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Claiming To Be Friend Of Gm's (Scam Alert)

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#1 MeiZan



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Posted 12 April 2017 - 08:51 PM

My Grand Daughter reported to be scammed by this Guy named TajimaKhun.

This scammer is Claiming to be a friend of GM Adriano, that want's to get the costume of my Grand Daugther.

She was offered 500k worth of CC in exchange of the costume Racing Girl Academic's Pink Tunic [epic.

The Process of their Scam:
1. Put the Item in TH for 1g
2. CLAIMS TO RECIEVE 500k worth of CC after the transaction.

Strange things:
1. Each Time the "GM" appears on the world chat, the name of TajimaKhun appears just right above it.
2. Why does the "GM" need to Transact this kind of thing if they have everything in Game?
3. Why does this "GM" can't do world chat alone but as far as I know all of them have access?

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#2 booyah



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Posted 13 April 2017 - 12:16 AM

That GM[Adriano] He's Trusted is an age old scam method.

its basically that tajima guy putting a space in his sentence to make it look like [GM] Adriano is endorsing him.
For you and everyone's benefit, NO GM will endorse anyone.

So in order to make the chat look like this
Tajimakhun>>> Im a trusted player sir
[GM]Adriano he's trusted

he types
Tajimakhun>> Im a trusted player sir (spacebar till next sentence) [GM] Adriano he's trusted.

Only newbies fall for this trick. CC Mods can take appropriate action regarding the tajima player as the screenshots above prove that he is trying to impersonate a GM.

Peace <3

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