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Reworked Ruina Cd Reduction Bug

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Posted 08 March 2017 - 05:05 PM


After the latest patch (Kali awakening and some skill balances, including a Rework on Ruina) which was completed today, March 8th 2017, i discovered a bug on Ruina, where the CD Reduction upon hit of a Gearstep under Overboost (should be 1 sec cd reduce per gearstep use upon hit) does not apply to the skills!

Here is what i did:

1) I Used both Overhowl and Overboost
2) I Used some of my main skills (Overheat, Beat down, Kidney Blow, Leap over, Flow Through)
3) I spamed Different gearsteps + duck on the Golem in Training ground

As you will see in the following Video i made, the CD of the skills does not reduce upon hit of the gearsteps.

Here is the video i made

>>>>>>>>>  https://youtu.be/G1adloZq8uA <<<<<<<<<

This is a Major issue for Ruina players as their DPS potential is dramatically decreased as well as it affects their Gameplay and sustainability of the already decreased DPS in a very bad way!

I hope you can get this fixed