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[Notice] Profitez Des Plus Grandes Économies De Dragon Nest Jusqu’À Présent !

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#1 Lemonteaz



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Posted 08 March 2017 - 12:40 PM

news-awakeningkali-vip_fr.png (580×147)

Offrez-vous le boost ultime et soyez gâté de goodies essentiels pendant tout UN mois avec le Pack VIP ! Des objets de plus d’une valeur de 200 000 CC appartiendront à vous pour un prix aussi bas que 29 900 CC et vous savez quoi ? Il en va plus bas encore ! Délectez-vous à la vue de tout ce que vous devez savoir sur ce que le Pack VIP a à offrir ci-dessous :

content-awakeningkali-vip_fr.png (720×670)


1)The Nest entry+1 is given per weekly

2) Le Coupon VIP pour le prochain Achat de Pack VIP durera 33 Jours UNIQUEMENT. Les détails du coupon sont les suivants :
- À tout moment, seul 1 Pack VIP peut être actif
- 1er achat avec le Coupon : 12% de Remise à 26 300 CC.
- 2ème achat et les achats ultérieurs avec le Coupon : 20% de Remise à 23 900 CC.

3) Si le Coupon de Réduction VIP n’est pas utilisé pour acheter un Pack VIP avant l’expiration du coupon, le prochain achat de Pack VIP sera réinitialisé au prix initial de 29 900 CC.

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Posted 08 March 2017 - 12:40 PM


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Posted 08 March 2017 - 02:23 PM

Questions from our players collected via Discord and other channels than the forum:

1) Do the deluxe boxes and jellies expire? If so, how long will they stay in the inventory of your character before they get wiped?

Self confirmed: Jellies from VIP package won't expire, awaiting proof on boxes.

2) Why, unlike SEA, this VIP package doesn't include magnifying glasses?

3) What was the reasoning behing making this package unpurchaseable via DNP when there is a part of the server that uses Steam to play and every other item in the cash shop can be bought with DNP?

4) Are the "One time rewards" really a one time thing, or do you get them every time you purchase the package?

Self confirmed: One time rewards are claimed every time you buy the package.

5) Is the EXP bonus per character or per account (Per character= little use)?

Self confirmed: Per character.

I might edit this post and add more and more questions as soon as they are asked.

Have a nice day.

Extra image, thank you to those who contributed:

Posted Image


Daily, you will receive a pop-up telling you you have gotten 3 deluxe boxes and 5 jellies (the jellies will not expire, I'm awaiting confirmation on the boxes).

The character who purchased the VIP will have 5 more blue lives and 1000 more blessing points to use per day.

The character who bought the VIP can select 2 reward chests as opposed to 1 at the end of stages (there is exceptions, not sure what content is excluded).

The character who bought the VIP will receive an extra entry on all nests with exceptions (I assume raids, but not sure of that).

Every time you buy the VIP package you will get a horn of life that does not expire and lasts for a month, and 10 synthesis packages.

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Posted 08 March 2017 - 02:40 PM

Nest entry +1? also for Idn (Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore) ?