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Blank Conversion Costume

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 02:53 AM

I believe I haven't properly shared this idea yet, so here we go: a Blank Conversion Costume.

While a lot of people greatly enjoyed the previously released Unique Conversion Costume because of it's stats, I believe what really mattered was the functionality of the costume: being able to merge the looks of any costume with some type of stat increasing, as many times as you like.

I believe the Unique Conversion Costume stats are way too overpowered and should have not been sold in the first place. It makes the game more pay-to-win and ruins challenges the game offers more and more.

Currently the Unique Conversion Costume has also been removed from the Dragon Box after only a month time, with that EU losing it's only option to customize their character looks to their liking.

It would be nice to combine the idea of the Hybrid Tablet and Conversion Costume. In short, the Hybrid Tablet allows one to permanently merge a costume for design and a costume for stats into one. This is however, a permanent merge and doesn't work with all costumes.

Taking away the Hybrid Tablet's "permanent" combining as well as the Conversion Costume's default stats but keeping the functionality to be able to do that as often as you like, would make a great feature, which is what I'm proposing here.

So, they would be able to merge a costume design with the Blank Conversion Costume for looks, and instead of receiving stats from the Conversion Costume itself, they would supply a second costume to apply stats to it as well. Once un-equipping it, all 3 costumes are returned to their normal state (similar to the Unique Conversion Costume previously released).

I would like to suggest this Blank (or clean, so without stats) Conversion Costume to be added to the Cash Shop (not into the Dragon Box) for purchasing to allow Dragon Nest players to customize their character looks to their hearts content.

What rarity the costume has doesn't matter too much, that could be "normal" for all we care, or taken from the provided stat costume at the time of merging.

With this Blank Conversion Costume players would be purchasing these at large from the Cash Shop in order to customize all their characters. In addition, they would also still be purchasing synthesizers or new and stronger costumes as those provide the stats to be added to the Conversion Costume. Comparing this to the Unique Conversion Costume, they would not feel the need to buy new costumes for stats (perhaps just for looks), as it currently holds the strongest stats in game and probably won't be surpassed any time soon, at least let's hope not!

As a player I think costumes should be something cosmetic, and I believe many (if not all) love the idea of customizing their characters to their liking. Providing the Blank Conversion Costume should be a huge selling point for Cherry Credits.

I hope I was able to explain my ideas and thoughts well (in case you didn't understand something, please ask). If you have any comments to this proposal, please leave them below, and make sure to support the idea by liking this post!

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 06:11 AM