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New Idea For Future Contents

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#1 DiemMaru



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Posted 14 February 2017 - 11:21 AM

Every character should have their own opposite gender version. I would pay a lot to see a female cleric :D Agree guys?

#2 KillianC



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 11:37 PM

i agree but i doubt this will happen...it kinda removes the lore of that character...remember we're living the lives of a certain character...what i mean is all clerics are technically Cleric Edan...all warriors are technically Warrior Xian...all assassins are Illusion and so on and so forth...even though we see identical classes in the game the story is still pretty much the character's story only portrayed by us as players...which explains the missing character in certain main quests, because that character is you (depending on your class that is).

#3 Verbena



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Posted 27 April 2017 - 10:58 PM

Basically what KillianC said, it's for story reasons. This is a character action game.

Also from a developers point of view, think about this: Modeling, rigging and animating characters is very time consuming and costly. Devs can't simply make a model of a male Sorcerer and insert in on the existing Sorceress and expect it to work nicely, the results won't be pleasing looking. Because these were made to fit a female body, he will look deformed (the females have particularly long legs), and the animations of the Sorceress are quite feminine, often bending in ways a male isn't really supposed to, just inserting them instead of giving him his own masculine yet sexy and mischevious set of animations would look extremely half-assed... People will complain the character looks like a long limbed mounstrocity.

Then you need to consider the voice. The entire voice files would need to be re-recorded with new voice actors, another thing that it's costly and time consuming. I guess devs could release the character with no voice, but then it will look half-assed again and likely Players will complain.

And it will have zero customization because no way to remake thousands of body parts for every costume and hairstyle that exists for males, plus faces textures with every facial expression. This could take over a year or two to complete.

Basically the only way a genderswap could happen is as a very expensive Cash Shop full body skin, and the only customization you would get (if any) is color variants and maybe the possibility to dye it's hair, skin and eyes.