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Mercenary Flying Swing Idea Sharing In Pvp

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 09:58 PM

If Developer manage to revamp flying swing system, which one is better:

-return to old style 1200 SA and long casting speed (tanking value)

-maintain 600 SA, but when player received hits reduce charging time by 50%.if no hits are received during charging, it have original casting speed.
*with this skill modifications, only specific skill with SAB 600 or higher can cancel this skill (for example halfmoon slash,circle swing and fire wall awakened will cancel this skill. but multi hit rate skill with low sab will make it faster like cyclone slash, triple slash 1 hit, flame spark,aerial combo, etc)

(above ideas have counterattack value like parry for swordmaster)

Depend of the answer, i plan to make some petition to repair flying swing mechanic in feedback and suggestions page (and hope this one petition reach developer ears and eyes), because after awakening patch flying swing are very useless skills to use. if instant are used (in destroyer case) just to use this lvl 24 skills effectively in pvp gameplay, then this skill are very bad skills in mercenary skill tree.

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