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Good Bye Dragon Nest

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#1 Vollmilchnoob



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 08:45 PM

Hello guys, i just want to get lost of my frustration. I played a long time so i think the game developers or what ever may  be interested in my oppinion in this game.
First point, No matter how much u play everyything depends on RNG.
2nd, i knew it was Pay to win since a loooong time but today it is unplayable for new or Returned Player and im gonna tell u now why: I have 15 Charakter's and i tried farming as much as i can with them! 1 Month Later i barrely hit 200k Gold but to be honest it was only possible because of RNG ( 3rd stat plate)!!!! So dont forget i was playing with 15 charakter's..... normal Player has maybe 1-3 charakter but well me the Super Tryhard Player who tries to get better with pure Game experience has to work all the time, no time for other games etc just for 200k Gold!
So whats the matter on this? 200k Gold is  2 L- Grade Weapons +12~, or 1 Upper Part of a Costume ( Epic) !
Gold is everything in the game but its nearly impossible to get Gold as a new player or returned!
U would have to sell Costume Parts or if a new nests comes out u have to be one of those player who can clear it and sell the useless items to noobs ( Scam in my oppinion cause noobs allready have allmost no gold)
The wort point is the lag! I know there are some player without lags but thats not the point, the enginge or just the game itself is very bad made. There are player with lag and pplayer without, Player without lag = Easy clear nest! Player with lag = Bad game cant clear nest.
So in my oppinion this game is a waste of time if u are not Blood Peter. I mean just watch the Costume Parts Today: 12% atk from 1 part, not only rings with element attack i think lower body has it too today.
Last Point which makes this game super bad is the amount of player and the amount of f2p events!
Thanks for reading the worst english :)

#2 Sot



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 08:47 PM


#3 rikolero


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Posted 26 February 2017 - 09:00 PM

Bye Felicia

#4 MuchAshe



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 09:59 PM

View PostVollmilchnoob, on 26 February 2017 - 08:45 PM, said:

I have 15 Charakter's and i tried farming as much as i can with them! 1 Month Later i barrely hit 200k Gold but to be honest it was only possible because of RNG ( 3rd stat plate)!!!! So dont forget i was playing with 15 charakter's..... normal Player has maybe 1-3 charakter but well me the Super Tryhard Player who tries to get better with pure Game experience has to work all the time, no time for other games etc just for 200k Gold!

I rate this a 5/7.
Good riddance, get good.

#5 nidaime2



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 10:18 PM

Your problem is you are trying so hard, this is a game bruh it's not a job. Lay back and enjoy the game. OH yeah. Goodbye lol.

#6 gianne07



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 11:23 PM

This really sounded like something from TOS forums.
Goodbye and good luck!

#7 Vollmilchnoob



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Posted 28 February 2017 - 01:58 AM

Well what do u think? In not Blood Peter who can relax to get some gear u know? I have to farm gold and other stuff like Life essence ( everything possible) im sry guys, yes the game got 2000% Pay to Win thats why the most player stop. 160 FD and 12% just from Costume?! U guys rememeber old times? Costume only as fashion? The last thing i can say is: Thanks Dragon Nest, u showed me the Pay to Win Mechanics of a Free to play game, its not worth if u try to be good, a free to play game is only good for f1p if they dont care about the game. their is so much p2w Stuff today, i mean watch 3rd stat on Heraldry like FD, u can equip 3 more heraldry with cash and 4 talisman slot too. My World of Warcraft Download is done :)
I think its way better to buy a game then wasting every Month money for a "Free to Play" Game haha Dragon nest 1-0 for me :)))) u are losing every day player i give this game 1 year :)

#8 ZeroYami



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Posted 02 March 2017 - 07:34 AM

1. Sure things are RNG but which of those things really bother you, and why?

2. I disagree about the game being pay-to-win, without paying a cent you're still able to clear (end) game content, all that is required is effort. It is true that charging to get or sell cash items makes this easier, but does not give players skill or experience for example. And let's be fair, where is the honor in buying yourself into everything? There is little sense of achievement this way.

Obtaining rare items with special stats should be something random, consider it a "lucky break" you get to further improve one of your characters or make profit from. I have to agree that it sometimes seems others are more lucky than others, but there is little to prove.

200,000 gold is a lot to have. Don't forget that Legendary grade equipment is supposed to be expensive to upgrade, it shouldn't be something easy. So keep on making effort, or settle for something easier, like epic equipment. With enhancement transfer it should be manageable to get +10/12 on level 90 or 93 epic/unique equipments, this wouldn't even involve buying protection jellies.

You say "gold is everything in this game" but I have to disagree. If you're playing 15 characters which you use to farm and clear nests with, you should be able to gather up most of the necessities you need to further improve your characters. I can count the amount of item sales I've made since the crash last year March, on one hand. What matters is that you make effort to get what you need.

New nests and rare or desired items are a good way to generate income, but even a new player can farm regular dungeons to obtain upgrade materials, which is hot on sale every Monday with the upgrade Hot Spring bonus. If you're dedicated to making gold, make use of both ways. Do you have lag and can't manage it by yourself? Find a nice guild or go with friends that can manage to finish the nest in case you end up lagging and dying too much.

You need to stop comparing yourself with cash spenders or sellers, they don't matter. The only thing that matters is your own capability and effort. There are many ways to make gold, you just have to find one, or a few that work for you. You have complained about RNG and gold, but haven't clearly explained why, has it been stopping you from playing?

I do agree costumes should be for character customization only, and wouldn't mind, even at this point, if they would completely remove all stats from all costumes. People are blinded by these stats and ruin the game in several ways.

Anyway.. any game has issues if you play long enough to see.

If you come back and can manage to stop caring about what other people spend on the game, find yourself a nice guild to have fun with, clear stuff together and whatnot, until then..

enjoy World of Warcraft o/

#9 Vollmilchnoob



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Posted 06 March 2017 - 04:34 AM

Dude, u have to buy costume from Casher, u have to buy jelly from Casher..... u have to buy CC from Casher if u want Heraldry expand without cashing.
If u have to farm with 15 Chars to get the gear u want so bad, but it all depends on Rng without Cashing for urself its not fun at all.
Im currently level 31 on World of Warcraft, the Server has no lags, there is nothing which makes the game easier for casher noobs, there is no fd stat only for casher noobs.
U get a Mount at level 20 for Free, the story and the quests are funny, no jelly, no 12% atk boost p2w Costume :D What do u think? why this game will never be fame? because it is p2w most ppl just dont even start playing it^^
I gave Dragon Nest alot of chances to get better, but all i see is noobs staying in Saint heaven farming likes, no farm gold, still best items, u know why`? easy, they sell costumes parts so expansive they dont have to farm anything, ok black cubes wow
Edit: I remeber World Chat: Buy FD 3rd stat plate 100€ and 100k gold come on how is that not p2w?
Last Edit:
Effort should be something but in Dragon Nest effort is nothing u just need to sell costumes and gain gold, u could easy carry urself trough everything untill u know all the basics. do u even know what i mean? time= effort/ effort= waste / Cash= EZ Fun Game / No Cash = Struggle its no fun trust me 15 chars i tried everything i can
ok not last edit im on fire xD:
I cant stop compare to Casher because i have to buy everything from them thats the sad point, im a player who hates p2w because i know it from Handy Games.... :(
If i had to choose i wouldnt buy from casher but struggle 3 days for 10 jellys i rly woulda do it like i farmed Revive Apple and Essence of life with 15 chars everyday :( 15 chars farming was a great idea but it showed me how less ppl farm compared to me. i was allmost in every single Party ( Manti-Abn etc) while ppl at th chust count their sold cc money :)
Dragon nest is it rly so hard to make this game like:
Jelly from Nest
Gear from Dragons
Sealstamp from Dailys
Costume is only fashion
L Grade Upgrade no more RNG + max level 13
No more FD Stat
Better Server for less lags
etc there is so much but they dont care

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#10 Vollmilchnoob



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Posted 10 April 2017 - 12:31 AM

I still dont regret it :D No more Paytowin hell haha Dragon Nest im done :) My Rogue is allready really good geared without any tryhard or Cash, Casher in WoW dont mind me because they can cash stupid stuff thats all :D Sry for all of u guys who still play this P2W, Final Damage and Scam game haha
BTW Guys: I can enhance my Weapon (which every1 gets the same :) ) without any Casher stuff, i just grind Dungeons and PvP. Its like "Thanks for playing" and not "Thanks for cashing" or for F2P " Thanks for wasting ur time" hahaha

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#11 Xenocho


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Posted 10 April 2017 - 12:51 AM

Hmm okay glad you enjoy wow more than DN. Why do you still linger in the forum and spend time typing so much for a dead p2w game?