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Keep Pets Alive!

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 08:25 AM

I would like to propose a change in the pet system. Currently Cherry Credits earns 2,400 CC every time a player purchases the Horn of Life to revive their pets for 30 days. Pet's are useful for their ability to pick up items and the increased stats they provide.

It's rather sad that we are required to "revive" our dead pets every 7 or 30 days after they "expire," so I thought, why not keep them permanently alive?

Instead of "dying" every 7 or 30 days, why not have them lose their ability to pick up items and create an item in the Cash Shop to re-activate that (similar to how, for example, a heraldry expansion). This way we could still enjoy having our pets around, following us and switching them around, even if they are unable to pick up items for us. This item could be around the same price 2-2,400 CC.

Additionally, if the permanent stat boost would be considered to much, another item (perhaps a food that you feed them) could be added to the Cash Shop which boosts them with the previously mentioned stat boost they provide their owner with. If split, both items could cost around 1-1,200 CC.

If anyone has any further input or comments to make regarding this suggestion please reply below, if you support the idea, please leave a like!

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Posted 10 March 2017 - 12:36 AM

Other input I have received regarding this suggestion is:
  • Selling 2 types of pets: 1 permanent pet without stats, 1 temporary pet that gives stats.
  • Selling the Horn of Life (pet resurrection) for gold in an in game NPC store.