokuro and Yuu)
Vivid strike (Fuuka)
Black Rock Shooter (Girl with two fists)
El Sword (Lu/Ciel)
Manny Pacquiao

I bet you will disagree on my idea, but atleast contribute some ideas for it, so I would understand. Any replies or reactions are appreciated.

Most of you readers will be like:
"No, just no"
"Get out"
"Your idea is trash"

Now, start giving some ideas too, react or argue with my ideas.

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Posted 12 February 2017 - 08:06 PM

Let me begin saying that your post is badly presented, as there is not only one machina class, but two of them, which differ in gameplay quite a lot. Failing to specify which of them you are talking about implies lack of class knowledge in general, but for the sake of civilized conversation, I will assume the skills you spoke about were for a possible spinoff class for machina.

Well, being realistic, and seeing how the other awakenings are, I can say there will only be two new skills for each of the machinas and four enhanced skills, and maybe a change to their ultimates. I won't argue about Ruina, since I do not play the class, but for defensio I would love the following changes, I will leave more awakening skills than usual to just show my wishes and will probably not be the developers' choice for her awakening:

-Man to man reworked (1): The skill no longer affects summons, but buffs Defensio giving her 200% of her max HP and healing her 10% HP every 1'5 seconds (would kick in 10 times assuming she does not leave the AOE). The damage transfer keeps happening as usual.

-Man to man reworked (2): The damage transfer is removed, only gives 20% damage reduction, but also increases attack power of allied members by 5% while the buff is up.

-Beyond the wall EX awakening: Increase the AOE of its casting, can cast on the ground without jumping (becomes a buff used like this, so skill dragon jades/engravings don't interfere), keeps the aerial cast it now has as a way to debuff enemies. Extra: HP shield depends on caster's HP rather than the receiver's.

-Overboost defense awakening: Added effect- Increase max HP by 50 for each 1 VIT posessed.

-Taunting blow EX awakening: Adds one extra explosion to the summonned marks, provocation effect remains after the marks have been exploded, but the marks are wiped (lose the cancel provoke functionality).

-Leap over EX awakening: The leap becomes vertical, with no horizontal movement (similar to kidney blow) and gains some damage. Damage reduction while charging changes from 20% to 50%.

-Air shove EX awakening: The AOE left by air shove is bigger and lands always under the caster. Doesn't need additional changes.

>[Awakening skill 1] Seismic punch: Defensio punches the ground and creates an earthquake area around her, with several shockwaves. The shockwaves will have 50% less damage than the initial impact, but there will be some (up to 5?) of them. If the enemies caught in this AOE are not bosses, they will have their movement speed reduced. Can cancel with duck, taunting blow, repair or air shove in case it's necessary, can chain with charging gear only after the skill is fully casted.

>[Awakening skill 2] Aerial Roar: Defensio jumps into the air and roars at her enemies, dealing a noticeable ammount of burst damage in one hit (this skill counts as aerial and gives some air time). Can be chained with beyond the wall and/or beat down after being casted.

Some random ideas I threw together in a few minutes. I think they would fit the defensio playstyle (it's either that or changing the cooldown of taunting blow to 5 seconds lol).

Have a nice day!

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 12:42 AM


#4 Jakielyn



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Posted 13 February 2017 - 03:09 PM

Pivot Gun Shot(Right Click) awakening = TWO PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNCCCH!!!!!

#5 Agent3554



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Posted 14 February 2017 - 12:54 PM

View PostPawHammer, on 12 February 2017 - 08:06 PM, said:

I will assume the skills you spoke about were for a possible spinoff class for machina.

If you're curious about the video link I shared and since my link was blocked by a Mod , just watch "Prototype - All abilities and attacks" in Youtube and I won't recommend you this video link if you're below 12.

Those skills I mentioned isn't only for spin-off classes, It's for both, and It's your choice which skill will be placed to Spin-off or Awakening.

Also, the animation of the movement from the link is what I'm implying for idea, not those buff or debuff effects (Just in-case if you don't know, ignore this if you know)

I mean, I'm just gonna stay in the animation, not in some Skill Effects, Debuffs, or Buffs.

Anyways, thank you very very much for your Idea too, and I really appreciated it! :D

Sorry for my bad grammar, please bear with it.
And yes, my post is really badly presented, I agree.

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 02:15 PM

Since you added some skill ideas for Defensio, now It's my turn to add skill ideas for Ruina. (I'm a Ruina user btw)

Note: I'm going to add consequences to make it balanced, and not make it overpowered.

Just an alternative version of Overboost, the Giant fist effect coming from punches (To every skill), now twice the size, and makes it more dangerous and gives more destruction.
•Super Armor Break Increased (Any value you want to add, It's your choice).
•Damage Increased (Any value you want to add, It's your choice).
•Decreases your Action and/or Walk/Sprint Speed (Your Choice).

Overheat reworked:
Just additional punches (It's optional if you wanna add action speed, because doing overheat with your one arm is hard, and i've tried it in real life Not Joking, and I'm not gonna post a video of mine doing it here. And I've tried also what Machina says "RATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAH!" and it makes me exhausted easily).
•(In my opinion) Longer Cooldown. Unless you add a skill plate cooldown effect for it.

(Any name you wanna call this skill) Animal Support:
Since Machina is a hybrid, in my opinion, I bet she's a half Human; half Animal, so calling a support from any wild animals, such as Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Hyena, etc.
I'm referring to the anime called "Urara Meirochou".
•No Buffs and Consequences

Flow Through reworked (1):
Once you've used the Deus Ex Machina, you'll notice that there is a Vertical Tornado following you.
When you try to use Flow Through, it will start to travel slowly where you're facing in a direction.
•Since it's very slow as same as Deus Ex Machina, it is easily evadable by enemies.

Flow Through reworked (2):
It can be used as a shield against ranged attacks, remove all enemy buffs (Cross = Saint; , traps ) if it successfully touches the Vertical Tornado

This skill is inspired from Genos, maybe including Iron Man if possible, but it is an alternative of Flow Through, that replaces Wind with Fire. Or... Just replace the alternative Flow Through with Laser Beam skill from Saleana Awakening.

Overclocking reworked:
Instead of gaining HP, this skill will be offensive type and shoots some explosive energy into the ground, making a huge crack, and stunning all enemies (even if the enemy has huge super armor) in the medium radius. If enemy is near at you, not only it can stun them, but it will also induce some damage to enemies from explosion.
•Possibly one of dangerous SA Breaker skill.
•I don't know, just insert your cons here.

Iron Wall Defense:
Same name from the Plate Heraldry, it uses the same skill as Parrying Stance from warrior, but it uses his huge fist as shielding instead, and then counter-attack like wallop

Iron Wall Offense:
You will charge/sprint while you're protected with huge fist and then hit enemies
Note: Clerics already have this skill (Idk from what job is it), but with shield

Here are my additional stupid ideas:
-Turn Machina into beast (dark avenger/machina hybrid combination confirmed xdd jk)
-Make her claw atleast be useful in some skills, and in combat
-Turn her claw bigger too
-Make a separate skill for claws
-Use karate chop with gauntlets
-If the claw is never used in combat, can you just move the claws and merge it with gauntlets?
-Brass Knuckles in gauntlets sounds really stupid, but maybe cool for some weird ways, I guess?
-I hope Machina can do the attack moves as same as Alex Mercer's Hammerfists

I have so many ideas for Machinas, but I suddenly forgot one of them.
You can disagree with one (or all) of my ideas here if you'd like

Any ideas?