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April Update: Ethereal Haven Exclusives, Server Realms And New Player Rewards

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Posted 11 April 2017 - 04:56 PM

Greetings, my little welps! This is your Master Ruthtria speaking. The powers that be have decided on the creation of our eighth server, Ethereal Haven. The arrival of this new server has brought many new rewards, events and crucial changes, so pay attention! I’ll be going over three topics: Ethereal Haven Exclusive Rewards & Events, Introducing Server Realms, and New Player Resource Pack.

Ethereal Haven Exclusive Rewards & Events

The following events and rewards apply only to new server Ethereal Haven.

Prized Pupil

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Duration: Permanent

Attentive students are always appreciated and I’m feeling rather generous these days, so I’m giving away 1500 Stamina, 1500 Gems, 200,000 Gold and 3 Summoning Scrolls to those of you who clear the in-game tutorial. Collect the rewards from your mailbox once achieved.

Sacred Loyalist

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Duration: 11 Apr – 10 May

How deep does your loyalty to Bloodline run? Log into the game for 30 days straight starting from 11 April to 10 May 2017 to claim rewards that include Maid Linda Fragments, Gems, Crystals, Summoning Scrolls, Stamina and Gold each day. These rewards will be sent to your mailbox every time you log in during this event period.

Enhanced Event Entry

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Duration: 11 Apr – 1 May

From 11 April to 1 May, all daily events (Child of Forest, Buried Legend, Vital Fantasy, Lost Wonderland, Tomato Family) will have an entry limit of 3 instead of the usual 2. Get in there and farm the heck out of those cute little buggers!

Lilo.I’s Fragment Adventure

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Duration: Permanent

That pesky little vampire princess just never stops making a nuisance of herself! Every 150 stages you complete in Quest, Challenge and Event modes gets you five 3-Star Vampire Lilo.I Fragments. A couple of things to note, though!

First, you must be Squad Level 10 before your stage completions count towards this event.

Second, once you complete 150 stages, you must collect your fragments at the Growth Task before subsequent stage completions will count towards this event.

Finally, you can collect fragments up to 12 times for a total of 60 Vampire Lilo.I fragments.

Introducing Server Realms

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The arrival of Ethereal Haven, along with the impending arrival of Cross-Server game modes has made it necessary to split all servers into two Server Realms: Crimsonus and Idesa!

For example, if you play on a server within the Crimsonus Realm (see above picture), all Cross-Server play will pit you against players from servers within that realm only.

Server Realms prevent lopsided Cross-Server battles in which players on younger servers like Ethereal Haven have to face overwhelming odds against players from older servers like Bay of Fury and Dark Edge.

Important! Ethereal Haven and all subsequent new servers will not initially have all in-game features and modes that are present in servers on Crimsonus, such as Guild Wars and Tower of Fate. These features will instead be gradually introduced at a faster rate than they were on previous servers.

In short, if you prefer to jump into the hellfire with all features and heroes unlocked and encounter the fiercest competition Bloodline has to offer, create your new account on any server in Crimsonus. If you prefer to be the pioneer of a new world, experiencing challenges and features that unfold and unlock in tandem with your progress, create your new account on any server in Idesa.

New Player Resource Pack

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New to Bloodline? You’re going to need every resource available to properly enhance your armies. Thanks to my generous mood, I’m giving away one 30-day Gem Card and 500,000 Gold to all new players on all servers who enter this in-game Redemption Code:


A couple of things to note:

-This code will only work if you have never claimed a Pre-Signup rewards pack either during the first Bloodline Pre-Signup or the Bloodline: Awakening Pre-Signup.

-If you’re a veteran player who has never redeemed any pre-signup rewards packs, you are eligible for this reward.