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[Update] Rune Of Despair Monthly Patch – Game Enhancement

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 07:38 PM

Check out the following Game Enhancement which accompanies the Rune Of Despair patch right here.

Game Improvements

Epic Talisman Evolution

You can use Epic Talisman Evolution Cube to evolve Rare Talisman into Epic Talisman.
When evolved, the additional options on the original Rare Talisman will be transferred to the Epic Talisman.

Basic stats and additional option stats will all increase.
This can be purchased at Nightmare Star Store for 250,000 Nightmare Points.

Posted Image

Colosseum Elite Store

You can now use the [Colosseum Elite Store] at Saint Haven’s [Colosseum Shopkeeper Levan].
Items sold at Colosseum Elite Store have been changed.
Many new items have been added and some purchase restrictions on old items have been changed.

Posted Image

Changes in Master-Apprentice System

Posted Image

Changes have been made to the Master-Apprentice system.

Now you can register other players as a Master or Apprentice when there is a difference of 1 level.
Apprentices can be up to Level 92.
Apprentice’s level up reward has been changed. When the Apprentice reaches Level 30, 60, 90, and 93, both the Master and Apprentice will get [Master-Apprentice Points] item via mail.
You will earn [Master-Apprentice Points] when Master and Apprentice play the game together in a party.
[Master-Apprentice Points] can be attained when you clear dungeons and Nests and you will get a little more points for Nests.
[Master-Apprentice Points] can be used to buy items at Heraldry Scholar Stas.

Posted Image
There are also changes in registering Master introduction.
Respect Points that only the master used to get in the past has been removed.
Changes have been made to master’s [Self-introduction]. Master can register a [Self-introduction] to appear in a list of Masters that Apprentices can see.

Whenever you renew the self-introduction message, you will be shown at the top of the [Master List]. When you [Cancel Introduction], you will be removed from the [Master List].
The number of times Fatigue is deducted for a Master for entering dungeons has been changed to 20 times.

Graduation level for Apprentices has been changed to Level 93. (Previously it was Lv90.)
Now the apprentice can graduate at Level 93 and can also choose whether to graduate immediately or not.
Apprentice can gain Graduation Points from the time he or she has attained maximum level and will graduate automatically when Graduation Points have reached the maximum limit. Or the apprentice can choose to graduate immediately by clicking [Graduate] button.
After reaching max level, you can get more Master-Apprentice Points if you play Nests with your master.

Posted Image

When the Master and Apprentice play dungeons and Nests together, they can get Master-Apprentice Points. You will get 5 points for all dungeons and more points can be obtained in newly-added Nests.

Legend Main Weapon Converter
Posted Image
Evolved Legend Weapon item can now be used on Legend Main Weapon Converter to convert main weapon.
Unique Skill Accessory Crafting

Crafting Level 93 Unique grade Skill Accessory has been added.

Posted Image

+15 Level 93 Dragon Jade

Level 93 Dragon Jades can now be enhanced up to enhancement level 15.
A new material item will be required for this enhancement.

Posted Image


■ Equipment Collection
Unique Rune Dragon items have been added.
Legend Rune Dragon items have been added.

■ Changes in Legend Weapon Converter
The name of [“Legend Ice Dragon Main Weapon Converter“] is changed to [“Legend Main Weapon Converter“].
Using the Legend Main Weapon Converter, you can change Legend grade main weapons above Level 90 to other weapons of the same class.

■ Hero's Box Renewal
- Some items have been added to Hero's Box.
Posted Image

■ Equipment Collection
- Lv93 Epic Grade Talisman has been added.

■ Heraldry Removed
- Acrobat’s Evade Heraldry [Chance to Reset Cooldown] option has been removed.
   - You can no longer craft or attain the removed Heraldry.

■ Improved [Skill] Engraving and Skill Dragon Jade Application Method
- The problem of Engraving effect being applied on oneself and party members for certain skills has been fixed.

■ Ice Dragon Nest (Hard Core) Changes
- You can now use Resurrection Apple in Ice Dragon Nest (Hard Core).
-  Ice Dragon Nest (Hard Core) Entry Ticket will be removed.
- Entry Ticket [Seed of Snowfield] can now be sold at the store.

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 07:39 PM

UI Improvements

Point Currency System

Points UI has been added where you can check the amount of points you own.
Checking Points UI
- You can see Points UI by clicking [Points] button at the bottom of [Character Info] window (P).

Points UI Step 1 : Check the icon, name and amount of points you have.

- From the Points UI, you can see the name and the amount of points you have.

Posted Image

Points UI Step 2 : Select priority points.

- You can select the checkbox on the left side of the points to register them in the quick view.
- You can select up to 3 and the selected points will be shown at the bottom of your Inventory.

Posted Image

Points UI Step 3 : Use points
- You can use the points at their respective stores.
- You can see where you can use the points by hovering the cursor on the points to see the tooltip.
- Also, you can check the type of points and amount used in stores.

Posted Image

Currency items changed to points

- Some currency items will be changed into points.
- When you attain the following items, you will attain them as points, not as items.

Posted Image

Point Exchange
- Currencies that are turned into points can be exchanged for points at [Heraldry Scholar] – [Point Exchange Store].

Channel Chat Improvements

Channel chat system has undergone a renewal.
Channel chat that used to be reset in every maintenance has been changed to be reset on a near maintenance date when more than 30 days have passed since the last person has entered the channel chat.

Now you can see a list of channel chat.
Go to Community (O)’s Channel Chat tab and you can see the list if you’re not participating in a channel chat.
(You can only see public channels.)

When you set up a channel chat, you can choose whether to make it public and appear on the channel list or make it private and you can always change the settings by going to [Channel Settings] and entering /channelsettings chat command.

Some chat commands have been changed.
[/channelpassword > /channelsettings]

※ You can see the chat commands at Help (J) > Community > Channel or by clicking the question mark at the top of Community (O)’s Channel Chat tab.

Channel Chat List
Posted Image
Posted Image

Channel Chat Participants
Posted Image

Posted Image

Chat status when you’re in a Channel Chat

Chat window’s Channel tab will remain active if you’re participating in a channel chat.

Posted Image

ATK/HP Notation for Nests
Posted Image
• UI that shows recommended ATK and HP can now be seen when you enter Nests.
• If the recommended stats are higher than your stats, it will be shown in red. If it’s lower, it will be shown in green.
• (Current stats shown in the UI will reflect the value shown in Character Info window.)

Skill Balancing

Class Mastery: HP recovered when [Howl Charging] and [Highlander] are used is reduced from 3% to 1%. (PVE)
Class Mastery: [Battle Howl]’s “Increase in HP for each VIT” is removed and changed to increase in maximum HP by 50%. (PVE)

Crash Mode: [Rage] is not used when defence stance is taken. (PVE, PVP)
Crash Mode: HP recovery every 2 seconds is changed from 3% to 1%. (PVE)

[Awakened Passive] Howl Charging: Increase in ATK is removed and is changed to increase in Final Damage (PVE, PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Maelstrom Howl: Amount of [Rage] needed for casting the skill has been changed to 2 points from the previous 5 points. (PVE, PVP)

Cannonade: Location is now set using the mouse, not keyboard. (PVE, PVP)

Force User
Triple Orbs: Attack power increased (PVE)

Black Hole: Cooldown reduced (PVE)

Summon Comet: Attack power increased (PVE)
Summon Comet: Cooldown reduced (PVE)

Gravity Ascension:  Attack power increased (PVE)
Gravity Ascension:  Cooldown reduced (PVE)

Class Mastery II: Hitting enemies with [Gravity Sphere] does not recover the cooldown of [Triple Orbs EX Instant] anymore. (PVP)

Lightning Zap: Attack power reduced (PVP)

Justice Crash: Cooldown reduced (PVP)

Stance of Faith EX: Reduction in cooldown is removed. (PVP)

Thrust Force:  Attack power increased (PVP)
Thrust Force:  Cooldown increased (PVP)

Overwhelm: Damage of additional attack due to entering [Normal Attack Button] is reduced (PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Armour Break: Damage of additional attack due to entering [Normal Attack Button] is reduced (PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Stance of Faith: HP recovered when defence is successful is reduced

Protection Shell: Cooldown increased (PVP)
Protection Shell: Duration decreased (PVP)

Chain Lightning: Electrocute rate is reduced (PVP)

Mind Breaker: The problem of excessively high stun rate is fixed.

Detonate: Cooldown increased (PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Holy Burst: Now Holy Burst will be activated around oneself too. (PVE, PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Grand Cross: Amount of [Saint Bubbles] attained for each Grand Cross and
Antiphona Pool hit is increased from 1 to 3. (PVE,PVP)

Blessed Sign: Attack power reduced (PVP)

Consecration: Cooldown increased (PVP)
Consecration: Attack power reduced (PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Lightning Bolt: Increase in ATK of Lightning Bolt is reduced (PVP)

Lightning Storm: Attack power reduced (PVP)

Judgement Spear: Additional damage due to after-images is reduced (PVP)

Mechanic Mode: Attack power reduced (PVP)

Gear Master
Chain Saw Tower: Cooldown increased (PVP)

Big Mecha Bomb: Cooldown increased (PVP)

Tower Recall: Cooldown increased (PVP)

Mecha Cannon: Cooldown increased (PVP)
Mecha Cannon: Attack power reduced (PVP)

Disease: Cooldown increased (PVP)

Poison Break: Cooldown increased (PVP)

[Awakened Passive] Disease: Cooldown reduced (PVP)

Graves: Attack power increased (PVE)

Dark Stinger: Attack power increased (PVE)

Piercing Crescent: Attack power increased (PVE)

Doom Blade: Attack power increased (PVE)

Vengeance Storm: Attack power increased (PVE)

Avenger Force:  Cooldown reduced (PVE)

Dark Avenger
Dark Crash: Attack power increased (PVE)

Aerial Wild Shot: Attack power increased (PVE)

Arrow Storm: Attack power increased (PVE)

Deluge Bolt: Attack power increased (PVE)

Rising Wind: Attack power increased (PVE)

Destruction Aria: Attack power increased (PVE)

Cleaving: Attack power increased (PVP)

Void Coil: Now each coil fired in a succession and casting speed is increased(PVE, PVP)

Smoke Storm:Casting speed increases greatly  (PVE, PVP)

Smoke Storm: First hit's Super Armour ATK is reduced. (PVE, PVP)

Deadly Smoke: The problem of invincibility not being applied has been fixed (PVE, PVP)

Shadow Shell: The problem of Engraving and Skill Dragon Jade effects being applied when the skill is casted has been fixed (PVE, PVP)

Haze: Cooldown increased (PVP)

Wraith Form: Cooldown increased (PVP)

Entomb: Now the shadow shots will not be blocked by walls. (PVE, PVP)
Entomb:  Cooldown increased (PVP)
Entomb:  Attack power reduced (PVP)

Complete Darkness: Increase in Dark Attribute ATK is reduced from 30% to 20%. (PVE)

Ebony Spark: Abyss Flames' Super Armour ATK is increased. (PVE, PVP)

Turbulence: It can now be activated during [Blink], [Normal Attack] and [Jump]. (PVE, PVP)

Black Mara
Inhale: It can no longer be used by cancelling during skill usage. (PVE, PVP)

Class Mastery: Decrease in ATK for [Enhanced Contract]'s target skills is increased (PVE, PVP)
Class Mastery: You can now see the amount of [Enhanced Contract] on the screen. (PVE, PVP)
Class Mastery: [Enhanced Contract] succession attack can now be used by just holding [Normal Attack Button] down. (PVE)
Class Mastery: Chances of attaining [Enhanced Contract] increased (PVP)

[Black Mara] Cleaving: Casting speed increases greatly. (PVE, PVP)

[Black Mara][Enhanced Contract] Cleaving: Super armour attack power is reduced and casting speed increases.(PVE, PVP)

[Black Mara] Smoke Storm: Casting speed increases greatly. (PVE, PVP)

[Black Mara][Enhanced Contract] Void Coil: Super armour attack power is reduced and casting speed increases. (PVE, PVP)

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 07:39 PM