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Defensio Or Ruina? New Player Here.

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#1 Kaikaiu



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Posted 28 March 2017 - 12:52 AM

Hello, I'm a new player currently have a level 93 defensio and I don't know if I should switch to ruina, mainly because I don't know how to tank / never played a tank in mmo. Is it easy to tank in nest? which of the two is better in pvp?

#2 DracoFalco



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Posted 28 March 2017 - 04:45 AM

The previous thread contains some of the info you may need: http://forum.cherryc...ensio-worth-it/

You may find Ruina hard to get used to because of the constant ducking, aggressiveness and fast gameplay. And how your overcharge can miss so many hits making the dps lower than it should T_T

We need some Defensio-senpais to answer how easy it is to tank =3 Personally I think it is pretty hard to fit the job description

Pvp-wise defensio is way way better that Ruina. Reasons being
1. Taunting Blow > Overheat (Ruina's overheat is a hard skill to use and can only be used when the opponent is down, because of the SMOLL hit box) TB can be left marked on the opponent without detonating it, it will detonate 15secs later. Your opponent will be knocked down and gives you the opening to initiate safely. TB packs a punch.

2. Repair acts as "relieve" an extra escape mechanism. Ruina is quite disadvantaged as she only has one Aerial Evasion. When you have wasted one evasion and got caught again, then you are pretty much screwed. Yes we have high SA, but SA cannot prevent everything. Contrary to pve, pvp defensio can be very aggressive because they can afford to have their SA broken.

When comparing the damage dealt in PVP, Defensio's damage is huge. I have no idea about Ruina's damage, just that it is decent enough. I play Ruina myself but I cant judge my damage T_T These are my thoughts :)

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#3 PawHammer



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Posted 29 March 2017 - 02:59 AM

PVE-wise, defensio became an extremely versatile class that can operate as a damage dealer (Very easy to play, good for newbies due to defensio's natural bulk, no need to dodge as many things), a mix between dealing damage and doing the tank job (the optimal and most fun way to play, will make your gameplay way more interesting than just stacking 4 taunting blows and blowing them up) and the full tank job (slightly harder than just dealing damage due to how good defensio has to play to be an effective support, good for learning your full potential as a class and playing with little gear).

In my opinion, if you can't choose between the two, defensio works just fine and is plain better for beginners due to her versatility and defensive/support skills. But if you want to play a class that is very hard to play and rewards you with an even higher dps, you should change to ruina (assuming you are speaking in a raid context. Nests are easy enough to play whatever class you like).

Have a nice day!